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Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! What’s up guys, Niana here and I’m with Ranz Kyle And welcome to Ranz and Niana vlog Season 2 What is up guys! So this will be — continuation — or slash, 2nd part of the video that I did on my brother, which is a prank, which is called, leaving my brother alone in the mall prank. Yes guys. So she pranked me awhile ago, it was so crazy. So we we’re doing a challenge video but then I don’t know that she pranked me and then it was a success and Since he found me and everything, since he was tired finding us, me and the prod., We’re gonna continue this challenge called, whatever you touch I’ll buy. Yes guys! So whatever I’ll touch she’ll buy, so in the past video of hers, we did that challenge already but then, you know, it’s like cut in, I don’t know — she pranked me. Right now we’re about to continue it and — Because he found me and everything. — Yes! We’re about to continue it to complete the whole video. Because, like you know, she’s gonna buy me a lot of things! — we’re actually gonna do this challenge. — I deserve it, I deserve it. And we’re gonna show you again. a bit of what happened awhile ago, and — Yeah, before the prank Started. — So yeah! — Let’s go and watch this vlog. Let’s go! I’ll be picking 5 general items. So first item that I want is what I’m planning to buy today. Actually I want 2 PS4 games. I want Pokemon Sword, And star wars. Yeah, yeah. — of the two — yeah, yeah — oh, 3 more. that’s it, appliance. Yes! Clothes, toys. — I can hear music. Okay, just straight ahead. Okay! Okay guys, so this is the one I got. Okay! It’s time for the next item y’all! Now it’s time to blindfold him. Where the, where’s blindfold. I’m gonna blindfold him now. So yeah! So what Item should we, Be careful with this because these are precious cars man. — Okay, okay! In 3, Game? 2 1 Go! — Magical hands. Okay guys, so we actually left our brother there, he’s still looking for his, Tamiya. I’m not gonna buy that for him, it’s just a fake challenge. Okay? At least I bought him — hoodie. So, Niana! I’m gonna remove this. Let’s go! And yeah! It’s time to continue it, we’re here infront of the store where we started the prank to my brother and yeah! Let’s go continue it. — okay. Put me, put me a blindfold again. Give me my blindfold — let’s get it. Okay guys, I’m wearing the blindfold again, let’s get going. inside the store. — blindfold? Do you remember what you saw awhile ago? what do you mean? I mean, do you know what you’re gonna get? Let’s see. We’re actually gonna leave my brother again guys. So No! Oh! — It’s actually still a prank. huh? — Bring it to the middle again. Okay guys, I’m about to go — okay go! 1 and 3, 5, 7, 10. Okay, 3, 2, 1, start. Okay, let’s go and find one Tamiya, baby! Okay game! Okay, magical hands bring me to the best Tamiya Kuya? — Yes, sir? Just wait! Okay. I don’t know if I should trust you’re — but Hey, what are you doing? — is this the best? Okay! I touch it already. — Nice design. Pink! Okay, can I remove it now? — yeah. Aye! Aye! Light blue, it’s nice. Okay guys, as you can see, this is the one I got. Okay guys, so now it’s time to set up the Tamiya that Niana bought for me, we’re gonna do it fast so as you can see, this is it. Right? I’m gonna set it up but you guys wont see it. Let’s go! And yeah guys, so we just build this Tamiya and I’ll show you guys a montage. Okay guys, test run. This is a Hawk Racer GT. I’ll name you, Birdie! Birdie, Birdie! Nice, nice! Thank you, thank you. 1, 2, 3, go! Not bad, not bad! Let’s improve this next time. Let’s go! Okay, so I bought my brother that Tamiya car — Thank you for this. I’m gonna design it. I’m gonna put it in my room. Okay guys! I think you get it, you guys know what’s next. I’ts like, at the, at the back of us is an appliance center where the TV’s are, the aircons are, anything from the house are. And yeah — Yeah, anything I touch here, she’s gonna buy it. But this time it’s gonna be more — You can’t feel it with your elbows — yeah, so wherever my hand brings me there it is. So I’m just gonna listen to their, like, signals. I don’t know if they’re gonna — They can signal the truth, they can signal the wrong one but, you know, let’s hope — Blindfold, blindfold. don’t look — whatever, okay. Let’s go! Okay, ready? — Let’s go! 1, — it should be inside the store. — 4, 8, 10! Okay! Come here! What the freak. where are you going? You’re going to the Japan Store. — Merry Christmas Niana. Okay — Just be careful. — No, I swear! Careful, careful, careful — Oy, oy, oy — Outch! It’s on the left side sir. That’s it! Oh no! There! We’re here. — We’re at the department store. Okay guys! — Game! — Where my hands bring me Yes sir. — Where’s the TV — The TV sir, it’s on the left side. TV TV! — Nope. That’s it! Go! Why? Aye! Let’s go! Okay guys, so I just, you know, I just touched the TV and I’m getting it. You’re getting it? — No, I’m not getting it now because I’m planning to, like you know, The one that she will buy, I’m planning it to give to my grandparents in Christmas day We’re planning to give — What do you mean? You’re gonna buy it all, because you give it to me but I give it to them. So, maybe you can be — Hey! I’m part of that. — Okay, you’ll be part of that as well. But yeah! I’m not getting it right now maybe in Christmas day. So yeah, but still. — We’re gonna buy that 100% I got a TV bro! Let’s go! Let’s go! Okay, so we’re at the toy store where you gonna touch whatever PS4 games he’s gonna get. So So I think they set it up a bunch of PS4 games there and and switch. — you’ll get 2, okay? I’ll get 2 because I want Pokemon sword and I want the Star Wars one. So I need to get those. and let’s see if he touches the exact on what he’s saying. So, blindfold. Okay let’s go, — ♪ I’m about to get the game now ♪ ♪ about to game now ♪ Okay guys, is it time? — It’s time! — let me get my game. Okay, game? — yeah! What! That’s true, that’s true. Okay, okay. Yeah! Yey! Yey! Let’s go! Okay, next one — Pokemon! Gotta Catch’em all! — Are you ready? — Okay, I’m ready. Merry Christmas! 1, 2, 3! Gotta catch’em all! Gotta catch’em all! That’s not — That’s it. Okay guys, so Niana’s gonna buy me this, both of this games. I’m so excited to play. — Can I play it? Yeah, of course! It’s yours and mine — my PS4 guys, my PS4! So guys, that’s all the — Items that he told the camera. — Yeah! that was 5. And yeah, it was an exciting day. Even though they pranked me, I still get to, like — Yeah, sorry for that. but here’s your reward, here’s your reward. You deserve it. You’re almost 10 Million! Let’s go! Thank you so much. Next time, it’s you’re turn. Okay? — Yes! Yes! — but now, yeah. So guys, that’s the vlog for today. — So now let’s buy these. I think we’re gonna say bye to you guys already, because we’re so hungry now and yeah — I think — it was a fun day. — it was really a fun day, we did a lot today and that is it for today’s video guys. I hope you guys liked it, we did a lot today and Yeah give this video a like, — share — subscribe. And turn on our post notifications for a shout out Shout out to Yeah, thank you for turning on our post notifications. And we will see you guys on the next vlog. — Oh, by the way, comment down bellow what challenge should we do next in my channel this time. — we’ll read them, we’ll read them. — and yeah! The prank to — Niana. But yeah! See you guys on the next vlog guys. Peace out!

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