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Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Welcome
friends of Japanese art prints. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Dieter,
and I’m the owner and manager of the artelino company. What’s the artelino company? We sell Japanese art prints in weekly online
auctions. And we also produce videos on a regular and sometimes irregular basis about Japanese prints and sometimes also about internal issues – yeah. Ad today’s
video is about how we provide secure payment with artelino. Today is February 1st 2020. And in late November last year 2019, we introduced new
programs for sign up and for sign-in. Well sign-in is when you register with
an account for the first time – name address and so on. And because we have an online auction we also want payment information from you before you can bid. And of course, we also have an update function for our clients who are already
registered who may also have already bought in the past once or several times.
For instance you have a new credit card and you want to update your credit card.
And also these programs are now all brand new. What’s the difference? We
introduced a two-factor authentication. Before – ok – you entered your data, and you got an account number and you had your password. And before you could bid we
verified that. And we cleared you by hand. We still do that. But in addition to just
entering your data and getting your account number and having your password you now have to verify with an additional verification number. It’s a six digit number. So please remember that when you’re still used to
our old way. You must verify your payment update or your sign up at the end!
Otherwise your account cannot go into effect. How can you pay? You can pay by
credit card. I’s Amex, Visa or MasterCard or PayPal or bank transfer. And the
verification code usually comes by by email but it could also be by making
a mini payment to your PayPal account or your bank account – usually one Euro or one dollar and with that in the reference field of this transfer – let’s say PayPal
payment – we provide you this six digit verification code. Well, how is the
experience after now two months? Pretty good. It worked very well. We had a few
minor glitches which we could correct on the fly. And the reaction from our
clients and from first time registration sign-ups is pretty pretty pretty positive.
I just want to quote – from clients of ours. Well the first one: “Thank you – it seems to have gone well – very easy procedure and I appreciate the additional security check.” Second feedback: “it is a very smooth
transaction not experiencing any difficulties
thank you for updating payment security system in line with present-day needs.”
And by the way, what I forgot to mention. This is now a requirement by European
Union regulations for safe payment on the internet which merchants have to implement at the latest – at least here for Germany – it may be different
from European countries to European country – for Germany by the end of last autumn in
2000 – by the end of autumn of 2020. We had only one critical feedback. That was
from an American who said: “I am not an European and why should I use that
verification code?” Makes no sense! Get used to it! Companies like Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Amazon they are – either they already introduced
it or they are about to introduce it in a soft or in a hard way,
it will be the standard on the internet for payment. Well, in the next step I want
to demonstrate to you how you can update your payment information – let’s take the
case of a credit card – with a test account. It’s a test account registered on my name- not with a desktop PC, not with a notebook – but with this little smartphone. You see it’s cast here towards this Smart TV. And the program is the same. So when I turn it around – let’s go down – l Well – guys who are used to the desktop will recognize now the same design. But ok – in the next step I’m going now to demonstrate
it with this Android smartphone. Well, what do you see here is the homepage of
the artelino website with the smartphone display and on all pages you
have this symbol. You know it from other sites like Google or
Microsoft. It’s this one person symbol and when you click on it, this handles
the login and and the logout. By the way, here this cast on this large TV smart
screen is a little bit fuzzy. But I hope you can read it. So let’s now login with a test account registered on my name. Ok – we click here
on LOGIN. I’m now logged in. And this is the first page you get after successful
login. And there you have the most frequent applications. That gives several
possibilities now to select the application you want from your service
account. And here PAYMENT UPDATE. Let’s click on that because this is what we
want to do. We are already registered with a valid visa card and the system
even tells you “hey you can bid – no necessity to update!” But we want to
change our payment method and let’s say I have a Visa card as a test person, and now I have a new AMEX card and want to change the Visa card now with an AMEX card. So
let’s demonstrate it. We select AMEX and we click on NEXT. And – well – now it’s the
normal entry procedure. First the AMEX number. Well this is just for testing purposes and it’s a test account. So AMEX has – no wait! AMEX must start with a “3” and must have 15 numbers. And we make it
now just as a fake testing example. 15 – so this is it – expiration month – let’s
say May – and year of expiration is 2024. And AMEX has a four digit verification
code. Let’s make it fake 1234. If you don’t know the verification
code where to find it, your you have the demonstration by an image. And now you
have to confirm a few things. I don’t want to read the complete section. But
you must agree that we may charge your credit card if you are successful in one
of our auctions. So you must check that. Click on SAVE and ok we have an error.
There is something wrong with the verification code must be numeric. I
think I made a typo. Let’s correct that here: “1234” – okay. Again – SAVE. Come on! Okay – success!
There’s a last important thing to do and now please listen. Take it serious. “We
sent you an email with a six digit verification number. Enter this code on
our website page VERIFY”. “VERIFY” is link sensitive. We click on it. And you may have heard the sound in the background. I now check the email here in
this notebook for the verification code. There should be an email. Let’s checked that! Ad there it is. Artelino:”Please verify your account”. We open it. I don’t show that right. Otherwise I would have to change the screen cast. But I’m reading it to you. “You updated your account with payment method American
Express for artelino art auctions. Please verify your account. Your verification
number is – and now let’s type it in. Three three – okay that is now on the notebook –
seven six eight zero with your account number and
password and then if I’m already logged in here. So I don’t have to log in again
with the account number and password and verify. Ok – just click on
SAVE. Ok – “Success. You verified your artelino account. Our system took a look at your account and ranked your as trustworthy.” This is now a test account.
This is the answer that good clients will receive. If you’re not known to us
yet, you would not be cleared for what we now call “eligible for bidding on
condition”. “You can bid in our auctions. To enhance this clearing by our system we will later take a manual look at your payment update. The final clearing takes
usually not more than eight hours. Our time zone is Central European Time. ” And
if you guys in the US submit a new credit card after dinner – well me or Yorie – and only we clear that – you will most probably be not by hand but in bed. And then it can take a few hours. But in the meantime if you are known to us and have a certain purchase history with us – in the meantime you can bid. Okay, well –
this was it. Actually, with the Android you can now go back to the index of your
account management. There you see if the different
applications and logout. Okay – I’m already locked out you see when you’re
locked in this icon screen and when you’re logged out – it’s red. Well okay
so much demonstration how to submit your payment method with
our new applications which we introduced in at the end of November of 2019. Let me finish with a nice quote that I recently read somewhere. “A fool
flatters himself. A wise man flatters the fool.” And another one. This is a very old
one by Plato, a Greek philosopher. He was born 429 before Christ. “A good
decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” And this from a computer geek! Well – thanks so much. Hope to see you again for our next video and maybe in
one of our auctions of Japanese prints. Well – good bye!

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