– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you baby products
that I regret buying and that were a waste of money for me because we never really used them. I decided to make this video the other day because I was going through
my 15 month old baby’s things and he is my third and final baby, and there were things
that I was throwing out or donating that I was thinking
I never even used that. I didn’t use it for
all three of my babies. So these are things that I just feel were a waste of money for me. I know some people will love the things that I’m gonna talk about but for me they just didn’t work at all. So I thought I would share them with you because I’m always talking about things that you should buy for your baby. I’ve made lots of videos in
the past like baby essentials, newborn essentials, baby must haves, and toys my babies love. So I will link all of
those videos down below. But then I thought maybe
I should share with you the products that really
didn’t work for us and just give you guys a heads up. Save you some money. If you’re new to my channel and this is the first video
of mine that you’re seeing. I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around. I post three videos a week. Mostly about motherhood and lifestyle and I would love to have you. So yes, without further
ado let’s get into it. So the first product that I
regret buying is a wipe warmer, and I even feel silly
saying that I bought that. But there is a reason behind it. All of my children were
born in the winter months, and sometimes at night
those wipes are ice cold and then I’m wiping my newborn
baby and they would scream and they would hate it. So I decided to invest in a wipe warmer because I read so many good
reviews about it on Amazon, but it just did not work for us. I bought it and I barely ever used it. I had an issue with
having an electrical thing on the changing table. I don’t know, for me it
would really get to me. I suppose I could have moved it. But there was a wire and it was electric. You had to remember to
top it up with water so that the wipes would stay moist. And also when you went
to do a baby change. You would then turn it on, and sometimes the wipes
weren’t even warm enough quick enough if you know what I mean. So I find it much easier
in the very early days to use warm water and cotton pads. So yes, I never actually
ended up using the wipe warmer very much at all. Next product is one that I
was given at my baby shower. And being a mum of all boys you would think it would’ve been perfect. But it is the Willy Wigwam or the Pee Pee Tee Pees it’s also known as. It’s basically this little
triangle bit of material that you’ll put over your baby’s bits when you’re changing them. Boy’s notoriously wee everywhere
when the air hits them when you’re changing them. So the idea is that you put
this over your baby’s bits when you’re changing them. And that will sort of catch any wee. But I used it a few times and
it was just really fiddly. It was quite small and then
you would have to wash it and it was so small that it
would get lost in a duvet when you washed it. It just didn’t work for us. I found it much easier
to use cotton pads again, or I used a baby wash cloths a lot. So I would just put that
on for my first son, but by the second and third son. I’ve so many willies during changing. I can tell what it looks
like when it’s about to wee and I would always be able to catch it with the nappy itself. So yeah, I just think
it was a waste of money. Definitely a funny one. Like if you know someone’s having a boy. It’s quite a quirky little gift. The next product was a weening product and we really didn’t get on with it. It was basically this little mesh bag that was attached to a handle and the idea of it was you could put like a banana in the mesh bag or blueberries or something like that. And your baby could sit
there holding the handle. Just getting bits of the
mush through the mesh, so that they wouldn’t choke etcetera. And I thought that would be
great for them to hold onto it. And also less worry of choking. But, to be honest it would get so messy. I used it twice and it
was so difficult to clean. I put it in the dishwasher. I put it in the washing machine
as well on like a hot wash. The banana and stuff just
would not come off the mesh and it would be stained
and it would be gross. And then I was worried about how many germs were on
the mesh baggie bit. So then I ended up chucking it and I was like that was
a waste of five pounds. So I think it’s much better to just give your baby a banana or blueberries. Sit right there with them. Making sure they’re not gonna choke. Or cut it up or mash it up. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. The next thing that you really
do not need is newborn shoes. Or baby shoes in general for that matter. When I was pregnant with my first. I bought these little adorable Converse. In the smallest size you
