Bitcoin auction truth- the USA won’t stop BTC! The MWC altcoin gamblers, Lightning Labs, Tesla mania

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beyond Bitcoin and follow me on Twitter to e CH be alt now some people in the
mainstream crypt of news space talked about o the United States is about to
option off some more Bitcoin and to me I really I didn’t have much to say about
that I’ve done stories about that in the past this has happened before it’ll
happen again the government gets its whole hands on Bitcoin from people doing
things they don’t like and then they auction it off now david
nage and jeff dormindo make a great point about the bitcoin auction what it
says how you can fight fun with this back
in fact all right he said some are arguing that the Bitcoin auction is
weighing on the price I’d argue the government auction optioning off seized
Bitcoin immediately invalidates all of the many naysayers who say the
government will never allow Bitcoin to succeed the US wants USD others want
Bitcoin free market and I think David goes on to say this is an incredibly
important point so many family offices along the journey the last few years
have Tora told me yeah the government will shut Bitcoin down it’s used to fund
terrorism don’t think the US government would be auctioning it off then and
that’s this is a huge point it’s right in front of our faces the United States
government when it confiscates drugs it doesn’t go sell the drugs it problems
the drugs okay the United States government considers this completely
legitimate if they found it to really be as offensive to them as drugs they want
to be selling it for US dollars to the highest bidder
they now their big day they could be smarter about the ways they stapes they
sell it okay but it’s the government they’re not they’re not efficient but to
all those people are like oh they did that government hates Bitcoin the
government will try to attempt to shut it down try to buy it all or who knows
what they’ll trying to do with it there they are they’re selling it
they’re selling it and they’re treating it like any other confiscated legal
asset that they take from people so I think it’s a for those who have doubts
for those who like to spread fun the United States is going to shut down
Bitcoin then why are they doing this what what why are they they option to
get off what they’re compared adding legitimacy to it okay a lot of
legitimacy to it so hey that’s something that a lot of
people overlook when they hear about these options at the government and it’s
not just a night it’s the Australian government to other Western nations have
have auction off Bitcoin so they’re playing in the Bitcoin space they’re not
about to shut down or attempt to shut down the Bitcoin space which they could
not do anyway and they probably realized that and they like getting uh they like
getting money how about that they’re dera they’re helping fund the
insane spending by by selling off this asset that they know it’s worth
something down that like button alright so very good basic point there but
something that a lot of the funsters seem to overlook so yeah the next time
if you have any worries about the government saying shutting it down
because it has to do with terrorism or just think about that they’re auctioning
it off okay it’s legitimate to them they’re not they’re not going to take do
not go there making money off this thing baby why not go with the flow okay now
what do we have uncomplicated will I’ll be there
February 22nd tone BAE’s his event Las Vegas February 22nd and remember check
out sports maestro comma listen to all my shows in podcast form lightning labs
all over the news if you got questions I’ve been bitcoinmeister people I see
people there we chat very good yeah so lightning labs now I’ve said before I’m
not the biggest lightning Network freak out there but I understand that there
are a lot of freaks out there and that love lightning Network and I gotta hand
it to the lightning labs people they are in motion Gary they are creating they
are very positive they’re not destroying anything and investors believe in it and
it’ll probably take quite some time for this thing to be eventually be
mainstream but announcing our 10 million-dollar series a to fuel
lightning network development and the lightning loop beta release
a product making it easier to send and receive Bitcoin instantly cheating with
4000 developers and 30-plus startups the next decade of lightning is on fire so
yeah they’re thinking long term here they’re getting long-term investments
yeah it’s it’s gonna probably take up most of this decade to get really their
dream of lightning as a reality I mean we’ve already got the Lightning Network
running but it’s gonna take some work and these views are definitely working
and there are people outside of our space throwing money at them ten million
dollar series a hey pretty good job guys so I linked it I linked to their
official law blog post about this we’ve raised a ten million dollar series a to
