so he found this massive gold treasure
and then this story oh man gold rip massive mountain forward from
the title of the old Grimes property on Pine Street Nevada City United States
Senate chamber three months there was a hundred to one hundred and ten thousand
dollar deposit put in their bank they this was a great Union this is
definitely a millionaire’s storage unit they were gold miners they were mining
tycoons it looks like they owned a business family heritage they were in
the Revolutionary War captains mayors governments Congress Department of
Treasury they were all over the map this family was from start to finish that to
me that is a storage unit story you guys remember here open some my
videos a lot of you guys like them some of you don’t here you get a lot of
people want to hear some funny want to hear some funny remember the
video that where you were where we took a photo your trunk and everything somebody said I wouldn’t let that guy
around anything all he wants to do is get money in his hands and go get a
glass pipe yeah they think you’re smoking crack crack yeah there’s a few
people that love you but you’re very misunderstood just like me that’s why we
get along for both my thighs now more importance discuss this let’s discuss
this Harold actually got me a buyer for my silver he found me a very fair market
value but I scrapped that’s not her just some surprise so carrying on with this
business yes I sadly right now silver went back up but when I
first got it it went down like $2 was high because of some stock market deals
going on and everything and boom and went down I got 90 percent scrap value
for it I kept one piece you could see it on my eBay I’ll show you a little
picture here it is a very expensive bull sterling silver’s only one that had much
more value than the rest a lot of things were monogrammed said people’s initials
when it comes to silver you don’t want to have you know initials on it cos it
brings the value down some people say I could have got more if I pieced it out
but I took ten thousand in my pocket right away the unit itself both of them
cost to me what was it let me think I was 4,600 n+ help it was almost 5 grand
for the two units but here’s the thing I took a lot of it out to Alameda flea
market you can see a video of it there’s I showed videos all this there’s a whole
play that’s 33 over the the sterling silver jackpot
we did over we did about five grand the flea market total we did five grand we
got even with just the smalls and a little stuff broke even the silver was
pure profit at that point ten thousand and then we have all these treasures
right here Steve this right here is one of the neat items that I got out of the
unit a very expensive mirror see I’m gonna go to walk you through some of the
more expensive things I liquidate all the smalls but you can still be seen
Harold he’ll let me know this is a federal convex mirror and each one of
these knobs here represents the original 13 colonies and these mirrors top out at
like 1200 on eBay as little as 200 depending on their years and quality and
stuff but this specie here to me is at least $500 we have this guitar here
which which if you look it says Sigma but if you look deeper it’s made it’s an
off off brand of Martin and company and it’s worth a couple hundred bucks is a
12-string nothing major but when the grand scheme of items you know three
hundred two hundred dollars is a good value I have not sold this one yet but
if you look right here this baby which we determined is late 1800s it’s got a
considerable amount of damage like a lot probably cost a couple thousand one to
three thousand to fix late 80s you could see the markings everywhere you see it’s
in great shape everywhere else okay I’m using the word
great it’s not in great shape it is in you know
usable shape guess what I sold a for Harrell because I need to ship it out no
I it’s I sold it 1250 I ended up getting 1250 from that
1,500 our offer because I turned down there 1500 and it lost value after they
did more research that’s why sometimes you first offered your best offer but
nonetheless 1250 for a broken guitar like you said you would have sold it for
you and so you but hey here you go give me 10 bucks but 12 gonna go to Japan
this gentleman said he’s gonna spend 3,000 to fix it he told me ship it there
here’s the money for it I always give positive feedback and it’s condition
will be fine that’s a wrap 1250 going out Monday morning as well while Harald
was here doing his shopping with me last time I’m going over some of the stuff we
found this poster and upon research right away we noticed that it was online
for seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars I’m gonna show you a little
picture right here or something it’s from 1866 now I have this piece up
for nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars
somebody told me that I wonder if all this writing was originally wrote in
here because if you look it has people like John Hancock and all sorts of
different signatures on it but I do I think those are printed in there because
it is a print but it’s got all sorts of wonderful things that happen in the
beginning of our country the 13 colonies kind of tells history brings in the rest
of the states here that’s pretty nice like I said this is all my ebay right
now for 10,000 and the one that I seen online is for seventeen thousand eight
hundred what do you guys think I’ll eventually get for this piece and now
this is probably the single best items I found – the silver which was a good sale
this this is how I found it in the plastic or metal box or whatever it was
in and you gotta be careful cuz they move
around this piece here let’s discuss this right now
goodnight can you turn it morning right yeah well so we can see yeah this John
wait Esquire mayor now in 1777 turned over this is Nicholas Cook he is the
governor of Rhode Island of yeah was Rhode Island right yeah Rhode Island and
at the time Rhode Island had not signed that the Declaration of Independence was
in the our country was a Revolutionary War going on they didn’t sign for a
couple years later so theoretically they weren’t in the USA yet this is Nicholas