could possibly get them in. I bought little Vans. There’s something about baby shoes that’s so adorable and cute. And I even had them in
my maternity bump shoot and everything. They’re just so cute. But babies don’t even walk at that age, and they just look really uncomfortable when you put shoes on them. All they’re gonna do
is sit in the car seat, or the buggy, or like be on the floor. The really do not need shoes and I just think they
look so uncomfortable and it was just a complete waste of money. In line with shoes. I would also not waste
your money on expensive or designer fiddly baby clothes. When I was pregnant
with my first, Frazier, we knew it was a boy and we bought little tiny newborn jeans. Little newborn shirts. Little three month old
shirts and like ties and oh we just went to town with it. But it was a complete waste of money. You’d put I on your baby once. It’d be really fiddly. Anything that has to go
over their head as well is just like a no no. They hate it. And also when Frazier was tiny
and he would wear a shirt. He would keep getting
the collar of his shirts like, on his face. And then he would try and
breast feed the shirt. Oh it was just horrendous. It was a complete waste of money. And then as soon as I became a mum. I was like, oh my gosh. I just want to be in a Babygrow. The next thing I wouldn’t
wast your money on. Is beige or neutral toys. When we were pregnant with Frazier. We were like, we only want
toys that match our decor and we ended up buying this
really beige and white play mat. Some beige and white and wooden
toys, and things like that. But there is a reason why
you walk into someones house that has children and there’s plastic colorful crap everywhere. That is because they love it. They want all the colorful,
light up, loud noised toys. So as soon as our baby, we’d
lay him on the beige play mat. He would literally be like so bored. And it was a total waste of money. I think it would actually be much better. To wait till your baby is here. And then when they’re a couple months old. Take them to Mother
Care, or to Kiddie Care, or wherever it is. And actually put them under
a few of the play mats that are all like laid out and see which one is their favorite. The next thing is scratch mits. These were the bane of my
life when I had a newborn. They just would not stay on my children. I much prefer the Babygrows that have them built into the cuff so you literally just pull them over and they stay on all night. I would just use those in the evening and then in the day. I would actually just let
my baby have their hands. I thought it was quite nice that they would be aware of their hands and they would get to know it. I didn’t want them to
have mits on at all times. Obviously you have to make
sure that their nails are cut, and things like that. But I just really didn’t get on with them. I also didn’t get on with
washable breast pads. I thought they would be really good. And as a breastfeeding
mum for quite a long time. I thought it would be great
to be able to have these. Stick them in the wash
and then use them again. But, depending on how much you leak. They are material so
they would also get wet. And then sometimes they would
just leak through anyway. And also with the disposable ones. They have a sticky bit on the back. Which would like keep them in places, but the material ones didn’t and they would slide everywhere and I just really didn’t get on with them. And again when I would wash
them cause they were so small. I would loose them in the wash and I’d end up having
one and not the other. Oh it was just a nightmare. I much preferred using the
disposable ones in the end. The next product is a controversial one because I know so many people swear by it. But I just absolutely hated it. Even my sister thinks this is the best product ever for babies. And that is the nose aspirator,
or mucus sucker outer. So it’s basically that this contraption that you put up your baby’s nose and then you can get the
mucus out of their nose because they can’t blow their nose yet. And I bought this and I just felt like I was torturing my children. I hated it. And they would cry and I would hate it. I much preferred wiping their nose and then using the saline
spray up their nose. I would find that would
help to unblock their nose. I just hated using the sucker thing but I know loads of people love it. I just really hated it. The next product is one that I actually did use
a few times for each boy, but then I found a different product that I liked far more. So I wanted to give you
guys a heads up I guess. And it is the Jolly Jumper. Which is basically a thing
that hangs in your doorway and then you can put your baby into it. It has like a harness. And then they can jump
around in the doorway. So, I bought this because I
