Buying Everything Facebook & Instagram Advertises in 10 Minutes!

– I’m not seeing any adds. – This is so random. – You guys can’t make me go to school! – No! – Nooo! – What are we doing wrong? (beep) – Hi! Welcome back to Clevver Style you guys. Today’s a great day because
it is my redemption episode. And it is your first episode
of a social media add haul. – It is. – Per your guys’ request today we’re going to be buying everything that Facebook advertises
to us in ten minutes. And before we get started, we do have you know, other videos of this very same thing. We have done Instagram.
– What! – I’ve done it with Erin, and Naz and Erin did it too. So go check those out because
they’re pretty pretty good. If you guys watched my
last Instagram add haul, I had gotten this neon sign. This is the neon Hypebeast Nike light. – [Erin] This thing looks so
cool on the Instagram add. And in person it looks equally as cool but you’re not telling them the one thing. – Guys and it was the most
exciting day of my life, but it arrived broken. But actually the neon
company reached out to me, – [Drew] Oh good! – and they are sending a replacement. And they’re actually like the
best customer service ever. So if you guys do shop
with them know that like, you’re making good purchases. – Look at that. Co-sign right here – I am back for a redemption episode, and you are here to… – Pop my add cherry. – Yes you got it. So we’re given ten minutes to
go through our Facebook feeds, and basically… – Ten minutes! – Yeah ten minutes.
– Okay. – And we get to you know,
save every add we come across with hopes that they will
buy us stuff from them. You know. – Like I hope I didn’t say anything weird this morning around it, and then it’s gonna F up my
Googles research you know? – There’s just like, tons of porn. (laughing) (beep) – Okay, enough funny business Sinead. We need to get into this because I’m excited and
I’ve been saying expensive – things all morning.
– I know I’m like Chanel. Dior.
(laughing) – House, TV
– Ferrari. – Right.
(laughing) Lamborghini!
(laughing) (beep) I swear, it’s gonna pick
up the one thing I said and it’s gonna be like “she needs a toothbrush from Target”. – I’m like, really.
– Aww! – You shouldn’t have said that. – (whispers) Fine, lets get started. (laughing) – [Bridget] Ready? – Yup.
– Yes. – [Bridget] Start, Go! – Okay. – I’m nervous. – [Sinead] I know me too.
– Aww Meghan and her boyfriend. – Oh yeah I see that! – Okay I got one.
– Fashion Nova! – My first one’s
– [Drew] Wait. – for Hum Nutrition. – Lucky! Wait wait wait, pause.
(tape scratching) I gotta make sure I do this correctly. – No yeah you’re right. – So if I screen shot this… – If you screenshot that you
don’t have to get those things. – I can get the other
things they’re showing me? – Yes. Udemy online courses? You guys can’t make me go to school. – ZzzQuil? ZzzQuil? ZzzQuil? When have I ever even mentioned it? Wayfair, Okay! Okay Wayfair.
– Ooh that’s good! – What is this? – it’s a recording album
– What is that? What is this? – Academy LA. – (gasps) Ulta Beauty! – Are you kidding? I just got Disney Plus. I already have Disney Plus. – It’s coming up with things that I’ve like searched for on Instagram more than I’ve searched
for on Google you know. – NicoDerm? I don’t even smoke. (laughing) – What the hell is happening?
– NicoDerm! (laughing) (beep) It’s definitely like slowed down a lot. I’m wondering if I should refresh my page. – Yeah I’m not seeing
any more sponsorships, it’s all like… – [Bridget] Five minute warning Five minutes! I’m not seeing any adds! – I’m wondering if I should refresh too. – Where is the Tiffany & Co.? – I got Kate Spade New York. – Damn, Sinead you getting good stuff. – But this is so random. – Where are they getting
these recommendations from to send to me. – I don’t know. I don’t really feel like I’m associated with a lot of these. There’s Wish. We might have to wait six months but it’ll get here eventually. (beep) – Okay, this is the thing. So Facebook has been
an epic fail right now for whatever reason . I think it’s just cause we don’t often use Facebook.
