Becoming a TQL Sales Rep | 60 Seconds

So it’s sales and it’s hard and if at the
end of the day you can’t handle being told no, having many issues and problems at the
same time. If that’s going to beat you down, it’s not
for you – ok? If you’re here to play ball and you can take
a hard slide into home, brush it off and do another at bat, let’s go. If you can’t, stay on the bench. The financial reward, you know obviously you
have a lot of control of that. From your first 5 months, you come in, you
train, you learn the business, you go out on your own, you start with a blank board,
you know, no customers, no prospects, and it’s on you to build those relationships,
start cold calling, 100 calls a day, working late, coming in early… So, if you have an awesome work ethic, a desire
to make unlimited amount of money and a skin thick enough to make cold calls, then you
get on in here. What are you waiting for, visit
to learn more.

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