thought it would be great for when I’m trying to wash my face or get ready in the morning. But you kind of have to be
right there with them jumping. Just so you can watch them because their heads are so heavy. They kinda swing it into the doorframe and once my baby actually hit
his head on the door frame. And I actually think
it was quite dangerous. And then I bought the Jumperoo. which I much prefer. Cause you get the same kind of thing. You stick them in it. They can jump around and go crazy but you don’t have to worry
about them hitting their heads. And I found that my
babies were much happier in the Jumperoo than the Jolly Jumper. Another product that
we never ended up using for all three of our children
was a dummy or a pacifier. And I got given quite
a few at my baby shower and they kinda just sat around and I ended up chucking them. None of my babies really
wanted to take them. And none of my babies were
really that fussy luckily. Or I think I became a
bit of a human dummy. Like I would just put them on
the boob if they were upset. So yeah I would wait to purchase dummies until your baby is actually here. And then see if they need it or want it. I don’t know if you have to buy them before they’re even here. The next product that I
feel you may not need. Is a specific changing table. These can be quite expensive and my babies were so wriggly they would only really be
on them for a few months and then I would kind of
change them on the floor because it was safer. Or if I was downstairs
with them in the day. I would just change them downstairs. I wouldn’t make a special
trip up to the changing table. So I don’t think you specifically
need a changing table. Just any kind of dresser will work or changing mat on the floor. That’s absolutely fine. So just don’t feel like you
need the whole nursery set. And similarly I don’t think you
need to spend loads of money on a special or specific
breast feeding chair. You can get amazing rocking
sliding chairs with foot rests and all kinds of stuff on it. And if that’s what you want
then that’s absolutely fine. They look amazing. But we didn’t have loads of money for that so we ended up getting a
supportive chair from Ikea. It was about 150 pounds
and I really like it. Just make sure when you’re
buying a breastfeeding chair that your elbows sit well on the arms and that it is quite nice and supportive. The next item that was a
complete waste of money for us was a Moses basket. My children must be
super tall or something because they would only ever last in that for about six to eight weeks. It was such a short amount of time and this third time round
we used the Sleepyhead. And that was much better. He was in it for longer and it was really, really comfy and cozy. So yeah I wouldn’t waste
money on a Moses basket. Unless that’s something
that you really want. I feel like I’m contradicting myself here because I just said that I loved
the baby Sleepyhead so much and I do it’s in my newborn essentials. I love it. But when Jackson got old enough. We bought the Sleepyhead grand. Cause it was the natural progression. If he slept well in the
Sleepyhead baby one, surely he’ll sleep well in the grand. So I spent a lot of money on it. I believe it was 180 pounds. But then by that age I
put it in his big crib and he started rolling. And he seemed to want to sleep
with his arms out like this. And one night I took the grand out and I just let him sleep in it like that. And he slept better. He obviously wanted to
be able to roll around and to stretch his arms out like this. So in the end I ended up selling the Sleepyhead grand on Ebay and getting some of the money back. But it was actually a
waste of money for us. So just see what kind of baby they are. If they like to be really comfy cozy even when they’re like six to eight months. Sure the grand will be great for them. But for us he just really didn’t like it. The next product is baby towels. Those little hooded towels. And while we did use them
for all three of our boys. I am donating so many
perfectly good baby towels that our children just must not
have been in them very long. I think they were in them for
like three months at a time. So you can just use any
old towels on your babies. They totally work. So don’t feel like you have to have these special baby towels. It’s just silly the things
you feel like you have to buy. Anyway thank you so much
for watching this video. I hope you found it interesting, and I would love for you to
add things in the comments that you regret buying. I love reading all the comments, and I love it when you guys all
start talking to each other. I love reading the little
conversations that you all have, and the little community that
we’ve got now on this channel. It’s amazing. But yeah, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you very soon. Bye guys.