cook the governor of Rhode Island signature right here and he’s
pronouncing this man John Waite who was a captain in the Revolutionary War as
the mayor of the Providence of regiment this piece that I think is worth five to
six grand easily I have this up for 28,000 on my ebay these pieces here I
haven’t listed yet believe this one is 1806 right Leghorn August Mathew wait is
this one person’s relative I believe well this is this is all family doctor
this is and if you turn this one over but they’re over there son
1777 can see this is it over no because someone on here I think is something to
do with this whatever this she is that’s recorded has something to do with that
or possibly the person is somewhere in here then we’ll look at this one what
year is this this is 1735 see then 1735 William Hall abscess on there’s just so
many different names everywhere to the people who look at all the
different names on there Benjamin wait Benjamin away this is family heritage
there’s all these names that you don’t know anything about them there’s it like
a half dozen of them signed sealed and delivered there’s a couple of them there
though this one is 1735 it’s finally found something older than you it’s
crazy huh when you go get some reads and understands don’t persist to do so all
right have we looked at this one here yet we love all of these I may discuss
what I know about this one I have not really broken this all down but this guy
here Nathan Pierce Nathan Pierce he was a captain also in the Revolutionary so
that’s the second member of the Revolutionary War that I do know of he
actually I believe died I’m pretty sure that this one this one me and they’ve
told me that Nathan Pierce is a member a captain in the Revolutionary War much
like John Waite was but this one is 9 2 1735 correct no this is their 1720 see
oh yeah this is the oldest thing I’ve ever found an entire history of buying
storage units nothing I’ve ever found dates back 300 years 300 years old this
piece of paper as hell nuts huh let’s say head henry Northington jr. well mmm-hmm Henry Norris in jr. or whatever
of North Kings and the county of and the state and the Providence and which what
the stop stop by the piece of your king over Great Britain you see that do you
see both of the good finish the sentence all right we’re gonna find that because
this could be the king right here this signature George rain George there
something by the grace of King over Great Britain and then there’s a
signature hmm the constitution of this another of this obligation accession
says thank you a letter yes it was king george ii in 1734 but i don’t see his
autograph oh there is if maybe that’s one that doesn’t look like a George no
but yeah but is it George Thomas right there look his look at it in the reference of
George Hampton eaten okay now I’m just trying to think it’d be cuz I’m sure if
the if you see if the King would sign it right if you put something on there or
somebody under him would sign it I don’t it’s talking about the king look what’s
this say London the world what is that second one the word of 12 months between
8th and 9th line in the constitutional past Washington in the Huntington that
priceless literally priceless this is before Washington and Lincoln sir look
at what Lincoln Washington is this Washington was the president in like
1776 right okay this is 17 26 he might not even been born yet this is the first
this was yet but this is leading out yeah
to to the revolution so what is this side about something about it’s
definitely better constitute the building that mean is long before them
this is very good there must be there are people I can read this you can’t
read it yeah put it back down really really
label they belong in like plastic sleeves and all sort of stuff and I’m
scared to take him out of there you see that midnight look pull up to the light
hold the paper to you remember you said these people are probably prominent in
77 was the year after but see this one right here says Washington November 8th
that one trips me out right and then look at this signature John way and
somebody else same person who we become a mayor and then it has this Alicia this
is like Alicia are gun worth or Baron worth
this one here the Providence Plantations South Kingstown this is 72 93 we’re
delving into the family history a little bit and just things that they did as a
business what the devs they owned an alcohol or a winemaking company right
look at it federal alcohol ministry who maybe they
were like what do you call those back in the day when you smuggle booze they had
a name for them yeah bootleggers maybe they were bootleggers what sounds better
than a title this is 1930 see what sounds better
bought bootleggers unit or bought wine makers unit bootleggers unit but the
thing is in 1936 you’re dead right that is to Prohibition but seen it doesn’t
matter because they disapprove okay it was this approve they still put their
priorities label to be approved in 1936 and a label these are numerous other
label application this is just a very fun piece of documentation for somebody
that’s into alcohol wine this would be such a pleasure that having put in boxes
of frames and every these are applications for why would you ever see
even the labels let alone weight labels that were again we have tons of labels
but rejected yeah this was the one thing Harold caught his eye on last time I’m
still kind of chipping on it but we have not been able to find out who August
Earths is he’s a famous artist because he did this right here this really nice
looking piece here at 1886 yeah they’re ones that show hundred thousand or two
fathers every month I want to show the world the millionaire status they had
and this beauty right here miss Jesse Shaw I am all this accounts by birth the
scholar by inclination a captain of the German army by rule and an artist by
destiny a guy sounds otay 1886 July 4th see
oh we’re talking Kaiser and so forth what is this find that guy
Brenda Higby 70 see all the more wine labels here yes important the kiss thing
one with a different unit all these wine labels are part of their must have used
him for I had to consolidate a table or two this is a pretty tight piece of