– [ Sinead] Yeah. – So it doesn’t know us well. – Yeah this sucks, to be pretty blunt. But you know what, it just shows us that maybe we need to spend more time on Facebook. – Mm hmm. – So screw it, let’s just
go back to Instagram. – Sounds good to me. Relax because we’re
gonna go back to Facebook and bring you guys another video when our Facebook decides to act right. – Mm hmm. – Don’t fret. – Mm hmm. (bell ringing noise) First one’s FabFitFun, it’s not terrible. – That’s not terrible. I’m not getting any sponsored adds. Tiffany & Co. Chanel. House of CB. Houses in Beverly Hills. (beep) – I’m not getting any adds. – I’m gonna like put some
good juju on it you know? This is funny because usually
like you don’t wanna see any adds on your screen. – I know. – And of course when
we’re trying to find them, they’re hiding. – Fresh N Vibe. Oh my gosh this is so funny. Fresh N Vibe are little
mini sneaker key chains. – So cute.
– That’s so cute. – What is your current lapto… Oh it’s a laptop. Customize your cover situation. – That’s cute. – Yeah. – I mean not that one. – I need to like, get
some good karma going. (meditation music) Anybody have a crystal? (beep) – So Erin did a redemption
episode last time. So maybe you’ll get to do
your redemption episode next time.
– I hope so. Or I’m hoping this just comes through. – So I got this, I don’t know what it is. It looks like jewelry
– [Drew] Ooh that’s cute! – Oh I got something from Romwe, which is a sight that we get
in the comments all the time. Please do a Romwe haul. Have you heard people… – No I don’t know what Romwe is. – [Sinead] It’s like, kinda like Shein or like Wish of sorts. But for a phone case it’s really cute. – Oh I like phone cases. I’m going to just put
things in my search bar and see if that helps. No I refreshed. Geez, five minutes on the clock Sinead. Glossier? Hell yeah! – [ Sinead] That’s great! That’s a good one.
– Hell Yeah! – Oh here we go. Vibeszn. Damn, look at that. – It’s the necklaces again. – [Sinead] No but like look at it. – Ashley…it could be cool. – That’s insane. It could be cool. – I like everything about it
except for the giant like… – Who is that in there? – Buddha? I don’t know. – It doesn’t look like Buddha. It look like 2 Chainz. (laughing) – Here’s Ipsy. I already have an Ipsy subscription. – I’m getting no adds. And I’m frustrated about it. – No! – Nooo! – I can’t hear you. – I got another gym add. Gymshark. – Oh is it? – [Bridget] Yeah, – Okay cool. – Okay I just wanted on more. I got Curology. No! – [Bridget] Ten. – Nooo! Nine. – Scroll really fast. – [Bridget] Eight, Seven. – FabFitFun again. – [Bridget] Six. Five. Four.
– Can’t see that fast. – [Bridget] Three. Two. One. (Buzzer) – [Bridget] Phones down.
– No! – [Bridget] Phones down! – Like really, the amount of butts that
pop up on my Instagram. (beep) Well shoot you guys, – Yeah. – Sorry, this was a bust! – Well we don’t know yet. We haven’t gotten the stuff yet. – You’re right. – There is some hope. I guess this just proves you need a redemption episode. And I need another redemption episode. – Redemption round! – But we will be back
to open what we did get. Which hopefully won’t be as disappointing as it seems in this very moment. – The key to this is failure. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. – Oh because to get a redemption? – Yeah. Do people really need shoes? – Yes. (laughing) (suspenseful music) – All right guys so we’re here today to unbox everything we ordered. And Drew is gonna go over
all the things she ordered. And I’m gonna go over all the
thing I ordered that arrived. (laughing) – Singular? – [Sinead] Singular. – Sinead’s really sad about it. – Yeah that took like so
much energy and effort to sound happy, because five seconds before
the cameras turned on I was basically in tears. – But I told her it’s a good day because there’s oxygen in her
lungs and her butt’s working. – [Sinead] Yeah. We’ll have to do another episode. – Another one. – So we should probably just review the stuff that hasn’t arrived yet. Cause there were some of your
things too that didn’t come. – Yeah. You wanna start unboxing
Sinead? (chuckles) – Yeah look at all your stuff. – I know I feel really bad that your stuff didn’t come.