further develop our lightning payments technology and scale the developer
ecosystem so okay they’re gonna be able to pay developers we at Lightning Lad
and you need to do that real lightning labs see this as not an accomplishment
in and of itself but a means to achieving our goal of bringing instant
Bitcoin transactions to millions of people and hey you have that goal that’s
not my thing that’s your thing you’ve raised money based on that goal good you
have developed a system to get to that goal we’re also announcing a major
product released today the beta of lightning loop their first paid product
so great you’ve got a you’re a legitimate business if you’ve got a paid
product there you’re not just talking to a game people are gonna pay you for a
real thing good that’s better than you know back in that 2000 with those
internet companies Lou loop helps startups and node
operators and end-users send and receive on lightning more efficiently good job
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bitcoin master yeah he’s not he’s not a distant relative he’s the bitcoin
bastard i’m the bitcoin meister pound rocky Palumbo is in the house he says
bitcoin meister why do you go to that meet up in Long Beach when you visit LA
they talk very a little bit about bitcoin they’re meeting are mostly
ballots shilling scamming off cause no rocky I’ve always was already at one of
their meetings glad when ever that it was in the spring was it the spring time
yeah it was the spring time of last year and there were people there that came
that were like saying hey I’m creating my own hawk coin or whatever but there
are many hardcore Bitcoin people there and it was and you know you know crypto
was there too talking about a theory I’m so yeah they’re not just gonna have
Bitcoin guest they’re they’re gonna have a you know youtubers there that talk
about aetherium and whatnot but and he was a very he was very nice person in in
person there was you know he could talk about a theory if he wants to but Gaston
is is a Bitcoin guy the guy who puts it on he is a Bitcoin guy he has been on my
show before check out the archives and so I go there because they I’ve got some
friends down there they like me they’re nice people and a date needs they need
to know more about and I knew if someone asked me about bsv
the last time I was there I told him the truth about PSV so you’re right it’s not
a hundred percent Bitcoin backs and was there not at all there there also for
people you know yeah people that there’s lots of different pieces where the big
boys play if I could strengthen one hand that that’s great it’s a fun time down
there it’s a fun time down there and people can get me there so that’s that’s
important so you know it’s easy for everyone no it’s not for everyone but
Gaston is trying to get more and more people in the Long Beach area into it so
if I if I can help it’s a fun time let’s do it baby
south central Long Beach Compton in the house
town that like button alright so in LA is such a huge that whole Reed it’s so
big there it’s just it’s that metropolitan area just keeps going and
going into traffic so horrible because that Rocky is in the LA area too but if
he were to go to it would take him so darn long to get down to Long Beach
during that time of day or a Thursday afternoon it’s incredible alright and of
course we have in Century City we have the the great Anders is there who ideas
put on an event there recently but who knows maybe when I’m very well I don’t
know what’s gonna happen but but to get from Century City along beaches a pain
in the butt to get from where I am on Santa Monica Boulevard in calabria
in in near West Hollywood’s a pain in the butt but thank god I’ve got people
that are falling out with that okay enough la talk so yeah I’ll be there
soon and I love LA I love the LA area it’s it’s decentralized a lot of
interesting people and by the way here in El Paso today last night
weather can be freakish in the West it actually snowed last night in El Paso
Texas there was a dusting of snow and today’s their coldest day of the year
and whenever one cold day is fine with me then it’ll be back to the
60s again and everything but it very very weird very weird but still better
than Baltimore weather still better than East Coast weather one dusting of people
are freaking out with the dusting of snow too so let’s talk about what you’re
here for today you want to hear know some of you want to hear about this post
from andy hoffman it’s it’s a revealing it’s a really post about the the
mentality it’s a larger picture post it’s it’s talking about MWC and some
inside information behind the pump but it gives us a little foreshadow I think
into the future of these so-called institutional investors I call them
gamblers or outgoing fund managers I mean institutional investor you think
more of a very formally structured organization these are guys that
represent people and I’m not in the formal organizations either but I just
want to clarify there’s some a lot of dudes with a lot of money out there that