paper it basically says what they’re in the Freemasons 1950 Berkeley that’s a
neat little piece of paper though Supreme Council 33rd degree southern
jurisdiction of the United States of Charlton state of South Carolina wrote
checks back then for Albert F Hoffman is he famous what serious I’d say well they
even made it like a check started song my friend bird what is this this is
weird to them at the regular meeting I’m in a section lists the resolution Evans
opted in regular meeting Grandmaster worship man what is all this stuff held
a worship master come on gang they rented a ledge wow this is awesome power
of attorney the citizens Assurant company of yada yada yada and so forth
and so on in 1912 we the principal stockholders of the Cuyo coup ik m G and
D company authorized mr. AG bracket to sell the property belonging to said
company located on Myrtle Creek Alaska for the sum of seventy five hundred
dollars which includes tools Quicksilver lumber flumes derrick and hydraulic icy
plant and their lists their names the amount of money look wow who act mining
and development company acts in this unit is you throw like these
I’m big boulders no the deed to the sheriff what’s this deed to is another
one do we own a gold mine look at these checks in 1903 $200 $73 $12 20 to 35 $20
155 35 475 they spent 475 back in 1903 Holy Smoke yeah they probably bought a
house for 475 bucks right all the labor involved two hundred and seven dollars
and 25 cents 160 this is like having a hundred grand
wasn’t it like this little bout of checks is like the equipment of least a
hundred grand probably probably more nice more fraternal masonary type things
this isn’t this is not a second application to be a Sons of the American
Revolution yeah why because they have beyond belief to no leaven is just some
wild stuff I don’t even know I’ve never seen so many piece of paper that date
back that far that go together and yeah this is looks like another deed here
parcel an official map 1869 a 10-block by 29 said parcel covenant front saw a
black what is this then there’s this photo again like somebody I just think
there’s a interesting photo right there somebody went through the gas pump and
everything Vacaville Sunday evening possible yeah
look at these receipt looking things witness
and I intent that the receipts maybe not that they’re against the letters from
the general merchandise wool and grain bags in general merchandise wool and
grain breads they’re pretty fancy to have their own paper back that if their
names on it Wow mr. Wilson later enterprising young
man I’ve known him long what is all of this her description Spanish in heaven
so that time is equally vivid Wow just some interesting letters and notes and
stories mmm another time of the dancer she
attendance image 49 teacher school reporting Wow don’t type that the family
was detained in Fort mariotta six years on account of the hostility of
the Indians until general Wayne gained his glorious victory over them at the
Big Mama River true what the heck is this this is just weird
I don’t even know what any of these stories really are about there’s a
little Sally foxes playing in a tree on the bank were picked up for looking
groundnuts and put them queer-looking brown nuts I’m probably game and say
that on YouTube either most of story of the migrant train was told by a man who
turned their homes through the mothers covered wagon Springs I remember telling
her them and this it can’t we find interesting what is all of this this is just nuts this story but enough
of the mornings to the plane I want a statement okay and clip this over yeah I think this is
it okay how should I begin this beautiful new book that I had it for a
for you know kiss it’s right maybe he’s making stories chief Solano okay that’s
why they call it Solano County the great bronze statue of Chiefs Alana was
unveiled in the hills four miles west at Fairfield
this is soon geyser right over this is right down the road for me actually
these are interesting things this is the tail the golden egg egg of
pure gold has found a tiny nest of the hummingbird high up in the Rocky
Mountains of Colorado in his legendary sword a lost vein of a fabulous gold
lode the legend of his discovery is passing a new Bolivian the date was
summer of 1988 I was younger eight years old I accompanied father a trip to cut
logs for building in our homes that we camped in a little grassy field ok
little creek man & kammath my boys my age I was cross I caught grasshoppers
having a glorious time with average of the grassy flat with waterfall over hill
edge of the rock lotion I was fishing the pool below when I noticed a
hummingbird buzzing and darting around me and anger I knew that she had a nest
in here I was trying to frighten me away looking up by solid Alpine screws
growing out of the crevice in the rocks suspended from the branch for the honey
birds nests like most boys I always wanted to see how many birds nest egg
that’s who I that’s crazy because nowadays there people ain’t gonna be
like nowadays what young man’s gonna be like I just been dying to see in a
hummingbird’s nest but this is the difference between now and two hundred
years larger there are two eggs no larger than a small ok way like most
boys want to seen honey this little nest was large enough timbl delicately of a
Timothy nourished claim though it may understand me question to the how I was
as to how I am able to recall the diesels a hummingbird’s nest and nest
after a lapse of 60 years in light of the event which followed memory these
who tailed him in and nebulae s membrane as clear today when I first gazed a
silent wander on of one of God’s most delicate creations while during the eggs
I noticed a speck of yellow gleaming in the bottom of the nest and completely
covered over with down without disturbing the eggs I carefully removed
what I believe was a pretty glittering yellow marble looking up at the over
hedging ledge of the rocks I could see a vertical intrusion of pure white quartz
flecked with a gleaming yellow metal the sunlight shining through the midst of
the spray from the waterfalls former rainbow against a background of white
quartz and gold and while only a child in years I stood and wondered the most
