5 Ways To Sabotage Your Home Sale, (Tips For Selling Your Home)

20 comments on “5 Ways To Sabotage Your Home Sale, (Tips For Selling Your Home)

  1. 👍Your clients are a lucky bunch. I know a lot of agents across Canada and the U.S. and none of them are like you and definitely do not have a YouTube channel. My wife and I have been looking at houses for almost a year now but the problem is every time we find something and put an offer together it goes under contract with another buyer right away. I know our realtor is a family friend so we feel obligated to stick with her but she is ancient and maybe out of touch. We honestly are considering just building now. All of the homes we have seen are either vacant or nicely cleaned inside and out so no issues there. The only way we find them is through the online database and then we reach out to her. I'm thinking we are getting cheated out of good service seeing what you offer. Another super cool video, good job!

  2. Kristina, YouTube has gone bonkers for me cause I can't post new comments or reply to other comments.  Even my notification bell and account icon are not working.  So here is my response to your reply to my comment.  Good question because there are so many things I'm curious about.  Let's start with this.  What are the top 5 or 10 if you like, things other than location or schools about a home that you personally feel are the most important considerations before deciding to place an offer?  Posted from my tablet 😭

  3. Really great/different approach. I'd love to have you live on my Real Estate Talk show sometime, I think you'd be great guest.

  4. Good tips, I have a grand story, My cousin and i saw a house for sale sign outside (because we were looking for one for his mom) and we went in but the guy was nice but the wife was just so mean and rude, the guy said give a shout when going up stairs so his wife would know we were coming up and she gave us a stink look saying she was changing her baby and we scared her and almost had a heart attack,lol we just said okay and left, they had diapers all over upstairs too.

  5. love all this advice….question..what is the camera/lighting equipment you use..feel free to pm me if here isn't appropriate place to be disusing this.

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