want to be in on the next Bitcoin okay and bitcoin is the next Bitcoin so there
are going to be times that other all coins are going to puff faster than
Bitcoin okay but it’s a freaking gamble but more and more of these people are
going to be getting into this and yeah I and these on to something in this post
and what she should read now I mean I don’t agree with him 100% on everything
that he says in it again don’t I I only I don’t buy things that I get for free
and and and something I said yesterday is that there’s just some pre IP I call
it the pre I p.m. town that people feel special when they can get in to
something that is the equivalent of a pre IPO what they think is a pre IPO
because for so many years so many people couldn’t get in and you know get
Facebook shares before it went IPO just you know very elite people could get if
you work there whatever he had connect so people think they get to hear about
some fabulous altcoin is about to come out now and they’re gonna be able to get
their hands on it before anyone can get their hands on it and then once the IPO
happens once it IPO happens once it goes live
they better buy even more of it because you know they’re in on this secret
they’re on in on this secret and I don’t think that’s a good mentality to bring
the cryptocurrency first of all because anyone can paint their altcoin in that
way it’s a pretty I’m giving you inside information and most all coins are trash
so you’re not really getting any good inside information now so with this
corporate mentality of this pre-ipo mentality it’s coming here I wouldn’t be
shocked at some people some of the newbies with a lot of money to blow you
can call it dumb money I know that’s not very polite
some of them might start buying might have that corporate takeover mentality I
brought this up before and might start buying supposedly dead altcoins
ones that used to be worth a lot an hour worth pennies what would I be surprised
if the same type of people when institutional investors whatever you
want to call them start start doing that too but let’s let’s review when Andy
says here any specifically talking about MWC here it attracted a major
unquestionably institutional investor who has taken a massive position given
his stated expectations of MWC being worth three billion dollars in two to
four years all right now you can believe whatever you want to
and dude that that’s your prerogative if you want to throw that much money into
this thing then then be my guest but Andy has revealed he’s putting it on the
table there he’s saying you know I was theorizing you know there’s an
institutional investor that must that there’s a big investor one of these
crypto hedge fund guys that must beat bitcoins return that is throwing a lot
of money into this Andy has identified one specific one he isn’t given the
guy’s name apparently the guy is all over the place
and not hiding this that he’s piling money into into this for what we got for
free so this guy is the one that’s giving you money for your free MWC this
is this is a real thing this is a real thing and I know it sounds so insane but
and these point is more and more of these guys are going to come in and and
I hope they buy more things that I get for free but this is just something to
keep in mind about the the future of the space for those who say they’re not
going to be any more off cooling pumps well there might be like some really
obscure optimal pumps like this one there’s right now this is a very obscure
out point no excitement listed on a clone market cap it’s not even late and
only people know about is through anything often in this show and other
and a few couple other people or whatever alright so he says MW sees
market cap is already up to 95 million dollars depending on how you calculate
it despite trading on just one exchange
something a very point to make is that you know it’s paper market cap is but
it’s true really is it worth ninety five million dollars right now when it trades
on one exchange in China really is it it’s not it’s not but if you do the pure
math without real then and yeah it’s worth not it’s worth ninety-five million
okay so this compare to forty million dollars for being and 38 million dollars
for grain that said the reason for this huge disparity is due entirely to the
app were mentioned major institutional investor who has easily bought up 20% of
the supply and continues to aggressively add it to his position he said okay
people for those of you that are holding onto this and and and you know I was
wrong I didn’t think he could get get much much higher okay I didn’t
understand the conviction that this dude has some can call it conviction some
will call it something else but he’s bought of twenty percent of all the
stuff out there it’s one person buying a 20%
of everything and so more more this type of thing is going to happen enough is
totally okay so so just just keep that in mind for the future like we can’t
stop if people want to people could do whatever they want to do with their