beautiful sight of ever behold truly a rainbow of gold sixty-eight years have
passed but memory that picture remains and I was dimly conscious a probability
that my pretty yellow marble had been dice lodged and rolled down to the lodge
and the hummingbirds si put a pretty little marble my Papa showed to father
father father was home theater and no knowledge to not interesting gold I took
the golden egg home put it my box an attic and they remain gathering
dust and almost forgotten for more than a decade through the following 10 years
my parents ranching cattle business prospered as I spent high school and
preparatory schools in Denver I was a rolled as a student okay and then I
remember the glittering yellow marble that lay in the Attic of the log cabin
the homestead oh wow so he found this massive gold treasure and then Wow that
was he you imagine finding the greatest-looking gold pile possibly ever
and not even knowing if gold was because of the time and place you were in life
and didn’t even know that goal was that valuable or even had and you ten years
later you find out wow friendiy I climbed to the I had to go to go in
instead they made a marvelous place father let me have a saddle horse and
pack horse what camping equipment I was off to begin a search for my lost
treasure of gold that was extended through sixty eight years the old wagon
trails that led into some mountains had grown over with brush obliterated
isolated climb the mountain searching for the film I found the little meadow
where the father and I had camped usually for the upper meat overhanging
rocks I found by me bird’s nest the glacier that fed my little trout had
moved down and my rainbow of gold they buried beneath a thousand tons of ice
rock and debris my gold had vanished and that was over a half a century ago but
for many years I returned to the little campground hoping hoping that the
glacier of ice and snow had moved on and I would be again fire my fabulous cold
load I am an old man now in the twilight of life but that picture of glittering
yellow gold beneath those waterfalls with the sunlight shining to the mists
can never be forgotten wow I haven’t hop him back for many years but I returned
my boys and I went in if those boys come back from the battlefield of Foreign
Wars and I wonder if I will again find my rainbow of gold and I wait for the
past seem to glacier that blots out the fabulous gold lode that no man has
looked upon but myself I waited through the years and I wonder will the glacier
pass before the darkness descends and the little golden egg I still have it
it’s the most perfect specimen of gold found and treasure and is still as
bright as glittering yellow in the first round Wow whoo this story oh man
gold rip mass amounts just buried in the ground this guy didn’t even know what
gold was and it just slipped through his fingers and he spent the rest of his
life dreaming about that time that he saw the most powerful largest amount of
gold ever Oh nuts more to look at these these are bank deposits from 1907 $200
right here $200 right now $40 $40 $500 in 1907 $1000 in 1907 they were
depositing in their bank Wow these promissory notes the things that
actually people took care of that gouvernail it is we pay we will pay the
some of this in gold coin 175 or we value by the person who owns this paper
George cww your favor 19 for the title of the old Grimes property on Pine
Street Nevada City duly received O’Neill informs me that a deed from the heirs
the prepared assent to mr. John Grimes in Arizona to sign and then throw water
his brother and Tonopah Nevada it either didn’t always receive the deed returned
same wow this is crazy this story here I think we kind of touched on this the
other day or when I made the last video in the spring of 1995 we had a good
fortunes drive the yacht a yacht I look at this this crazy stuff that goes on in
this in this and Mike’s saloon we met no man and his pardon Stockman ran a tunnel
30 feet or more with a badger explored or is this nuts the average man to hope
it finds out for the last time screwed with all the hopes it should be last
arrived all the plans we had contrived and kind of a throne can wear to Peru on
the town I feel like this is a treasure map but I said that it’s like we came
here and they went here and by the railroad back in here and then let’s see
if we can come up to a conclusion here at the end I started back in my store of
knowledge was that King I thought it might tell us where to go X marks
spot look at this all measurements is this Pine Street York Street is a
treasure map right here could this be statement of Shaw State the ink is kind
of bêlit over the years this is a trippy though 20 to 30 thousand and received on
the same so everybody received Wow total blah blah blah that is enough this is
what I wanted everybody to see I want everybody to see this because I said
that there was millionaires right there was this is this is their name right
here you could see the last name I’ve shown that in a few times you can see
right here the year now every month there was a hundred to one hundred and
ten thousand dollar deposit put in their bank they ran their business or whatever
did their due diligence and come on every month with another balance and my
eyes iris eyes if you take in a hundred thousand dollar deposit every month for
your business life whatever it is you’re doing you’re a millionaire period you’re
living a life that is a one of quality you’re bringing in a high level of
revenue especially in 1960 to put 110 thousand dollar deposit and your bank in
1968 it’s like the equivalent in my eyes of a million dollars now still have
things like this cuz it’s like I I know there’s something to this family in my
eyes so I had to just leave everything that I was unsure about so I find things
out this is the person was part of the Treasury Department of the ha the
Treasury Department it seems like somebody was a part of you see something
here Washington DC February 22nd 1937 United States Senate chamber admit miss
Norman Shaw to the reserved gallery for the 75th Congress but it’s signed by the
US senator right there that is a trim I got it I got so much more research to do
