Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

100 comments on “Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

  1. Me: 'Crying'
    Mom: Why are you crying!
    Me: There's this dog with two broken bones and it's just so cute!!
    Mom: Starts to Cry😥😥😥

  2. A chihuahua that’s such a cutie wutie puppy

  3. I can’t believe 7.6k people disliked this video that is so horrible both of the dogs are so cute I am glad that Freddy has a foever home

  4. If I could, I'd adopt her and give her the best life in the whole world
    She desurves everything a dog could ever want 😍😍

  5. This inspires me and I’m sure so many other people to do this well your a legend and keep doing want you doing and Freddy your a Legend 💖💖💖💖👍🙏🏼

  6. Freddie is such a sweet soul. My heart hurt when I first heard her story. How could anyone be that heartless. But I love how her life ended up. Absolutely loved and cherished!!! Love her. And Bosco is a gorgeous boy!!! His face is so gorgeous

  7. I know im late but she s so cite she is stronger
    She is Special!!!!
    She can do anything, she just need love, and I can gave her ALL the love I have, just to see her bark

  8. I really, really want to adopt freddy, or both of the dogs. Theyve been through a lot, and deserve a home. I will try to talk my parents into getting one or the other!!

  9. I love her so much! I think if anyone doesn't like her doesn't have a good heart because I love to much!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. I like your videos I like your dogs I think it’s really helpful and really fun so great like I like how you do this keep on doing this and have a good work expression bye

  11. I hope you left the car on room temperature because if Freddie was left in the car she might not survive in there because in the car (depends on your state or country)It could be too HOT or either too cold

  12. I love this video I watch it all the time and every single time, she gives me tears of joy! I love dogs but, Freddie Mercury has to be one of my favorites.

  13. Those people who gave a thumbs down are sad and don’t like dogs (I have five dogs and that broke her heart 💔

  14. Best video ever dogs are so cute especially Freddy I feel so bad for her with your special needs she’s like the best cute puppy in the world I can’t Believe when she was just left in a bag or whatever you guys were talking about under your car I can’t believe they left her she’s so darn cute her eyes are so cute I feel so bad for her because I don’t know how longer she’s going to live in if she passes away I’m gonna be praying for her that you are the best dog in the world and you will always be one and this is their daughter talking right now in like a little picture in the circle I’m the daughter I feel so bad for the puppy

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