money I’m just saying that these rich dudes I mean for me I just find it
fascinating fascinating that this person needs to beat bitcoins return so badly
that he is buying 20% of some coin assignment listed online market cap when
he could and this is a lot of money this person has millions of dollars okay
we’re talking millions of that he could have bought Bitcoin with that all right
he caught up up but I mean what’s there to say daddy you know what I would have
done with millions I wouldn’t I wouldn’t a gamble dit I go for the real thing
here where her bitcoins already obit crew has already
reached $20,000 that was his previous all-time higher 19,600 whatever whatever
it was you know I would I would and it’s one day closer that all-time high you
know it’s going to get back there again you could double if you had millions of
dollars to throw around in cryptocurrency why wouldn’t you go to
something that is you’re gonna likely double your money pretty soon what’s
wrong with doubling your money well clearly for these guys it’s gambling man
they want a hundred ex they want a thousand X but it’s gambling it’s not
guaranteed it could all color if there’s only one buyer key it could all collapse
very just at any moment at any moment so he is extremely provoke a anyone I know
I want to just read everything here and and you can read Andy’s it’s it’s linked
to below Andy Hoffman talks about it and I got it he’s not being like Andy and
this article is being somewhat uh I mean he’s being reasonable when he talks
about this this guy’s position means you who has at
least 20% and continues to aggressively to his position he’s extremely
professional in his approach extremely transparent and extremely confident in
this endgame oh yeah he’s confident and clearly so deep-pocketed it doesn’t
worry him one bit this is the type of institutional investment i have screamed
from the top of my lungs he’s coming to crypto now that dad is a very
interesting point how many people like this exist and how many of them are
coming to this space because if a lot if there are a lot of them just like this
dude coming there’s gonna be all sorts of wacky altcoin nonsense that you can’t
even believe and but it will flow back in the Bitcoin because there are a lot
of logical people out there they’re like I got this for free if some dude who
wants to pay me something sang them out I’m not waiting around I’m getting more
big he’s giving me precious big point for this oh my lord
so he says so don’t be surprised at dozens if not hundreds just like him are
throwing massive amounts of capital at crypto in the next 12 to 24 months
particularly the small handful of coins with the potential to add value to the
crypto ecosystem in other words they’re absolutely this is Andy speak again
they’re absolutely our next bitcoins out there now I do not agree with that with
the ability to rise at equally powerful trajectories so what he’s talking about
is that yes there are coins out there that will rise faster than Bitcoin but
he phrases it in a way that makes me feel a little uncomfortable there I I
don’t I don’t like saying anything is the next big point but it’s not the next
Bitcoin will there be some insane pumps out there yeah ever be insane pumps out
there it doesn’t make it a big point that makes it a flavor of the month that
makes it uh what with some of the ones in the past were that I can remember
their darn names of one what was it there there’s that Fork of – IO though
yeah that’s what it makes him okay okay and he says nimble Wimble is the in my
view the most likely space to see Tesla like growth very very
he uses the term Tesla which is a very popular term to use like the last two
days and we’re going to talk about Tesla in second again this is all gambling but
this is where the big boys play so let them try let them try to have them next
Bitcoin there next to Tesla there next iota whatever they want to do
don’t let it inspire you to be a gambler though okay because you’re gonna see
more and these right you’re gonna see a lot of rich people coming in doing this
kind of stuff and they’re gamblers don’t save yourself well if they can do it
then obviously I can I can get on the same run that they they’re clearly gonna
go get on no they are making big coin holders wealthier don’t be the fuel
don’t be the fuel that makes Bitcoin holders wealthier be the Bitcoin holder
that is a getting wealthier thanks to these dudes fueling this most of the
time nonsense so there is a little in sand read the
article yourself you get a little inside information of why it pumped and why
other ones might pump and what we might see if there’s going to be another
altcoin season out there and Andy says in the next 12-24 months yeah I time it
I would time it exactly as 46 months or 210 thousand blocks after the last up
coin season cuz I time everything around Bitcoin okay and the all coin season did
have something to do with Bitcoin last time okay people got bored with Bitcoin
whatever more people came into the space that this Bitcoin was pumping you know