things like that make me wonder what is something like this holding value what
does it really actually present what could it be part of etc etc
I mean I’m not showing you guys every document I found but look here is Marsh
Creek an attorney’s 1918 ninety-one years to be handled a letter next wheels
okay I don’t understand all that but you want to think often senators the
governor’s excited excited start off as lawyers you never know if any of these
people are somebody of provenance as well join the deeds of the land I think
we could possibly maybe come up with a way to get some land that we own back in
1800s here’s another one this is all documents from the 1890s 1891 1890 just
just Seymour Jesse Moore that must have been their lawyer
I hope Jesse Moore is somebody of provenance of this thing like look at
all these things dear sir the branch of hill case Supreme Court got reached 67
bucks the higher law you can’t even look at a lawyer for $67 anymore Oh where’s a
nail through here this is just nuts like I said you can’t even get a lawyer you
can look at a lawyer for $69 a good 3:38 okay collector’s office here we go
another way over 421 nowadays this sheet of paper they put your receipt on cost
421 this is so nuts 218 dear sure and close to fund your tax receipt for 1886
Wow taxes that’s what this is now Hill says 300 is all the money he can
possibly raised by a Montgomery the lands but oh wow nice nuts I’m gonna get 375 bucks to uh
buy a piece of land you’re seeing the onslaught of just intense family
heritage this slew of documents ranging from 1725 to in 1900 the priceless
looking okay it’s not prices it values out of 17,000 una Bastille all the stuff
there’s so many pieces here at paper I can’t even show you guys all of them I
there’s no way I can it’s just been sitting here like I said documents like
this I have several of these like year month after month after month to show
you hundred thousand dollar deposits as I stated I sold ten thousand dollars
just in silver scrap value right to the scrapper I showed you everything that I
have still as profit I sold five thousand dollars in small stuff at the
flea market and actually I did it probably a couple thousand over time on
my live auction – so I’m gonna say $2,000 that’s seven that’s seventeen
thousand I’ve got back on this almost five thousand dollar investment you see
everything I stood up for probably in the 1718 five if you count the guitar oh
shoot I’m almost the twenty thousand dollars sold on this unit and I still
have the best stuff as businessmen pirates collectors any of you out there
or they fit the mold of a reseller whatever what do you think the value is
on this and these five documents right here from what you’ve seen if you can
gather any information please help me in the comment section and let me know if
you think that there’s any way that this could be turned into cash money right
now if you have a buyer let me know if you have an idea to value so I can put
it out to my buyers I have the one document you see right here this one
here is on eBay for $28,000 this was a great unit this is definitely a
millionaire’s storage unit they were gold miners they were mining tycoons it
looks like they owned a business family heritage they were in the Revolutionary
War captains mayors governments Congress Department of Treasury they were all
over the map this family was from start to finish
that to me that is a storage unit story right now about to head home
take my documents back where they belong I just brought them to hang out to the
the other documents they use to belong with and we’re gonna go through a few
more pieces that I have at home the artwork I’ve been sitting inside not to
mention I haven’t even gone through all the work here’s something actually be
said we’re gonna go through this soon and see if there’s even actually anymore
I have this it’s not we got all this art here and all of this art here to go
through still I know a lot of it is the B Van Dyke’s there’s tons of that but we
will have some type of a art show later on down the road we all show every piece
that is sitting here still that we have found because I’ll show you the two that
I found that have extreme value that I know of cuz I looked him up and then on
one day soon we will see all this in one video by itself this is an example of
one of the B Van Dyke’s I have a bunch of these I know for a fact whatever this
is right here this piece of art I have a bunch of them by this person hold on
please art in the redwoods voila we used to go
abalone fishing there back in the day attached the back title acrylic artist
Bertha Van Dyke we have an answer to that question if anybody knows of a
burka ban Dyke there’s tons of art here’s another one
other stuff she’s a lot of flowers like I said there’s a lot of these pieces and
there could be something really rare so you have to stay tuned I’ll have
somebody come help me and we’ll do some type of art show and you’ll see all this
art in its entirety and once I make it home in a minute we’ll go through those
last couple pieces art I took home and then that’ll show you the ones I found
that I’ve kept so far said this unit is a gold mine no pun intended for the fact
that these guys were actually gold miners alright here we are we are back
at my house and I’m gonna go ahead and show you the last few pieces from this
amazing I bought a millionaire’s abandoned
storage so right here this piece it’s a seascape of some form it’s signed by Jay
Stewart you can see like cracking and the paint or whatever that is there on the back of this piece is some type
of stuff that’s dates at 1913 sly Co rocks and cliff house in the distance at
California San Francisco orginal sketch somebody bought it for $1,100 you can
see the price right there you can see the old and I don’t know that I wasn’t
antiquity ball this the old you can see the crudeness of this painting it’s old
this painting was done by Stuart and it was baked back from the co beach in San
Francisco towards a cliff house mr. Stuart claimed to be a descendant from
the American master who painted George Washington when I was growing up every
classroom and my gram grammar school had two pictures a copy of Stuart’s