– [Sinead] You got like boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes. – I’m actually surprised because honestly, going through Facebook, there were no adds. I was shocked. – Yeah that was really bleak. (ping) – (exhales) I got some shoes. – Ooh I love those. – Aren’t these fun? – Yeah they’re so you too.
(cash sound) – (gasps) I can wear them to church. These look like a small eleven. It’s gonna make my foot look small. Should I try to put it on? I got these because I have this other… This top from Fashion
Nova that looks like this. What the! – Look, look here. – What the? – But look how cute.
– Look at that! They’re cute but they’re… – Oh yeah.
– What! What, why? – You’re legs are really nice. – Wait what? – Geez I could fry a egg on it. (laughing) (beep) – You guys this is a size eleven but this is clearly too small. I celebrated too early. – [Sinead] Damn that sucks. – I was so excited about these. – It’s okay. – I feel like the step
sisters in Cinderella. I knew when I looked at it. I was like that doesn’t
look like an eleven. – Yeah. – It is an eleven though.
– It is eleven yeah. – That’s so weird. Well, moving on to the next. – You still have lots of stuff. – I still have lots of stuff. I’m not gonna be too sad about it. Okay Sinead. The other thing I got from Fashion Nova, so excited about. This little – Ooh I love that. – Sleeky number. – Wow! This is very like Tina Turner. – Yes that’s why I got it. – [Sinead] Yeah I love it. – How cute is this? Okay so this dress
cash sound was $60. I mean it’s all chainmail so I get it you know.
– Wow! It looks like expensive actually. Like it actually looks really expensive. All of this is 100%, like
there’s no fabric whatsoever. – I know. Which means it’s gonna murder my nips. – Yeah. – I’m gonna try this on for you guys but it’s gonna be at the end of the video so make sure you keep watching. – Okay here’s my Facebook thing. – Sinead I want you to be happy. Look how cute the bag is. – If you remember, the Kate Spade Cats Collection came up. Like Facebook knows I’m
such a cats connoisseur. – Oh my God I was gonna say
connoisseur, that’s weird. (beep) That’s cute though. – This is $98.
(cash sound) – That’s stupid. – You can put like seven quarters in here. – This is $98? – $98. – I don’t even thing you
could put a dollar in here. Oh hell no. Look at that. Look at that. Like you could put some pennies in there. – Dude this is a new toy for Herson. As soon as go he’s gonna be like “a cat!” (laughing) – Maybe cause… Is it real leather? It has to be cause why is it $98
– [Sinead] Is it? I hope it’s not real cat.
– That’d be dark. (chuckles) real cat. (beep) It’s cute though. – It is cute. But it is like shocking. – This is $98 (beep). Might cost more than that. (beep) It’s a lot of money for this little thing. Okay so I also got something
from the Sorella Boutique. I got this really cute
little purple tracksuit. it’s like so like Purple Rain you know. – Yeah that’s so cute, – The top was $33
(cash sound) and the bottoms were $28. It’s polar fleece, I know
you love polar fleece. I’m sorry. You could borrow it if you want. Isn’t this cute. – It’s so cute, I love it. I actually really like this waistband. I feel like all sweatpants should have like a thick waistband like this. – Yeah I love this. This is so loungy and cute with like some big oversized sunglasses. – This is something
we’re both huge fans of. – You got the… Is it the gummies? – Mm hmm. – Oh, see that’s a good thing. – Yeah, so these are the gummies that Drew and I eat like candy. – Candy. – It’s really ridiculous. – You shouldn’t eat them like candy but they’re so good. – They’re so good. Hum Nutrition is like a brand
I worked with a while back, but I just fell in love with their stuff. They do like all the regular
hair gummies, skin gummies. They’re gummies are so delicious and they have stuff for like clearing skin and probiotics. And I will say that they’re…
(voice drowned out by sound) (extraterrestrial sounds) – And it’s tough because everybody’s doing this now and like… You don’t like them? – I don’t like this flavor. – Are you serious? Mm I love it. – Really? – Mm hmm
– You want this one? – Mm hmm.
