Buyer’s Guide Honda Generator EB5000X

Hi, I am Chris from Weingartz. I’d like to tell
you about Honda’s model EB5000X Generator It supplies 5000 watts of power both 120 or
240 volt. It’s powered by a Honda 389 cc single cylinder, overhead valve commercial-grade engine. It has a 6.2 gallon fuel capacity, with a built-in fuel gauge
on top this model runs approximately 8 hours on a full rated load, and approximately
11 hours on a tank of fuel at a half rated load. All the EB models are GFCI
circuit protected as well as built-in circuit breakers
for each plug. This model does feature an auto throttle, which allows the the generator to kicked down to an idle when there is no demand for power the engine also has a built-in oil alert
that will automatically shut the engine down if the oil level yes to a critical level. It has a full steel frame construction
protects the generator as well as a built-in folding handle for
storage wheel kit for transport and also a
built-in lift hook to lift the generator. It is all backed by
Honda’s three year warranty. Weingartz, Weinguts, Everything From Lawn To Snow

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