the whole dorm story so yeah we’re talking that last huge all committees in
that was what is this the spring of 2017 until the end of 2017 so the equivalent
of that would be the winter of of 2021 and then a so hey I’m not holding my
breath for that stuff I’m just telling you a little bit of uh what what else is
going on in this space for me the bottom line is you hang on to that Bitcoin baby
and you don’t get tempted by the Hoth coin seasons you get the free offer
which you turn into big point the crypto dividends town that like button and all
you all you rich dudes out there with your uh and not so rich dudes out there
dudes being funded your crypto funds being funded by naive people well keep
doing what you’re doing I keep by I advise you to buy the to buy the crypt
of dividends so you make me richer alright now why you buy things for free
having hype bitcoin is like at all-time high well Bitcoin is acti the yearly
high for you Fiat freeze we got some having hype going on or some virus hype
going on or something’s going on I linked to that having hype hashtag
Twitter where you can check people using the having hype hashtag I encourage
people to use it and you can check its history you can see when I used to use
it back in 2016 I guess that 2016 having a house how
life has changed for the better since then Golden Age baby so the great
Alistar Maloney says $10,000 Bitcoin is boring now I’m only interested in
breaking above 14,000 and then on to all new and then on to new all-time highs
why I gotta say I’m not into talking about the Fiat price but you’ve got a
good you’ve got a strong hand there Alistair and you’ve got a good way of
thinking people you should be bored by 10k when he gets back to 10k and we’re
one day closer to that or what you just should be like yeah it’s five-digit
realm of course I’m used to five-digit realm now let’s see let’s see when it
gets back to beating that up that summer facebook hype that we had a summer
Facebook spike that we had last year not in Libra spike and that’s what it was
during summer last year there was a 14k Spiker 13 K let’s see it get back there
booze is gonna get back there then maybe I’ll get a little excited but not too
excited because I don’t sell that Bitcoin and then where one day questions
the all-time high so yeah have it in your head that Bitcoin 10,000 bitcoins
boring to you now it’s to you you’re not tempted to do anything
when it’s a 10,000 but wait around for that all-time high and just savor the
freakin moment and just smile and know that you weren’t a freak that sold it
off early baby you valued your wealth in Bitcoin you didn’t you didn’t get
tempted by 10k 14k you’re thinking long term we think of 2024 baby all right
but Alistair you’re on the right right wavelength there Nick Carter says the
Millennial 60/40 portfolio 60% Tesla 40% bikram now of course it’s kind of a joke
but the trend is out there are going wild over Tesla just like they were
going wild over the pot stocks now there’s a difference because Elon Musk
is is a special person is a is a unique individual is a man of the Golden Age
and the Tesla product is quite unique and the other endeavors that Elon Musk
is involved in are very unique now the price is pumping you know partially
based on on him being this man of the golden age now what is test was stock
when we when we boil it down okay it’s an old financial mechanism okay eat you
can’t do with Tesla stock what you can do with Bitcoin okay
now I understand people’s interest in it I it is not tempting me whatsoever but
you better believe it’s tempting a lot of people right now can you make money
off a Tesla stock I’m sure you can is Tesla stock money no it’s not do you
become Elon Musk when you and Tesla stock no is it is it trendy in the same
sense that you know pot stocks were I think in in some ways it is in some ways
is in some ways it is a flavor of the month now is Elon Musk a flavor of the
month no he’s changing the freakin world and will will Tesla grow I am Indian
looks to me like yeah this could be the car company in the future and then you
wouldn’t want to get in early on it wouldn’t you but I am no expert on that
at all there is all sorts of manipulation and lies that go in in
stock valuations I don’t want to be in that game at all I don’t so these
millennia and I would love it if it became a huge trend if Millennials think
you know in order to be trendy I gotta have some Tesla and I gotta have some
Bitcoin that would be great that would be a great coupling but they’re not the
same thing they’re definitely not the same thing
but I can see how that could become a narrative eventually where because Tesla
is a golden age product or Elon Musk is a golden age person and Bitcoin is very
much Golden Age also but I do want to point out they are not they are
definitely not the same things I have no interest in ever returning to the stock
market even in something like that that might be the car company of the future
and and what might happen if it does become the car company of the future