(making chewing noises) I forgot what I was even saying. (beep) So these are $25.
(cash sound) – [Drew] Oh okay. – That’s like really cheap. And they also have a collagen supplement that I love so much. it’s like, the amount
you get is unbelievable. – Basically they’re vitamins
that taste like candy. – Mm hmm. Healthy inside, radiant
outside. #startwithin. – Love it!
– Love it. – That was a good…see. Be happy about that one. Okay so the last Facebook thing I got is a picture frame from
Wayfair which I love. I love Wayfair.
– Yeah. – All of their furniture
is so fricking cute. You get so much stuff there. – ASMR Haaaaa!
– Wow that’s really nice. – So I thought I ordered three. (laughing) I didn’t order three. Because there is a place
when you walk into my room, it’s like a little like minnie hallway. – Yeah. – And I wanted to put
three all across and… This is going to sound so… I didn’t want to say this on camera because it’s gonna sound so like meh. But I wanted to put my
favorite fan art on my wall. – Oh that’s really nice!
– And like blow it up. – Yeah – And there’s three that I really liked but now I’m gonna put one. (laughing) – Wow. – Cause I forgot to order the other two. (laughing) – One person. Only one is gonna be that lucky recipient of the spot on Drew’s wall. – Aww – I’m sorry. (beep) – Maybe I can just go
back and order two more. – Yeah. – At least I got one outta this. – Yeah! You have to pay for the
other two but you know. – It was $45.
(cash sound) – That’s expensive.
– I know. – I’m sorry. Like you could actually get
a silver frame just like this on Amazon for much cheaper. – I know, it’s okay. But I like it. – It is really nice. (exhales) it’s a high quality frame. – It’s a food frame. (ping) – All right so after Facebook
like, we hit a dead end. – Mm hmm. – We moved over to Instagram again. And that’s when we started
getting a lot of adds, but this is also where
shipping failed me the most cause I’m missing four things. So I only have two things to
unbox which is really sad, but there’s one thing that
was gonna end up being like a surprise for you cause I
doubled the order on purpose. – What was it? – I can’t tell you it’s a surprise. – No I need you to tell me.
– It’s so… (beep) All right so the first thing I got was a phone case.
– Ooh! – Romwe is like one of those stores where everything is like a dollar. No this actually was $3.45
(cash sound) So I got this phone case and, let’s just put it on my phone. I don’t have a case on my phone right now. – It’s a mirror, that’s so handy. That’s dope. – Yeah. It’s a little wonky. Your head’s a little tall right? – Oh what? Why? It’s like a fun meter now. – I know. But I mean it is gonna come in handy. Ooh, I got some shadow fallinge. – And only $3. That’s not bad. For a phone case. Phone cases can get
expensive like twenty bucks. – No I think it’s really cute. And they have a whole… They had a whole bunch. Like Romwe had a whole bunch of like really cool phone cases. – Sinead I have a surprise for you. – You do? – So I got this brow gel from Glossier that was $14.
