‘Anti-Sell’ by Steve Morgan – Book Review [CC]

-In this video, I’m going to be talking briefly about Anti-Sell. It’s a book by Steve Morgan, who’s a friend of mine. It’s a “marketing lead generation and networking tips for freelancers who hate sales”. It’s a different kind of sale book that you normally get because if you hate sales buy this sale book. Let me explain what I mean in this video. [music] -Now, I should give a couple of disclaimers first, just to be honest and transparent I want to add that Steve gave me this book for free. He didn’t ask me to review it but I do it anyway, book review. You can probably check it out in my playlist. So, I did a review. He didn’t ask me to do it but the reason he gave me a free book is to thank you to me for contributing to the book. As you can see, right there at the bottom you can see that my name is right there. Just to kind of prove to you my case study of how I did a non-salesy way to get clients for my business Steve though it’d be good to get a case study. I’m happy to help Steve so thank you for asking me and for the book as well. It is exactly what it says. If you hate sales in the idea of cold-calling (you shouldn’t do it anyway) or just approaching people with the business card and just keep giving them out. This book is really, really good for you and really a way to get you into the idea of how to find clients for your business in a non-salesy non-kind of cheesy way as well. One of the example is using my own experience is when I take part in a local community like a WordPress community and just be involved in that kind of environment. That way, I got myself surrounded with like-minded people who also need my help. Also, they saw that I was an expert in a specific topic as well. I didn’t do anything to kind of push further. I didn’t promote myself. I didn’t sell it. It just happened naturally and kind of very natural friendship, relationship way. Just build up first before then they can trust you and say, “Hey, I need your help” or “Hey, I’ve got a friend who need your help. Can I refer you to him?” This is my example. This is why my case study is in there. He goes into so many different steps and first of all, how he got into it and the kind of slow transition into getting clients in the first place rather than jumping in the deep end. He also slowly explained that but he also gave an example of how he managed to get client first of all, from having a job. That was not deliberate either. He gave other examples of a case study of how other people do it. For example, a certain situation where you might want to do two things for free which is not always the best idea. In this situation, there were times where maybe if you contribute to a certain area people will see that you’re an expert in that and then they would hire you eventually. There are things like if you want to have your own event maybe you should start small like having your own Meetup, which is what what Steve is doing, and I’ve been helping to do as well in the past as well. Run your own Meetup and have like-mind people altogether. People will see you as an expert. Maybe you will gradually grow into running a bigger event. Maybe like a yearly event, which is a lot of work but that could work for you. Maybe if you prefer to be somewhere less kind of people-oriented in terms of the environment. Maybe focus online and you should do which is to have your own hub which is your website and take advantage. You can have a blog and the videos and all the content that you should do just to show that you are an expert you have the authority, you are credible you know what you are talking about. That’s another example. In one example as well is to either be part of a Twitter chat or to host your own Twitter chat. Again, it’s a great idea to build up your credibility online, on social media. There are so many different ways you can do that. I think it’s a really, really good book. It’s just straight to the point. It’s very actionable, very practical. He gave great case studies of other people that they’ve done it in their own way and they explain how they’ve done it. You can learn from them. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in sales or not. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced business owner or you are starting out. Other people can benefit from this book so I do recommend you buy this book and learn from it. Even I have learned from it as well and picked up some great tips in it. Yes, it’s a great tip from Steve and it’s a really well-written book. Of course, I do have one criticism and Steve told me to don’t be afraid to share criticism or share feedback. He doesn’t mind it and I have to be honest as well. The only criticism I have about this book is the design of it, the cover. Sorry, Steve. I’m just not a fan of the cover and the choice of font and the back as well. I find that quite difficult to read. The thing is though, this is a classic example of never judge a book by its cover. It didn’t stop me because I knew it’s going to be a good book and I knew Steve anyway. I knew he’s going to be able to produce good work because he’s been doing that for years and years and years for his clients on his website with the content his Meetup in Wales where he’s from. I knew I can trust his words. It didn’t stop me from reading his book even though I got it for free. The only thing I don’t like about it is just the design of the cover and that’s it. I like everything else about it. It’s a great book. I highly recommend it. Make sure you check it out. Anti-Sell. If you hate selling like other people do this might be a great book for you to get into. If you want to get your copy make sure you check out the description down below. You will get your link to buy a copy for yourself. While you’re at it make sure you subscribe to this channel. It really will be awesome to make sure that you don’t miss any more videos in the future as well. In the meantime I hope to speak to you again soon. Take care. [music]

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