Blake Shelton Sells a Mystery Item in ‘Pitch Please’

We’re back with the
former sexiest man alive, Blake Shelton. Wait, I still have it
for a couple of days. That’s right. Yeah, give it to me. Still now– this is in
case there’s a rerun. [LAUGHTER] Every week on The Voice you
have to sell yourself to someone to get someone to
go on your team. So we thought you’re so
good at selling yourself, you know, that whole
thing with the– that. Yeah. So we thought you
could sell anything. So we’re going to play a game. It’s called Pitch Please. [APPLAUSE] Please. All right, we’re
going to have you– What is wrong with you people. [LAUGHTER] God. You’re going to try to sell a
product like they do on QVC. You won’t know what it is. But the audience will. [LAUGHTER] All right. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know what this is,
but it’s awkward already. All right. The first question
is, how much would you pay for something like this? $15. $15? So it’s not as expensive
as I thought it would be. I thought that would
be more expensive. All right. And what other celebrities,
besides yourself, would enjoy something like this? [LAUGHTER] Oh, my god. Would Mariah like it? Would Betty White like it? I would like to think
that Mariah would like it. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] That’s good. Well, you know what? The hell with it–
and Britney Spears. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Just go for it. Yep. You would wear it
for any occasion, or what what’s– or
just a special occasion? It feels like
formal, like formal. [LAUGHTER] What is this? [LAUGHTER] What are you doing to me? You’re selling it. All right. So do you think there’s
enough room for you– is– [LAUGHTER] –to put everything in? [LAUGHTER] I want to be sure I
understood the question. Is there enough room
to put everything in? Yeah. In it? In the product that
you’re selling, yes. Oh, enough room to
put everything in it? In the product that
you’re selling. Yes. All right. And how often would you wash it? [LAUGHTER] You don’t want it to shrink. [LAUGHTER] So I said something that
made sense here, didn’t I? What I said made sense to
whatever this thing is. It’s your product, Blake. Well, I would say you would
use it a couple of times first, and then– and
then wash [INAUDIBLE].. Let’s see the face– when
you’re in the mirror, and this product– Are we still doing this? Yes. [LAUGHTER] You’re wearing the product. You look in the mirror. What’s the face that you have
on when you see yourself? It’s like Fonzie when
he goes like, eh. [APPLAUSE] Is that right? Yes. No. It’s not right? Are there safety precautions? Before using it, are
there safety precautions? Of course. Like what? Safety first. Yes. And what would they be? What are the precautions? You wouldn’t want to put
it near an open flame. [LAUGHTER] Nope, it’s flammable. It’s flammable? Yeah. You’re right. That’s good. They should be– What in God’s name
is this thing? Well, let’s see what
you’ve been selling. You can come around and look. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] You wouldn’t want that
near an open flame. No. No. You’re right. This is the worst game I have– That’s so funny. Did I win anything? No. But we all enjoyed it. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] The Voice airs Mondays
and Tuesdays on NBC. We’ll be right back.

100 comments on “Blake Shelton Sells a Mystery Item in ‘Pitch Please’

  1. I couldn't laugh at all. He was very rude and like "I'm so bored and sick of this… just wanna go home."
    Well, if you don't wanna play just say NO, I'm pretty sure they explained the game for him beforehand.

  2. When she asked which celebrities would wear it, he should've said, "Well, I know Ellen would." Missed opportunity!

  3. "what the God's name is this?" HAha he was so annoyed and Ellen , how she was standing there so serious?

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