5 Types of Motivation for Salespeople – Leadership Techniques for Sales Managers

20 comments on “5 Types of Motivation for Salespeople – Leadership Techniques for Sales Managers

  1. Hello Rich. I notice almost every sales video I've seen assumes there is only one sales person involved. In my example I am the first person who will see the client (I am an optometrist). I listen to their problems, examine their eyes and recommend solutions, often with a recommendation of purchasing new spectacles with various tints/coatings. I then introduce the client to the sales assistant who sees the client through the rest of the process. I work in a busy franchised store and the client often ends up seeing three or four people as staff are running around doing many tasks. Not ideal 🙁
    Is there an ideal strategy for this sort of scenario?
    Thanks in advance. I love your videos by the way.

  2. I really recommend game-based motivation systems. Try out https://habitica.com (which is more versatile) and https://getbadges.io (very well integrated with different managing tools). What motivates more than adventure? 🙂

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  4. Great Video! Helps people aspiring to be a Great Sales Manager. Harvard Business Review published an article on types of sales managers. Taking this quiz will help you find out what kind of sales Manager are you.

  5. Amazing video, awesome stuff, keep rising, keep shining, must watch video on leadership, thank you for uploading

  6. Hi Rich. I like the video. I appreciate your words. I am trying to find some effective ways to keep my team motivated. I believe several of my RSAs display 2-3 of these types where a couple only have 1, maybe 2. I think it is important to realize people change how they need to be motivated (without realizing they do this) and often they will bounce back and forth between different styles ( often depending on circumstances, or seasonal or when they feel in a rut. Good stuff!

  7. Thank you for the tips! By the way at 7:23, it says – LEARNING in the tytle instead of – PEOPLE. Was writing every thing down, and saw that 🙂

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