Brightpearl: The Retail Software for Omnichannel Growth

Brightpearl is an omnichannel retail
management system that helps you consolidate trading and financial data
into the same software. This allows you to gain control of inventory and cash, be
more efficient and improve sales, and profitability by allocating back-office
resources into front-end roles. To see how Brightpearl works let’s take a look
at a typical omni-channel retailer. You’ve likely got an online shop with a
platform like Bigcommerce, a retail outlet – maybe you’re also selling online like on eBay or Amazon, and you might be selling
over the phone. Managing sales from all these different
channels can become a challenge, when orders come in you need to update your
inventory levels across all your channels, otherwise you risk selling the
same item twice. You need to get the order to the customer as quickly as
possible and then you need to transfer sales information into your accounting
system. You’ll need to know what you have in stock and how fast you’re selling
items so that you can place accurate purchase orders. Then when the supplier
bills you for inventory purchased you need to enter this into your accounting
system as well. As your business grows everyone in the company needs a place to
track communication with the customers so you can provide them with great
customer service. As you get busier trying to handle all these processes and
separate systems becomes unmanageable. Your team will be wasting time and money, and probably be making mistakes you’re not even aware of and with a separate
accounting system you may not know for weeks or even months how your business
is doing. We created Brightpearl to make all of this a lot easier Brightpearl
puts all your order and inventory management data in one place making you more efficient. All your sales, purchase, customer, and supplier information are
stored in the same system available for your entire team. Best of all, built in
accounting means that many tasks are automated and data is accurate and
up-to-date. Because all this data is in one place you have access to real-time
reporting. That means you can make better decisions sooner. Let me show you how it
works – the process starts when a customer places in order. Brightpearl has built in
connections to the world’s leading sales channels to download orders
automatically. You can also create orders manually, when inventory is allocated to
a sales order you’re available to sell or on-hand levels decrease which in turn
reduces inventory levels on your other channels in near-real-time. You then
fulfil the sale from one of your warehouses or dropship the item from
your supplier who can send it directly to the customer. You can see that
Brightpearl supports multiple warehouses which is one of only many powerful
inventory management features packed into the system you can work with
inventory customers and orders in bulk as well shipments are picked packed and
shipped with tracking references being uploaded back to your sales channels. As
soon as the sale is shipped, the exact cost of inventory on that sale is
recorded in the accounting system so you have an immediate and accurate view on
the profit you’ve made all the way down to the product level. When it comes to
buying more inventory, you can create a purchase order for minimum stock levels
with just a few clicks and email it off to the supplier. The rest of your team
can see that inventory is on order and when it arrives they simply need to mark
the inventory as received and all connected channels will be updated. Later, when you receive a bill from your supplier for goods they have sent you
all you need to do is check the figures and record that you’ve received the
invoice. You can stay on top of customer debt – it’s easy to send statements,
invoice reminders, and collect cash sooner. Once your business is running
smoothly and efficiently you can turn to Growth. Using the timeline all your team
have access to every transaction and communication between your company and
your customers so you can delegate confidently and avoid mistakes. Brightpearl gives you reports which not only show you what’s selling well but also
detailed cost information since purchase orders and inventory management are
built into the same system. This in turn lets you see how much profit you’re
making which is far more valuable than just a revenue figure. You can see which
channels are most profitable, which customers are most profitable – you can
slice and dice this data in a number of ways and of course export to excel for
further analysis. Because accounting is built-in to Brightpearl
you can also produce management reports such as an income statement balance
all linked directly to the source data so that it’s available in real time. To
sum up, Brightpearl lets you consolidate trading and financial information in the
same system, gain control of inventory and cash, increase the quality of
customer service, and gain insight into your business that helps you decide
where to focus your efforts most effectively. Book a demo today to see how
Brightpearl can help you become a better retailer.

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