  1. Those meshy things you put food in I used till I was about 8! Also.. You put FROZEN fruit in it. Maybe try that. If that doesn't work then its not for them.

  2. Isnt it funny how you over buy for your 1st baby and as you have more you just know what's actually needed.
    Expecting baby#3 & have invested in a sleepyhesd, I hope it help.
    Any suggestions for colicy windy babies?

  3. I personally have so much fun with baby shoes. I would only spend $5 or less on them, but I enjoyed dressing them all up. I also LOVED reusable breast pads! They hide better in nursing bras and we're much more comfortable on sore nipples!

  4. Yes on the nose aspirator! I gave up after only a few tries, and found they never really relieved congestion anyway. When they have colds they drop snot everywhere no matter how often you try to suck it out, and the congestion comes from inflamed tissue, not snot. So I stopped bothering with them. Much less stressful that way!

  5. I regret buying a satchel/bottle warmer! Spent $100 on one and it just took SO long. A bowl with boiled water from the kettle works a treat!

  6. The 3rd item was used wrong. Those are A MUST! With my first child i used them to put FROZEN fruit like strawberries, grapes, bananas, blue berries to give to my baby when he was TEETHING. It would naturally numb his gums while having a healthy snack. DO NOT put room temperature fruit other wise you'll get what happened to her. I plan to use it when my second baby boy (7 weeks now) starts teething.

    ps: I'm the mum just using my Boyfriends account cos that's how I found this video xD

  7. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Emily. I've always felt that "What to do" was just as important as "what not to do" (or buy in this case). Hope to learn much more. Thank's! D

  8. I am a mom of two boys and aI am proud to say that i didn't bought anything of the thing that you've say, but I bought a fullar that I regret now.

  9. Great video, really informative and helpful. Also, a lesson to not be crazy materialistic and buy every stylish looking gimmick out there. This is about whats best for your baby not what makes you look trendy or matches your Farrow and Ball colour scheme!

  10. Finnaly someone who just dont get the idea of getting up going to a whole other room to change a baby diaper like no am not doing that

  11. Lol "breastfeed the shirt" that's so true, anything comes near their mouth and they're like wahayyyy booby 😂😂

  12. I definitely don't agree with you about the baby wipe warmer, it is a must have for us and we just keep it on the whole time…otherwise the wipes will not be warm when you need them. They say to put a cup of water on them but it's not really necessary…there is enough moisture in the wipes typically to keep them moist in the warmer.

  13. My regrets: 1. Too many baby clothes in advance (seasons changes and babies grow at different rates) 2. Different brand pacifiers 3. Mamaroo 4 electric baby swing 5. Bumbo seat and other baby floor seat. 6. Fleece baby clothes (they are not stretchy and they do not look comfortable on baby)

  14. My husband bought me a breastfeeding chair for my first mother’s day. It’s like a bed… love it.

    This is all really informative thank you

  15. I am expecting my second baby in October, but for my partner this is his first and I am so glad I found this video, cause I keep saying Babe, dont worry, they dont need much, I can just see he is itching to buy so much crap 🤣🤣 so thank you for confirming what I keep saying!!

  16. I’ve had two birth children, 6adopted and fostered a whole bunch of babies, so over all the many babies I have learnt that you don’t need to buy a posh baby changing bag, a normal bag or rucksack with pockets works just as well, you don’t need a baby bath, when they are new born they seem to like to bathe in a washing up bowl as they seem to be more secure, better and when they are bigger a bath seat or hammock in the big bath is better and no heavy lifting tub fulls of water. Baby socks in the cold weather, when they just kick them off, I use tights both on boys and girls.they look like socks once they have clothes over them but they will keep them more cosy and not fall off.
    I’m sure there is a whole lot more and yes to most of the items that you said.

  17. Thanks for this. I'm about to make a big purchase for baby stuff and you just helped me knock off like $100-200 😊

  18. I agree with everything you said! Except the door bouncer thing, both my babies didn’t care about the jumperoo but loved the door bouncer, you’re right though you can’t walk away as they do swing towards the door frame

  19. As a 90s baby raised in a 3rd world country by a SAHM who had no help and 4 children under 11 years old, we did not have nor seemed to have needed any of these items at all. 😂

  20. First time mom here (32 weeks pregnant) and so far I haven’t bought my baby anything. We got some essentials at our baby shower like the car seat, stroller, diapers, clothes etc and other than that we are playing it minimal. We will buy things as we need them. I’m one of six kids and my mom was super minimal too. There’s just so much babies don’t need and the baby supply industry takes advantage of moms desire to give their babies everything! Thanks for this video! ❤️

  21. For us it was newborn Sleeping bag and newborn swaddleMe. It was too Hot outside and he grew out of it After 10 weeks.
    Toys. This Kid still does not Really use toys. But he loved Everything thst was in our cupboards.

  22. I love my reusable nursing pads! I purchased those with leak-proof backing, like from Kindred Bravely and some cute patterns off etsy. I keep a small washable mesh bag that I hang off the side of my laundry hamper to keep them together and not lost in there wash.