unfinished Washington and one of Abraham Lincoln the painting was a wedding gift
to your father and me in 1951 by Jack and Ruth Caspar somehow Jack had met mr.
Stuart in exchange for supporting mr. Stuart during his last and final days he
would left all of his paintings mr. Stuart was living in linear poverty at
the time and did indeed leave Jack all of his accumulated canvases basically he
painted California landscapes some were huge ours was a smallest okay so
basically that’s Kitty cray this is how they got this and I enjoyed the fact a
mistress Jewish labor the fruits I suppose the rest were given to the
family members his final works were somewhat less inspiring than the early
works that’s a neat letter this is a cooler letter comes on the back of this
painting right here I like mr. Stuart’s tops out at $12,000 sails covered
recorded historic or whatever the right were to be for that matter his highest
painting sold is 12,000 I have mine up on eBay for I think 7 a little over 7
it’s worth at least 3 to 4 and my eyes minimum but I always price high to get a
best offer so yeah that’s one good fine there then we have this really cool bull
sterling silver I told you guys I want to show this is the only piece that I
did not scrap I liked the Bulls a thing kissable some people say
it’s a cow some say it’s a bull these things can go for a lot of money I think
I have myung up for 12 or 13 I’m trying to see if I can show you guys the stamps
but it’s not allowing me to I have myung up for 1,200 I think or 1314 or
somewhere in there they top out of like 2 grand it’s got red eyes it’s not the
best quality May but it’s weird I think it’s a creamer creamer dispenser this is
one of the only thing I kept from the silver because I think it’s worth a
pretty penny not a bad little piece I almost thought about keeping that cuz
there’s I have a lot of things that I’ve kept over the years I got the safe that
I found the 26 grand in okay everybody looks like unicorn guys you see that
unicorn unicorn unicorn pirates love unicorn that’s how you manifest unicorns
to come in your life is you have to have ox unicorns around just saying lady I
have it the tin can that I found like three thousand or thirty five hundred
silver coins once I got this from the abortion clinic that had the worst fight
never had in my life I can’t discuss that here on camera I shouldn’t even
said that word I got all sorts of things like that I’ve got a tin can I found
9600 or something ninety two hundred in it I keep all those things and this I
think is a corn to keep as a reminder of what this units had to offer and how to
get it again we have this piece to me this is the nicest art I think I found
in there are the quality of it is phenomenal I think it’s very old it’s
definitely oil it’s got a minor amount of damage a couple people have sent me
some information saying it was like a roshaniya or something regazzi a–
regards Rajaji oh but that’s not the signature here that is not the signature
here I’m gonna try to put like a little thing here I’ll put a photo maybe blow
it up and you guys can see but this signature right here this could be a
priceless painting I don’t know I’ve set this aside and have not been able to
have find any information out on it just yet but it’s it came out of this locker
it’s been a reef stretched they don’t usually reefs Treach a useless painting
that’s why I know that for a fact you can see this been researched it’s not on
its original stretch and we have a letter there to read to this pain was
given to me by my Aunt Emma and Emma was born in Sacramento in 1889
her father owned he was grandfather to the Van Dyke’s brother Kate find grocery
store single for two cents and they would be delivered the orders have by
horse-drawn wagon Wow this was the this is back when you did
instead of Safeway to live whatever you had a horse long drawn wagon here
travelled the world in Luana would speech I was listening to his stories of
the places he had seen and the stories of the life of a seaman sea man he
stayed with the family for several years in time past mr. father began to change
his businesses electric Street had cars had come in and customers would come to
the store for their purchases eventually division leads by automobile the first
three wagon purchase was a first delivery wagon was a hop of mobile and
Myrna said the sea man decided it was time to move on he took several items to
hand Herman his mother and asked her to keep them for him he also extract they
promised that if he died not returned they were to be given to little Anna
when she had her own hole your heart Learning pirates like these people hold
life as we unfold this story in 1914 they were given to her I remember she
had a painting over the mantel originally it was any large ornate frame
it was a two Chinese porcelain lions of a lovely blue she had also a large
Chinese jar which she used for umbrellas 20 years ago the unit holding the frame
way campaigning fell by this time and I was given an old lady and she had a
housekeeper the housekeeper picked up two pieces of the frame and disposed of
them in the trash she also was going to throw away the painting but it was
stopped by hand unfortunately the talked trash was
picked up that day in the frame which could probably have been repaired
disappeared hit him O’Call me and asked me to come
for the painting she said I was the only one who really
like the painting and she wanted me to have it I wish drew I wish it still had
the original frame but the painting is what is really special to me I have no
idea of its value maybe someday you can’t find out please keep it and
cherish it as I have now to me I don’t know
the artists name I know it has extreme history it has a huge potential of being
a very very expensive painting but I have to figure out how to make out the
name I’ll put the photo again probably right here as I put it in a minute ago
and you tell me if you can come up with the actual name of this artist and help
this pirate out if not I might just have to keep this painting because they want
somebody to cherish it forever and I might have to take up that task of
cherishing this painting forever to who have make this person so happy I don’t