(cash sound) And I might have an extra one. – Awww. – So I’ve never used this before. – Neither have I. – I’m pretty sure it’s… Like it’s tinted. I got brown. So it’s like mascara for your eyebrows. – They’re packaging though like… (clicking tongue) Glossier packing is so legit. – The store is so cute. – I don’t think I’ve ever been in there. – Oh my God. It’s so cute. And the employees wear
these pink jumpsuits. I literally bought a pink jumpsuit just so I could look like
the employees at Glossier. – Do you sometimes walk in
there and try to freak them out? – No (chuckles). I should do that though. – You should. Well thank you for sharing. I feeling a little bit
better about my life It’s okay. – Sorry. (laughing) Oh , whoa what was that? Did I do something? Did we just have some
like (muffled speech). (beep) – So I got these posters from a poster store that Shelby will tell me now what it’s called. Poster Store. Oh my gosh,
(laughing) I just said from a poster store. I was really excited about these actually, because I am like in a home
decor obsession right now. – Yeah. – So like it’s literally all I do. So we got these. They’re just like these
really nice prints. And they do them in all different sizes. – Oh cool. – Yeah so. I just got these two prints because we have like what’s turning
out to be like a gallery wall. And they’re on like card
stock which I really liked. And the reviews on their
site was really good cause they’re like really nice prints. They’re like done very well. – Yeah. – Both of these, for both were $20. So essentially like yes,
(cash noise) you should go to like a Fedex or something and print them out yourself. But it’s just way better
when you get it from a store because you know that they’re specialty is printing you know. Like photo printing. And it’s really good quality. It’s really nice.
– It is good. I was gonna say the paper
is the best quality. – Yeah. They also sell frames too. – Okay so the second
thing I got from Instagram are these Gymshark sweatpants. They’re $50
(cash sound) Just feel like it’s kind
of a lot for sweatpants. At least I don’t usually
spend that much on sweatpants. – Mm hmm. – But they’re cute.
– Oh they’re nice! – God the elastic around it is so big. It’s a weird color. It’s like a lavender-grey. – I kinda like that actually. – Mm hmm. – It’s nice, it’s a cozy color. – It’s a good like
lounging pant, you know? – Yeah. – Good job Gymshark. – Good job. – I like ya. Okay so, the last thing
I got from Instagram was a SheekGeek MacBook… Oh my God it’s so cute. – Oh I see.
– Case. And it’s so cute. I got a sparkly one. – Oh my gosh, it’s so cute
(breathing heavily) – Oh my God. Okay so first when I heard the price, it was $50.
(cash sound) I was like uh, why? But now I’m seeing it and I’m like, worth it. (gasping) I’ve never gotten anything from SheekGeek. – I never even heard of it. – You can put cases on everything. God that’s so fricking cute. – This is really cute. – Oh my God I love it so much. – The style is beautiful and crystal. It’s gonna look really
good on your MacBook. – But for $50 that’s…
– $58. – $58. I would never spend that
on this just randomly. Regardless I really like it. – It’s really cute. – The bottom’s just black cause you never see the
bottom of a MacBook but. And they left the room for the little apple to shine through. – Mm hmm. The apple still gets it’s moment. – Still gets it’s moment. Okay you guys. This is me in the Fashion Nova dress. – I love it it’s so cute. – I am so… obsessed with this. – Oh it’s so cute, I love it. – All the (exhales). I honestly, I saw it on the model, and I was like, ooh she
looks really good in it, and I’m like is it gonna
look like that on me? It doesn’t look exactly like
it does on her obviously. But like, I really love this dress. – I love it. – If you have any hair on
your body it will snag it, so don’t go commando if you’re not waxed. (beep) But also, it is very true to size because it’s all chainmail. Chainmail, am I saying it right? And there’s no stretch at all. I had to be really careful putting it on. – Right right right. So just read the size
guide and read the reviews cause its like very true to size
– It looks really nice. I really like the the slits on the side
– Yes yes. – And like the back is my favorite part. Okay guys, those are all of our Facebook/Instagram add collections. – Yeah.
– Unboxing. – If by all you mean some.
– Some. – And if by some you mean
barely anything at all. – Which means, there’s a redemption
round coming your way. You guys lest us know what you
liked , what you didn’t like. Also, the stuff that you
did like in this video is linked in the description below. – That’s true. Even the stuff you didn’t
like, will also be available in the link below.
– Will also be there if they just wanna like look at it. – Yes. – You guys, subscribe. Hit the bell so you never miss
a notification when we post and come on back. – Yes. And find out where all my stuff is, and give it to me, thanks. – It’s rolling down the river. – Stop rubbing it in. (whoosh sound)

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