when we get to that future perhaps the way you will own a stock is not the way
you do it now that it will be a theory and based Bitcoin based I do not know
but that that’s something to keep in mind – and we’re talking about stocks
that they’re trending toward what are they driving toward Bitcoin where
cryptocurrency choice for that side of things
so yes there are a lot of people it is there’s a lot of Tesla noise out there
today there’s a lot of testimonies out there I think a lot of positive things
could come out of it I think people couldn’t get into big one because of the
night a a meandering path because that’s what the me that’s what you do if you’re
right that’s what you do if you’re a Furcal any ole or Gen Z or whatever you
get yourself some Tesla it gives us a big coin and then of course
unfortunately you get yourself some all coins probably you diversify for the
sake of diversification and and that’s this whole Tesla thing
doesn’t make me want to diversify in the stocks if I don’t diversify for the sake
of diversification I Bitcoin is my money that is my savings account that is my
same exam that is my money that is my that’s my that is the very base of the
golden age for me okay so the no interest in the Tesla I don’t think it’s
a crime to be interested in the Tesla I see that but just don’t let that like
don’t weaken your Bitcoin position because of Tesla all right don’t weaken
your strong Bitcoin hand because of Tesla all right
then there’s some people that are turning their Tesla profits in the big
one good for them good for them I think that’s good I think it’s good all right
there we go that’s my take on that the Tesla news I don’t think it’s I don’t
think that shocks anyone if you know who I am at least but people do ask me about
the stocks oh here we go I forgot I did not see this why case in
500 k YK I didn’t forget you man you sent five bucks and you said misleading
title from Forbes Jack Dorsey backed lightening labs raises 10 million to
build visa Network for Bitcoin no visa needed on lightning yeah dude that is a
misleading that there’s a lot of misleading ten million dollars the gold
visa Network for Bitcoin I mean that’s that’s a Forbes has that or some people
at Forbes have that old-school mentality that then you gotta use its a visa
network for Bitcoin a visa Network its clickbait stuff you put as many trigger
words in there as possible right visa Jack Dorsey yeah I didn’t I didn’t
mention Jack Dorsey no in the light me when I was I’m just talking about you
know what Lightning Labs is doing I’m feel need to bring up Jack door but in
order to get clicks they gotta bring that point point the part off to all
right a good point that is uh that’s the way
the mainstream so it is that a harmful title no it’s not it’s not a harmful
title but you’ve got to remember that if they’re willing to mislead in that
direction of putting neutral direction that they’ll be able to mislead in all
sorts of directions too so always read the article people that’s a good food
all these just don’t read headlines read articles and read the source blog –
because Lightman I link I don’t link to an article about it i link to the
Lightning labs post about it so why go through a
middleman and that I get that’s a good way to wrap all this off I mean the last
three or so shows of mine I’ve said over and over again why are so many people in
the cryptocurrency space going through middlemen hey it’s where the big boys
play so more power to the middlemen if they can convince people that they’re
needed in the space where your portfolio can be managed by you and it can be as
simple as just being Bitcoin and if your portfolio is just Bitcoin you are the
best crypto portfolio manager out there i’m adam meister though the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out the links below pound that like button
bang that bell button and I had shades for a while because when I walk the
synagogue on Saturday I want to have a nice beard to protect me from that Sun
and then I’ll shave before I get to LA probably alright dudes
see ya cheers as a UK big boy Master said bang the Bell button clicking the
squares pounded

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  2. The $14K top of 2019 corresponds to when the Plus Token Ponzi owners were arrested in China, and maybe the Libra hype to a lesser extent

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    Hats off to you Meister.

    After seeing Andy Hoffman’s market value take a beating with his Tone Vays obsession and dumping his stash below the line named in his honor, it’s good to see him being redeemed with his MWC promotion.

    If mimblewimble crosses a billion market cap, Andy’s call will stand out like Richard Heart’s $20k prediction back in 2017.

    Speaking of Heart, if his Zimbabwean Hex continues rising the way it has these past 30 days, we may be able to buy a little more than just a few coffees.

    Never a dull moment in the crypto sphere, and yes, Bitcoin is king.

    Long live King BTC!

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