  23. I agree with these.I usually wet my wipes with warm water and putting a washcloth or burp cloth over that area works just as good.Also little socks works for scratch mittens if you have to have something. First time mom,I could understand they are super excited and maybe could pass down to another child.

  24. Oh for me a waste of time was a bottle warmer! My baby liked ice cold milk anyway even when he was really young! Also these days you make formula fresh each time anyway so your mainly wanting it down. But my mum said it was essential and said I wouldn't drink formula cold! I love cold drinks so I'm unsure if this was true 🤣 but the thing is no one will.get through without making mistakes. Some rather costly aswell

  25. I think the pacifier depends on the baby. My first born was bottle feed and took the pacifier. My second son is breastfed and hates pacifiers

  26. Note with the doorway jumper, put tall pillows on the doorway, problem solved. These jumpers are amazing! My four month old loves it and even enjoys playing with the pillows and I leave him across the room from me many times.

  27. For the washable breast pads, it is absolutely necessary to look into PUL lined ones. PUL is a waterproof fabric (the fabric used for cloth diaper covers). That way they won’t leak through.

  28. I only used my reusable breast pads from around 10mo when I stopped leaking and completely agree with the clothes! My 3rd is 18mo and still lives in Babygrow!

  29. I regretted purchasing the Baby Bullet when I already owned a Blendtec. Also, all of the clothes my son had. He didn’t even wear half of them. Wipe warmer was on my list as well as shoes for my son when he was an infant. With this baby that is due next year, we’re going to be very minimal. One of the big things we won’t waste on is a diaper changing table.

    3:25 we had one similar to this but it was by the brand Boon and is a silicone material with holes all around the top. It is actually one of my favorite feeding items we owned and so easy to clean. Though I do agree that the mesh ones are not as good.

  30. I'm 14 with no baby and I definitely dont plan on having one yet but I've been watching these nonstop for like 2 weeks,I am a baby master rn😂.

  31. You are so on point! I agree with them all except the pacifier, lol. My son is 2 and he still has his. He didn’t like it but I forced it until he took it otherwise he didn’t sleep. I don’t like the nose sucker. I don’t think I can suck hard enough to get the snot out. To me the bulb aspirator that the hospital gives is better!

  32. I registered for a pack and play, 2 4Ever carseats, stroller, cloth diapers, bioliners, wipes, 4oz glass bottles and newborn flow nipples, rooted sleepers for 6-9 months, potty training seat, and safety devices. That is pretty much all you need. No high chair, no newfangled gadgets. You won't end up using them anyway. Have someone get you a lot of receiving blankets from a thrift store to use as burp cloths. As long as you don't smoke or drink, you can co- sleep. I breastfeed and pump. People will get you tons of baby clothes and diapers at your baby shower. Good luck, mamas!

  33. Before having my first I bought an insane wardrobe assuming babies wore 3 months clothing at 3 months… so a lot of it was a waste since the seasons weren’t accounted for

  34. Emily, I completely agree with not needing to buy newborn baby shoes. I did buy my daughter her first white converse shoes to match me. But I decided to use them as my daughter Charli's first Christmas tree ornament. I just thought it would be a nice touch and I had her wear them in her 5 month Christmas baby photo. So it's nice to get a memory for your Christmas decorations out of it! 😁

  35. I LOVE our wipe warmer! I agree that the baby towels are a bit of a waste, I also regret buying the Raybaby camera, the load time is awful! (for most cellphone connected cameras, stick with the good old handheld monitor – much quicker & more reliable.

  36. Thankyou Emily, this was very helpful to me , I'm currently pregnant with my first baby and was feeling so overwhelmed with what I actually need to get apposed to what is in all the shops

  37. I dearly loved my wipe warmer. I had one baby with a sensory disorder, cold wipes on her would be the end of the world. If you use cold wipes at night in the winter you can forget about your baby going back to sleep anytime soon.

  38. Great video! In regards to baby hooded towels I still use mine now as hair turbans after I’ve washed my own hair. I tip my head forward put the hood part on the back of my head and wrap my wet hair up in the towel. My daughter is 7 and they are still going strong!

  39. To warm the wipes, I just stuck a sheet on my forearm or even back of my neck while I took off the dirty diaper. Your body heat warms it up nicely in seconds!