  1. at 22:20 up, the last line [ in those records, and ledger or reciepts] with 00, marks cents. your readdings cents as dollars. the 110000 is 1,100.00 back in their writings these amounts were huge

  2. Slow down Mike, you may have American historical value., Contact first Smithsonian institute before you sell.

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  10. Pirate,
    That was not signed by the King, it looks like some land or other obligation. 300 year old documents are not necessarily super valuable.
    The other thing from the 1860's is a print. If it's a very rare one it may have value, but 10,000, I doubt that as much as I would like to think it is.
    You really need experts to give you the real facts about those documents, I feel you may be overpricing them.
    You need an expert to look at them.
    Rik Spector

  11. Pirate, congrats on the historic find! Remember old isn't always valuable – but as a history of a family, the entire collection could be priceless. Please please keep the documents in a dark dry place and get them to an appraiser who specializes in historical documents. Don't break up the collection until you know the value as a whole!!!! And Harold, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but plz clean your hands before handling stuff. The collector and Mom parts of me were cringing SO hard. Good luck with this venture Pirate!

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  15. "By the grace of the King" was a common phrase used by colonials and the English alike before the Revolution when an order or decree was issued. No, it's not the King's signature. You're getting carried away, Mr. Pirate.

  16. I believe that the deposit amounts are 1100 dollars the gold lines are columns representing thousands/ hundred/tens/ones and the final line represents cents

  17. You should find a person at a history department at a college or get contact with someone that can identify what they are. Such as the Northeastern Document Conservation Center Smithsonian or Contact the History Detectives

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  24. He would have signed it George Rex that was the Kings name take it to museum they know how to look after this kind of
    Paper and documents

  25. You need to take these to a person who knows about rare documents it should not be handled with bare hands you need cotton gloves and they need to be put in a acid free environment. I would call maybe the Smithsonian because you have something rare and historic.

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  28. Mike, STOP!! You need a historian to look at all of these things. Your sitting on your retirement here. What you have is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pull whatever you have on eBay off until you can get these appraised by an expert. These should probably go to one of the large auction houses like sotherbys or Christy's.
    Please quit listening to Harold. He's either lowballing you to get a good deal or he's not too smart. Like telling you to take$10 for that guitar you made over $1200 on. Smdh. How much has he cost you in the past? He's like partnering up. Not a good idea. Good luck with these things.

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  30. Mike, I think it would be a good idea to get a second opinion on all these signatures to make sure they are real.

  31. What are rules on very old historical documents in United States in United Kingdom they would belong to crown and go to a museum and you be paid market value for them are there any museums in California or United States that would have internet in your historical documents?

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  33. Augustus Ertz was born in Germany in 1840. He lived in San Francisco from 1880-1885 and then moved to Nevada City 1886-1888. I do believe he exhibited his artwork during the 1886-88 California state fair. He was known more as a portrait painter. You may need to find an expert in art from that era. You could potentially have something very very rare in your possession.

  34. Heya Mike wow an wow! A young person doing a degree in American history would just love all those facts! I'm glad your not rushing into selling them please handle with gloves! Gather together in folders till you find the right person! A lot of history here with elders of J.P Morgan in the mix I'm in awe! The pipe man reminds me of old Irish or Scottish man! The best of the Irish to ya

