Avengers: Endgame – People Selling Tickets Online For $5,000? WTF?

we owe this to everyone who’s not in
this room to try it’s not about how much we lost it’s
about how much we have left ah hell Avengers in game is causing mass
hysteria I just read a news report and I could not believe my eyes
people are Hawking Avengers in-game tickets online for five stacks man let
me put on these plus seven glasses of sex is hey we got to investigate this
because I’m working on skill of my crap bringing you guys a more info on you to
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check my link that says video editing ladies and gentlemen we’re two weeks
away from endgame the day the tickets went on sale it crashed the internet it
crashed Fandango everybody was trying to get their tickets because they want to
get into the theater to open the weekend to give their review see how many time
whatever news report article popped up that says people are on eBay selling
Avengers in games tickets for five to ten thousand dollars I said hail to the
no I get up here and do my own investigation and you guys take a look
at this shit look at this as I’m trolling through eBay there are people
up here selling tickets $99 two hundred dollars five thousand damn dollars man
this one dude is up you’re selling a family package for $10,000 now Marvel
you know I love y’all you know I want y’all to hire me for something hell
stump dummy giving donut’s to Chris Evans I don’t care what you do but this
is nuts ladies and gentlemen this is nuts I
don’t care where you live in if you can’t find a big movie theater that has
tickets left go circumvent the mom-and-pop stores and
if the mom-and-pop stores don’t have them hell man just way unless you got
need to blow now y’all know I believe in free market capitalism only wit is truly
free and is working with all the principles in place not none of that
crony ass capitalism but this right here this right here is crazy unless you can
avoid it now if you are some multi rich mega superstar you and $2,000 is like
you leaving two cent and go for it but if you’re a regular dude a regular
comic lover wait to the next week man is not worth $2,000 now if you’re somebody
who’s got a bunch of tickets and this is the new wave of the future for marvel
because this is going to be a blockbuster movie I’m predicting that
end game is gonna gross somewhere around 290 million – opening weekend because
that’s about the max it can gross there’s not enough movie theater
capacity in the United States for it to make more than 300 million dollars in
one weekend that thing is going to be packed to the max and that’s all you’re
gonna make it one weekend however is not worth you tapping into 401 K to see this
movie to open the weekend it’s not worth you giving away your firstborn child to
see it the first weekend unless you do like little Wayne said it ain’t trickin
if you got it so just want to let you guys know this is a real story however
beware of people taking advantage of YouTube because a lot of time when you
have this type of hysteria people will pretend like they got tickets and they’d
be lying if you’re going to get up here and spend more money to get tickets make
sure you review the rating of the seller and make sure that that seller has had
an ebay account longer than two years and you go enjoy a vengeance in-game I
can’t wait y’all stay tuned for all my Avengers the the videos I’ll be doing to
lead up to Avengers endgame and that’s gonna do it for my video don’t forget to
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help a friend if you really want to buy the tickets and until the net sex is
hell video I’ll see you you

18 comments on “Avengers: Endgame – People Selling Tickets Online For $5,000? WTF?

  1. People are selling Avengers Endgame Tickets online for up to $10,000? WTF? Buyer beware of these online sellers. Check this video and leave comments. I Love Marvel, but $10,000 for Tickets is too much for me. #LamontTysonMarvel

  2. That is freaking crazy. Everybody trying to make a buck off of somebody. Keep the awesome content coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend brother. Love ya

  3. Damn! More power to the people that can do that. Although personally I think it's crazy. I'm as big a marvel fan is anyone. But I think I'll just have to wait for 5 days until I see it.

  4. I never heard of this movie before until you mentioned it on your channel. But anyway, there is no way I would pay that much for a ticket. In fact I won’t pay for any movie ticket. Haven’t been to a theatre in years. Thanks Lamont.

  5. shit if i pay 10.000 for a endgame movie ticket i better be getting head from scarlett johansson while eating popcorn

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