  40. Loved this vid .. at the beginning I thought oh gosh I bet a few things are mentioned that I have.. but it was only the nose clearing gadget… I not used it yet . As I still have 4 weeks till our lil miracle is here.. so excited.. (not to use the gadget)… to meet our baby I mean..haha…

  41. This kind of video is really helping. Im on my 7th months now and have bought some main clothes and main items our future baby needs. Good to know about the baby shoes n jeans, i only have bought one jeans and its even bigger size and no baby shoes at all cos i also think tge same. Thank you

  42. this is actually really helpful and my baby is now 5 months, andi also regret getting some items that I really didn't need. and can do without it. I will be making some changes now and getting rid of some things or minimize.  I have a diaper change on top of a dresser and my baby fusses and moves around so much athat it is so not safe and unnecessary. and all those mittens I have bought when she was new born with nails and scratching her face, those mittens never stay on and theones that do stay on are very thin and useless. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE BABY NAIL TRIMMER THAT I BOUGHT it is a life saver since my babys nail grows long  every 3 days. nail clippers doesn't work well and scary but the nail trimmers are the best. HIGHLY reccommanded.

  43. I dunno, the wipe warmer worked great for us. In this this day and age, there's electronics absolutely everything, I wasn't worried about a wire two feet away from my daughter on a table she only lays on when I'm right there supervising.

  44. I totally agree with so many things she was talking about. When thinking of my first baby many of these items I used to just stare at at the shop and daydream over. I got some but others I couldn’t afford (like designer newborn clothes) but at the time I’d plot away wishing I could get them. Haha how silly I was , after having babies 3 times I am so glad I was simple literally cos I wasn’t rich I just had essentials and learnt babies don’t use all the things we buy there was no point. Baby shoes kept falling off babies feet. Same experience with the mesh food holder it went so manky and stained.

    I disagree with the dummy’s part I always used dummies and found them a life saver with all my babies I just think it’s important to think carefully about a good pacifier. Advent always were good but this time I’m using nuk they are so good.
    I always used change table, sometimes I would use the bed but i more often used the change table.

  45. I'm about to become a new father and it feels like Christmas right now! 🎄
    I bought some of these muslins off Amazon without my wife knowing and she just LOVES the drawstring bags!!! She likes being organized 😁

  46. The banana-mesh mess has happened to me as well… I never put bananas in it anymore! I use strawberries, but it only works when it's full.

  47. Just going to say the sleepyhead ISNT reccomended anymore for sleeps or overnight sleep, especially when they get big enough to roll.. they can suffocate underneath it!

  48. I would never buy a wipe warmer, just because my sons changing table is right behind where our kitchen sink is, so whenever I would run the wipe under warm water so he wouldn’t flinch from the cold wipe, the warm wipe Always caused him to pee on me lol!!

  49. Wipes warmers??? I absolutely looove those!! From 1st to 4th baby, I've always used mine! Keep it plugged up and drop some water in it if needed, but warmth is soo much more comfortable than a cold wipe. Just imagine putting a cold face cloth anywhere on your body- very shocking initially.

  50. Love the video very informative 🙂 but please please don’t buy sleepy heads to sleep in at night… great for supervised sleeping, dangerous if not

  51. To get around the cold baby wipes problem, I would buy dry wipes on amazon by a company called Medline, and dip them in a bowl of warm water. We did this for our newborn for the first weeks and then switched to water wipes, and then Kirkland wipes from Costco. I regret buying a baby swing, bc my daughter used it so rarely. I wish I bought a rocking chair, bc I rocked her so many times that I blew out my back a few times. It’s okay…we make these mistakes but we learn from them. Emily, I agree with you that you should bring your baby to the store and let them try products. They usually like the loudest colors or simple items you’d never think of.

  52. Vava Baby Monitor

  53. I didn’t think I’d use my own wipe warmer I received as a gift, but it was prefect for us in our very cold home. We have a table next to our changing table it sat on. Ours didn’t need to be turned on as it was always on when plugged in. Our baby boy just really hated cold wipes though and sure made you feel awful during diaper changes. Haha So I think it’s good for some people, but really research the one you buy and make sure it’s an always on one that is highly rated.

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