  35. James Everett Stuart was a prolific painter of the west coast, said to have produced over 5,000 western landscape paintings during his lifetime. His work is well-known for its moody, dramatic style, suggestive of the French Barbizon School.
    Born in Bangor, Maine in 1852, Stuart moved to California with his parents at the age of eight and settled on a ranch near Rio Vista. He went on to become a prize student under Virgil Williams and Raymond Dabb Yelland at the California School of Design in the late 1870s.
    Stuart co-founded the legendary Bohemian Club of San Francisco in 1872 along with several journalists and artists, who created the club for the association of gentlemen connected professionally with literature, art, music, or drama. Among its members were well-known California artists and writers such as: William Keith, Arthur William Best, Giuseppi Leone Cadenasso, Thomas Hill, Granville Redmond Virgil Williams, Samuel Marsden Brookes and Jules Tavernier.
    The artists and writers gathered regularly at the Russian River in Northern California for a summer encampment, a tradition continued by current Bohemian Club members. The organization also gathered a significant amount of funds for the purchase of a stand of redwoods in Monte Rio, California. This scenic area served as the site of the summer encampment for over a hundred years, and countless artists have drawn inspiration from the natural beauty of the land.
    In 1879, after graduating from the California School of Design, Stuart settled in The Dalles, Oregon, supporting himself by painting signs for businesses that were rebuilding after a fire had burned down the town. In a reminiscence published in the Rio Vista River News-Herald, Stuart recalled, β€œDuring the morning hours on Sundays, I made color paintings direct from nature of the wonderful subjects near the town, and when work was slack would take a camping and sketching trip to some nearby interesting places… and in that manner secured many of my most important subjects while working at commercial painting to earn my daily bread.”
    Stuart later migrated to Portland, Oregon and became a leading member of the art scene there for several years. His name appears first in a list of the founding members of the Portland Art Club, preceding those of such fine painters as Cleveland Rockwell and Grafton Tyler Brown.
    By the early 20th century, Stuart was a highly successful and well-known painter. His paintings are currently in the collections of the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the California State Library in Sacramento, University of Southern California, Los Angeles County Museum and the White House.

  36. This is the sort of thing I love to see (why I watch curiosity inc as he does a lot of this looking into history). I hate that people put a price on it tho….don’t get me wrong I know it has to be done but to me history like this is priceless. It’s not the Individual pieces but the whole thing combined that makes it so priceless.
    Love Harold and totally get his humour typical Brit lol πŸ˜‚

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  39. Mike obviously I haven read every single comment and I don't know if you will even answer my quesin. I will ask it anyway, with this many very very old documents and you live in California why are you not taking them to an expert? #1 To read what they actually say and #2 to get them authenticated? You talk about the pirates life is all about silver, gold, and gems which is all forms of money. I know nothing about antique documents but having said that you could be sitting on a million dollars with all those documents. Think of the life you could give your children with that kind of money Mike. I just don't get it can you please explain it to me?

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  48. Shame you sold the silver at less than scrap, would of made alot more phoning someone with a forge and get them to make silver ingots and sell them on ebay to jewellery makers. You could of also colabed with a YouTube forge user and had them do the silver… someone like bigstackD Casting (373k subs) if they are in your area. Maybe an idea for next time.

  49. Your so right Pirate. This is a Millionaire's locker. It's yours, and if you hit the right big time buyers you have truly found your million dollar find. Congrat.'s

  50. He card admitting to senate chambers looks much likes the cards you can get today from your local senator to get in to the gallery seating of the senate chambers. We got passes similar to that when we visited the capitol.

  51. Pirate, you have several great colleges and universities in your area. Call the History department of one or two and ask someone to help you!

  52. Mike you need to take those documents to a historian – find out what you really have – than get them notarized by some official – than take them to a high end reputable auction!!! You might make enough to Retire!!!!! Good Luck Mike!!! God Bless!! You might want to show them to Locker Nuts get his view point!!! He has a good head on his shoulders maybe he would know someone to point you to!!! Forget Ebay for right now Go Find out what you really have!! Mike you may really have some Valuable Historical Documents -Worth Thousands maybe Millions!!! Find out what you really have so you know True Value!!!! Then Seek Out BUYERS!!!

  53. PLEASE DON'T buy bigger or more expensive units from now on. The next 50 to 100 ones could contain junk. It only takes a small spot for a treasure, packed in many different ways. A treasure to you can be nothing special to others. And so many safes contain nothing at all (see other channels). Be careful to not spill your money.

  54. The many flower paintings of Bertha van Dijke: she is of Dutch (Netherlands) descent 100% at some time. As all white and coloured Americans are.
    The fisherman looks familiar to me, don't sell it yet! Either Scottish (hat) or northern African as tanned (Morocco, Tunisia, could even be Turkish).

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  57. I loved hearing all the stories and all the old paperwork. Michael I have an old Masons /Masonic Bible in perfect shape. It’s a big one. Do you know if it may have any value?? My 92 year old grandfather passed away and I may be getting it

  58. So I'm sure I will be another voice saying you should contact a curator from a museum to go through the written documents. 1 For advice on how to preserve the items and 2 They may give you an idea on value or where to sell these to maximize the haul. The paintings are significant. You really should contact a important art gallery for their advice on preservation and how to sell them for maximum profit. Good Luck.

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