Beijing Fake Market Spree!

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  1. I wish I could bargain like that, in my country are outside markets, but I don't like feel kinda bad bargaining, even they cost less than half the price they say

  2. Do they have an outside market at Xieshuijie? Because when I was studying in Beijing in 2002, I remember Xieshuijie was an outside market. I remember shivering my a** off in the icy cold weather while trying to get a good bargain on some Northface knock-offs. They were pretty good ones, too. Till this day my dad thinks they're the real deal.

  3. Honestly so glad I found your videos on Instagram cause seeing this shit is funny and interesting at the same time. Keep up the good content bro!

  4. Collin during surgery
    Doc : surgery is 1k
    Collin: woke up during surgery take calculator from the wound and say nah $10
    Doc: wtf why is there a calculator in ur body and why are u awake
    Collin : $20
    Doc : go back to sleep and sorry its 1k
    Collin: stand up and walk out
    Doc : shout get back ur wound is open come back ok
    Collin : ok $20 go back and sleep on operating table
    Doc : wtf did u see

  5. man, you know u can actually bargain your price down 10-20 yuan more when you find that she's from Hefei. even if you've made the deal, just have to do that before actually paying, and people won"t get offended by your changing the price down a lightly bit given that special connection you have with them. These sellers just wanna make the most of your deal, nothing personal so just be easy, act like if you are joking and just smile.

  6. These are so costly shoes man also after bargaining I can get these all like below 40 dollars man that also any shoe come to India these things are cheaper here

  7. How much for the mansion?

    Seller: 1,000,000

    Collin: ah that’s too expensive I will do 1,000 for max

    Seller: hmmm 2000

    Collin: 500!

    Seller: 1,000

    Collin: 250!

    Seller: 300 least!

    Collin: 250!

    Seller: 280!!!

    Collin: I will take it!

  8. 500 huned "no 10" NO HOW ABOUT 300 NO 20 300 AT LEAST NO 20

    so you live here?
    Yes i do

    me: these are confusing times

  9. woah!!. even in the lowest price, its still expensive.. you can buy it here in Philippines, the Original for same price there

  10. Dude: how much? 800$

    Groupon: 45% off

    Dude: nah

    Groupon: 99%

    Dude: nah

    Groupon: free!!! declined*

    Dude: nah calls the store hello

    Dude: $#$**%&

  11. She asked for best price he did,
    She went on about it how low he was paying,
    He said no I don’t want it ok,
    She was asking best price even though she just asked and he already said it
    She said do you wanna buy, what a bitch

  12. I really wanna stop “Chinese People eat dogs” This is very disrespectful towards Chinese people because not every single Chinese person eats dog and ur country is eating meat btw

  13. It seems like he is really lowballing then but they are telling him the price of a real version. Keep in mind these are all fakes.

  14. I went on a school trip to Beijing and we had this as well arguing and bargaining with all the shop owners they literally sometimes drag you into the shop and dont let you out until you buy anything at there store i had to run out once it was hilarious it was an experience i will never forget

  15. Im watching your videos just to learn about negotiations 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And im using those skills in my Indian market

  16. Guy: how much for this candy
    Candy shop dude:$1
    Guy:i can only do $0
    Candy shop dude: ok
    Guy: and i will get 10 of this
    Candy shop guy: whips out calculator hmmm ok 10 x 0 is 0 ok i give you 10 for $0

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