Are You Prepared?(Mennonite Pantry )

so use my homemade wipes but today I
just went to the Dollar Tree and got some Lysol wipes one thing it’s really
important it’s the same as a grocery store try to have your area where you
have your food stored as clean as you can rotate your food look at your food
to make sure nothing is unsealed these kind of things keep your rodents away
also keeps the bugs away as well so now I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna
work on behind me and now I’m working this circumference of my room so I walk
the whole way around my room and let’s get started back here we just go and we
wipe everything off and we’re just going to go and just organize everything so
everything it has a good organization and we keep everything clean we try to
clean everything up the same as a grocery store what I’d like to do is I
like to set all of my labels the same so they’re all facing the same way it just
gives a really pleasing look so I wiped the tops off all right so that’s finished so what we
do is I have a lot of little bits of items that can go over here so we have
room right here I can put them and that way it would give me more rim dried
stuff I’m going to put in my other PC that I just need turn off the tops fill this up there you go so now we have
some more room as I walk around looks good now I’m gonna work on these bottom
shelves now what I do is I’m gonna stop and take a moment break because I have
all of these that need to go into the kitchen pantry so I’m going to go ahead
and as I work I’m going to put things away that way when you’re done cleaning
you don’t have another power stuff take care of this stuff that you have right
away it’s really important to do that or you get too frustrated and too
overwhelmed so I’ll be right back after I put all these things away so my
ultimate goal is to try to get everything off this shelf here that is
my ultimate goal because this thing is in the way so I’m trying to make another
room that I can put everything back where it belongs so this court it’s just
so full of Ransom things like I gotta find a home for everything all right I’m getting there I am really
excited because I’m actually really seeing a lot of progress it’s hard to
tell in the camera when I’m finished you’ll see but I am making a lot of
progress so my dried potatoes they’re gonna go
out in my kitchen pantry everyone the pantry is just about done
I got myself a cup of dollar treat these vacuum bags I don’t think they’re gonna
work but I got them to put all of my food that was in buckets like this to
try to save you some more space so we’re gonna give it a try and see if they work this here was about one 5-gallon bucket
full of long-term food storage you now it works amazing if they can keep
the air out Wow look at that nice and flat well I guess we’ll have to give it
a try and work on some of my other ones so what the art is they’re vacuum bags
from the Dollar Tree now they’re very cheaply made so you really don’t want to
handle them a lot once you take all the air out of everything but it give me
another layer of protection I’m hoping I’d get rid of this big bucket in here
let’s give it a try maybe getting more their space saver bags
I am super impressed so I was hoping that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of
this but I can’t so we’re gonna just keep it poetry’s space saber bags are a win-win
perfect isn’t that neat how that works Wow I am really happy so now show you
the tour of this room and what I have it looking like now huh I am so glad this
job is finally done well everyone my pantry is complete I did a thorough
cleaning and I cannot believe how great this Dollar Tree space saver bags are
they’re amazing for food storage so I’m going to be getting a whole bunch more
of those and I can consolidate some of my area and make so much more room so
would you like to see it torn out of what I’m gonna work in it took me all
day to get it done but Wow the room I have in here now it is amazing alright
so I’ll show you some of you may not see much of a difference for me it’s a huge
difference so we start up here and I’ll just go the whole way around videos like these hey check out the
videos below I think you’re going to enjoy them as you know I have a video
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  1. Hi my si oh my iyour food storge is so big love it since i dont can food i buy canned food thats on special like corn beans potted meat treat stuff like that but my pantry is under my cabinets 😁😁you never know when storms hit here so im alittle prepared πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I would love to have dinner one day and just using your canning food i bet it would be great loves ya sis and freind god bless and good night ❀❀❀❀

  2. A lot of work went into that pantry. Now you are ahead of the game. Thank you for teaching us how to properly maintain our stash😊

  3. You did an amazing job! I'm gonna try canning chicken. I have a large spare room in the basement that stays cool. So it's plenty of room for storage! You've taught me so much! Thank you! Love from MN.

  4. Going to do best I can when I get home next week using my whole paycheck just on food to can and dehydrate . Just starting this whole prepping thing wishing I wasn’t a truck driver so I could start now .

  5. Tessie, do you have an inventory sheet of what you have on hand? I've been keeping my list updated, so I know what to grow more of.

  6. Hi Tessie what is the white topping on top of the food in your bottles and what is the purpose of this, I am very new to canning.

  7. Tassie is your china cabinet have a glass shelf if so and if it is maybe to heavy with that glass jars i would be careful of it breaking and you would loose all your food you worked so hard on if it is glass replace it with wood shelf. love you. and have a great day

  8. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed Saturday filled with Gods joy and happiness:) I'm off to see the doctor early this morning then back home to work on reorganizing a bit:) Getting prepared for anything that comes:) God Bless you:) Love you all:) Remember to pray for one another:) Keep smiling:)

  9. Could you do a cheap meal monday where you use the canned meat you have? Honestly I just want to see that it's good. I don't doubt your knowledge of canning Tessie. But I've never seen anyone use home canned meat.

  10. Good evening tessie you are in bed now probably snug a bug while Granny is up late. I really enjoy these videos. When you turn the lights out that room sparkled like a shining star 🌟 just like you do. Sending you tons of love from a Kentucky granny.πŸ’•

  11. I love your food pantry, i love the look of a Vintage General Store. My first thought was Mr. Olson's General Store on Little House On The Prairie, I would have loved to have lived in that time. You are just Awesome Tessie, we love you 😊❀

  12. Wowzers girl…the after tour really shows off how much you actually have and how much work you have done and do all the time to keep it up!

