7 Phone Sales Mistakes that Most Salespeople Make

people always ask me What should I do to be more effective on the phone and so and my initial response always begins with something that sounds like this? Well, let me first tell you [what] you need to stop doing there are some mistakes that Most sales people are making right [now] on the phone and it is killing their sales calls because the prospect is Immediately repelled by what they’re doing. I mean put yourself in the mind of your prospect Do you want to receive sales calls of course not not to mention that the typical? [high-level] prospect is receiving anywhere from five to even twenty five sales calls a day that can mean Hundreds of sales calls every week so how do you break through the clutter now? I want to be clear this doesn’t mean that you should just suddenly Stop making sales calls because a lot of people are doing it a rather ensure that you’re not making these Crushing mistakes that most [salespeople] make in this video. I’m going to show you Seven phone sales mistakes that most [salespeople] make check it out Number one calling at [10] o’clock and 2 o’clock Most sales people do their calling when after they’ve been in the office for a while You know it’s so comfortable to come in and check your emails get your coffee Go through some more paperwork And then start making your calls at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock but unfortunately your competitors are [doing] the same thing Plus your prospects are most likely to [actually] be really busy at these times because this is when most meetings are actually scheduled instead try calling early in the morning or during life time or later in the evening even try calling on Saturdays this is going to be much more likely to get you through to [that] high level Decision Maker number 2 Opening with how are you now there is no more Overplayed opening to a call than this hey, how are you today? [it’s] annoying and immediately gives you away as a salesperson get to the point Drop the how are you? Instead you something that’s going to break through and not sound like all the other sales people out there number three Using the sales voice now you may have heard this in my last [roleplay], but next time you make a sales call [I] Challenge you to actually Record your voice and by the way You don’t need to record the whole call just record your voice on your side of the conversation that means you could use your iphone Or a quarter or a microphone just getting your side of the conversation [and] listen to just your voice Do you sound like the normal you like the you who talks to their family or a friend? Or do you sound just a little more salesy listen to the tone of your voice that bitch? prospects picked up on this change in your tone of voice and it is immediately giving you [a] [way] as a Salesperson number four pitching on the phone and by pitching I mean literally pitching their offer at a prospect now a Prospecting call is never a time to pitch your offering instead it’s time to Understand whether it just makes sense to set a meeting and the goal of that call if it goes well is to set the meeting Not make a sale, not sell that person this time is not about you and your offering but instead [it’s] [a] time to focus on the prospect to ask them questions [to] really find out whether a meeting even make sense number five Not focusing on them the only person who ever matters during a prospecting call is who? Exactly the prospect sales people so often we can get caught up and how great our offering is That we can actually forget who really matters and that is the buyer So be sure to ask them questions about their key challenges to assess whether there’s a fit What you offer is irrelevant in that initial call? What matters is the net mistake number six? unclear goals for the call there is only ever One goal for any prospect call and I’ve already given it away and by the way that goal is not to sell the prospect the goal is to schedule a Meeting get very very clear on what you’re looking to accomplish in any call Stop trying to sell prospects on those initial calls and instead get clear that your only goal Is that scheduled meeting mistake number seven no? Scheduled next step and so what I mean by [it] is is that so many [salespeople] [can] do a great job on a call? But then end the call with hey, you know what I’ll get back to you shortly [or] I’ll send you some [information] and then reach back [out], but you know what this is actually putting you at a tremendous disadvantage [the] goal of the call is not to have to try to call them again and chase them around and Hopefully you find them you need to set Schedule the next steps that means using your calendar your online calendar whether it’s Google or Outlook or whatever it is you want to schedule a next step that is agreed to on both sides, so Always end any successful call with a scheduled next step that means that a calendar invite should go out immediately After the successful call everything must be scheduled after that initial call So there are the seven phone sales mistakes that most sales people make I want to hear from you Which of these mistakes have you made in the past? Be sure to share below in the comment section And I will be sure to respond to every comment that I can get to and if you enjoyed this video Then I have this [awesome] free ebook on twenty five tips to crush your sales goals just click right here To get it instantly seriously. It’s an amazing book, and it’s free just click right here also, if you’ve got some value Please like this video below on YouTube because that really helps me [out] and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking right here To get access to a new video. Just like this one each week Lastly if you’ve got just one useful idea from this video Please share it [with] a friend or two a great idea is the best gift you can give someone until next week you

30 comments on “7 Phone Sales Mistakes that Most Salespeople Make

  1. Hi Marc, really like your videos!

    I've been selling Energy for about 2 years now, there's very good money in it but I feel like I could be earning way more. One of the things I've learned from experimenting is the perfect pitch seems to be NOT to pitch. It doesn't work with everyone, but it does work 7/10. By making it sound like I didn't care too much it gave the customers a sense that I wasn't kissing their ass so the call must be important haha. I'm also British, and we sound way too polite anyway !

    I tend not to ask "How are you" Because you're right, it's too brown-nosey from someone you've never spoken to. But I do have this annoying habit of saying "Sorry if I've pulled you away from anything, it's just a quick one" – It's the British apologetic habit that i'm struggling to kick.. I don't need to be saying sorry to these people haha, I feel like the repetition is maybe affecting my performance and making the job less exciting?

    Sorry for the essay!

  2. thank you sir, your videos are very informative and valuable i appreciate your efforts. keep helping people

  3. I get "shoot me your info and I'll let you know " a lot I'm gonna start trying to direct the convo to a calendar scheduled return call. Thanks

  4. Hi Marc! I really like your sales approach for phone sales. My problem is I am selling trade show spots to international clients – those that I will only meet when they have bought a spot, and have traveled to the expo. Thoughts?

  5. Well I am a fresher since I dont have any experience in a Telesales job but now I am about to start up a new career in this sector.So I am getting connected with such videos…

  6. 1. Call early
    2. Don't ask how they're doing
    3. Sound natural
    4. Don't pitch during a prospecting call
    5. Focus on them
    6. Have a goal for the call
    7. Make the next step

  7. Hi Marc,

    I'm sure I've made all of these at some point! I'd like to add another mistake and that's calling to much.

    This manifests itself in follow up after a sales visit. I'll relate it to one of my previous careers – the car business.

    There are managers out there that believe you should call a prospect to the point of agitation.

    So let's say I leave a message today at 930 am. They'll want you to try them back by 3pm. Then another call at 6pm.

    Then the next day at 1030 and so on. What we really need is a way to provide value when we call so we're harassing people.

    If the prospect isn't even going to make a decision for a month, why am I leaving messages like I'm desperate?

    I'm giving a general theme here for brevity. And obviously if I know a prospect is about to drop anchor in the next 24-72 hours, I want to stay on his/her mind.

    But bugging people is a low percentage play in my opinion. Your video speaks more to cold calling but maybe you can address this in a dedicated Follow Up Call video.

    Anyway, you're awesome with an uppercase A. Thanks for such outstanding content.

  8. I really appreciate your clarity and the steadiness of your pace – very informative, but not rushed at all. I was actually watching it to gain insight about how I might try to create brand awareness and start making sales in direct messages on Instagram. I've had a very difficult time finding anything at all with really relevant information about this. I'm trying to sell clothes I designed, so a meeting doesn't quite make sense in the context. Do you have any ideas about how I could do this effectively? I would appreciate it greatly if you help me figure this out.

  9. mark your video is very interesting and you always discussion new things releted sales tips and techniques please dubd in hindi also thanks

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