  13. Good timing Tessie! I just went through my pantry and organized, made a list, cleaned and canned some more meat and beans. I need to stock up on some more vegetables and fruit a little at a time. My Dollar Tree had 1 and a half pound bags of pinto beans and 2 pound bags of rice.

  14. Tessie how do you keep the ink from coming off the kids when you clean your jars? Is there a special pen? Also what kind of food was in your vacuum seal bags? Just curious.🌷🌷🌷🌷

  15. You've done an amazing job of prepping for any emergency. Now that we hear in the news that people should prepare for several weeks if they need to stay home. My main concern would be becoming a target for "bad guys" who might wish to rob me of my hoard of food. But, I suppose any of us could fall victim to such behavior in the event of a severe crisis. It's a really scary scenario. We all need a "Chevy Man" to help defend the canned goods! ::-)

  16. Hi Tessie and everyone. I have a question about dehydrating food. I trust your channel more than most and I know you said you don't 'pretreat' your food. There are many opinions that are different. Could you (or anyone else) explain the benefits of steaming etc ahead of dehydrating? I'm totally new to this and don't know anything yet. Thank you!

  17. Tessie – I have soo much food up that I think I could feed all my family… not from prepping just from our harvest. Loved this.

  18. It looks nice. I think id use the vacuum seal bags to portion a week or month supply of dry goods, if i want to make rations. I get mixed feelings about whether its best to create rations in long term storage, or to keep all one item together so i can use it and rotate in new inventory regularly. Curious your thoughts.

  19. Your pantry looks great! You of so much more room. Mine, not so much. πŸ˜„ Mine is organized but there's way too much stuff in it. I really need to get rid of 2 pieces of furniture to give me more room. Great job!
    Stay safe & God bless you & your family. πŸ’—πŸŒ·βœ

  20. All the multi-colored jars are such a beautiful sight! You take great care of your little "store." I would be interested in learning how you make your home made lysol wipes [that you mentioned in the video]? What a great feeling to have everything organized and taken care of before you start your busy season!

  21. Several years ago we moved from Michigan to Florida. All we could afford to take was what we could pack in my husband's pick up and we bought an old city transit bus and converted it to an RV. I used the space saver bags on anything that wouldn't crush under the vacuum. All our extra bedding, winter clothes, extra towels even my daughter's stuffed animal collection! I separated all of the squishable items from non -squishable and I had one bedroom completely full by the time I was done vacuuming everything fit in the 2 storage compartments we built over the front wheel wells! Now 15 yrs later I went through and did it again. Any Christmas decorations such as tablecloths, stockings and whatever could be squished got vacuum sealed. I saved a ton of storage space! My sister went to Chile last month and could only take one suitcase. I loaned her one of my vacuum bags and she had extra room so she could bring home souvenirs! She visited her son and his family so she just sucked her clothes in the bag and came home with only one suitcase full again. I love those bags! Thanks for reminding me of how amazing they are πŸ’š

  22. Have you ever experienced bugs in your stored flour and corn meal? I had that problem and had to throw away lots of flour!

  23. I know you probably done past videos..but I'm just starting my little homestead I'm a little overwhelmed. I've enjoyed the starting planting videos but as far as prepping what's the best place to start?

  24. Tessie,i was always told not to stack my home canned jars on top of one another because the one on top can actually push down on the bottom can and cause it to unseal…but it make sense specially the they are heavy jars….have u ever had a problem with that…

  25. People used to tell me your house is so clean you could eat off the floor lol 😊 I bet your house is the same way it's so cumpy your house

  26. I bought more herb seeds today my husband like why you buying so many I said I'm getting prepared I'm tired of spending money were we don't need to

  27. Tess can we put white rice directly into 1and a half gallon food safe screw top buckets with oxygen absorbers? Or do we have to use mylar bags and then put in buckets?

  28. Those storage bags….don't buy to many more till you see how long they stay closed… they do not even stay closed enough to fly from OHIO to Idaho… Great job there … you are one very hard worker too..

  29. Whenever I watch you clean your pantry, Tessie, I want to get up and clean mine, lol! I admire your industriousness and your sweet spirit πŸ’–πŸ’• Thank you for showing us how to establish and maintain a food pantry πŸ€—πŸ˜š

  30. Seems like it would be more functional if you pulled everything out and put like things together. I see all sorts of like things in all sorts of places. Why not put all your beans in one area with oldest in front and newer to the back for example.

  31. Wow you did a great job Tessie! Everything so clean and fresh. I don't can as much as I use to when I was younger and I know what kind of work goes into getting everything canned. πŸ™‚

  32. Hi Tessie! You gave me inspiration to clean and organize my own pantry! On the agenda for this week! Thank you! We sure love you here in MN! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week out there! πŸ™‚ Blessings from Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN πŸ™‚

  33. Do you can whole potatoes and do you have a video ? I tried one time , I did not like the way they looked.

  34. Good morning Tessie. You get A+ for your pantry! Mine isn't as a pristine as yours, so I had better get cleaning!
    And I have to take time out today after work, to do a basic food prep shopping trip. I've been taking my panty inventory down and it is time to stock up again. Good job regarding the vacuum bag. I have a collection of plastic buckets from the bakery dept. I also use large tubs and gallon glass jars. We are stocking up more than usual at the farm on items in our typical diet that have a good shelf life. Your channel will be a blessing for those who want to learn how to prep a pantry, whether for three months, a year or like you, three years. Have a great day!

  35. Love having my own little grocery story in my basement πŸ˜‰ was wondering if you keep all of one thing together and then by year? I need to get down in my pantry and do some spring cleaning and inventory so we know how much to plant in the garden. Those space saver bags could now go under the beds…Extra space!

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