5 simple steps to get people to sell your branded products – J.R. Fisher

five simple steps to get people to sell
your branded products have you been trying to get people to sell your
products on their website hey it’s a great idea it’s something I’ve done and
I’ve got thousands of websites to sell my products on their site and in this
video I’m gonna show you exactly how I did it so you can get results too and
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at the end of the video hey getting other people to sell your products is
awesome and it’ll save you the time that it would take to get organic SEO by
posting and putting title tags and descriptions not that you shouldn’t do
that but think about it if you’ve got other people out there putting title
tags and descriptions on their site about your product that can be nothing
but good for you so getting your product sold on other people’s sites is awesome
what I originally started I started selling cell phone cases and that didn’t
go too well but what it did do for me is it taught me how to sell stuff online
and I’ve been we moved into having my own product
which is survivalcavefood.com you get millions and millions of hits
and it’s not because I did a lot it’s because all of my distributors who sell
my products did a lot they optimized the words survival k-food
or their sales pages and that gave me a lot of organic reach but the question is
how did I get it to do that you know what I want to do is I want to walk you
through all the steps that I did to get all these sites to sell my products ok
you ready let’s get going all right number one you want to go out
and find the contact information of related sites to yours so this is how
this works I sold survival food so I went out now I
look for websites that sold survival products websites that sold camping
items websites that sold hiking stuff and I went to those websites and I
looked for their contact information if you go to the bottom of most pages on
websites you’ll find a little spot on there and it’ll say contact if you click
on that you’re gonna find their email you may find their mailing address you
may find a phone number and that is the first start you’ve got to find that
contact information but it’s there you just got to make sure you search for it
and you will find it the next thing I want you to do you have this contact
information you know the sites that can sell your
products what you want to do is write out all the benefits of your products so
we sell survival food ok so we have a long shelf life our flavor is really
good so we have kind of a gourmet flavor it’s low in sodium it lasts for many
many years so what I did is I wrote out all those things the benefits of my
product because these benefits are things you need to convey to the people
who are gonna buy your product but first you need to convey it to the website
that’s gonna be selling the product if they don’t see the benefits if they
don’t hear the benefits they just think you’re just like everybody else so ours
our products were really unique and I could list out all those different
benefits before I contacted these other sites number three not hard to do is
email all these sites so what you want to do is let them know about your
product let them know about programs all these sites needed to do
was list our products on their websites and sell them they didn’t even have to
buy the product in advance because we already had that product in inventory so
what they would do is they would actually sell them and once they sold
them they would send the order to us they would collect the full amount so if
they sold a product for 150 dollars and their cost was a hundred they would
collect the full hundred and fifty dollars and then they would come to our
site and put in the order we would actually ship the product out
to their customer and only charge them the hundred dollars and they could
pocket that 50 so that’s a pretty good deal for them that’s something also that
you want to put in your email how simple the process is how they don’t have to do
any work you know if you’re doing a dropship type program which I assume you
are if you’re trying to get your branded products on somebody else’s website from
number four and you know this is a tough one and a lot of you don’t want to do
this one but I’m telling you you need to do it
call the site’s actually pick up the phone and say hey who is it that handles
putting products on your site who’s the owner there if it doesn’t list who the
owner is and actually ask to speak to a building this one-on-one relationship is
invaluable and I can think of a lot of companies I called and it was hard and I
would spend hours on hours from in calling these companies trying to get
them to buy my products and to list them on the site and I got to tell you the
majority of will say no they just do but you don’t need that many of them to say
yes to build your business and that’s what I did over and over again I called
these companies and some of you guys I know you don’t want to get on the phone
you don’t want to pick up the phone but I’m telling you it’s a it’s a real
personal touch and the thing is nowadays outside of telephone solicitors on your
cell phone most companies don’t get called anymore it’s it’s a rare thing
you know I know in our company the only phone calls we ever really get are for
trucking to lose some of our products around but we don’t really hear from
anybody else we don’t hear from same restaurants that have specials or we
don’t hear from you know companies or any services at all nobody
ever calls us so if you’re thinking they’re getting inundated with these
phone calls they’re not the only phone calls are getting inundated with is on
their cell phone but they’re an actual business line it’s rare for somebody to
call and when you are in the United States and you have your business in the
United States it’s really rare to hear an American calling you up so you know
that’s kind of startling to so you’ll have better luck with this than what you
think but you gotta expect you know to make hundreds of phone calls to do this
but in the long term it’s really gonna pay off because you know we we’ve had
people now selling my products for nine years at this point and that’s pretty
cool it’s because I’ve made a phone call all these years ago
number five should go without saying but have a good product really have a good
product I remember when I first started selling survival food I was selling
somebody else’s survival food and it really wasn’t that good it was kind of
on the salty side didn’t when I have good flavor and artists has really good
flavor so we have a great product so I would encourage you know potential
distributors of my product to eat the food I would send them samples out of us
to try this food taste it see what you think and you know they would call me up
and say what’s great I love this food this is super I really like it so have a
good product whatever your product is make sure it’s a product that they’re
gonna really enjoy themselves that they would use themselves and then they’ll
actually market your product because they believe in it and number six have
great pricing you know you need to go out in the market and you need to see
what stuff selling for now I’m not saying you need to be the lowest person
because we certainly aren’t the lowest person on the internet for our products
however you need to be competitive you know if people are selling a product for
a hundred dollars and you go out there and try to sell it from 400 odds aren’t
you aren’t going to do real well you have to be competitive with other
brands out there too so if another brand is selling a product like yours you got
to be competitive and I know there’s that temptation to be a little bit
greedy in the beginning and say well you know if I sell this product for this I
want to make this well you can’t always make what you want what you want to do
is make it up with volume sell a lot of your product and that way you can give
good pricing to your actual retailers or the sites that are selling your products
number seven have big Commission’s now it’s it’s the way we’ve got it set up
but literally the commission that the retailer makes on my product is more
than what I make and a lot of people don’t do it that way they try to make
more than what the retailer does but if you incentivize them in other words if I
if I say well look this is my survival food and you’re gonna make 30% on it and
everybody else is paying them 10 or 15% on their survival food which one do you
think they’re gonna sell they’re gonna sell mine even if I make a little bit
less it only takes three more retailers to make up for all that profit so my
suggestion to you is really pay a generous Commission and make sure they
make a lot of money on your product number eight is great service you cannot
you cannot sell products without having great service this is the one thing that
kills a lot of companies is poor service so you’ve got to do whatever you say
you’re gonna do for your retailers and if you’re shipping out that product for
them you got to make sure you ship it out fast and you got to make sure you
convey to them you know the shipping numbers and they have all that
information because their customers gonna want to know that too and if you
don’t provide all that information to them on a timely basis you’re gonna lose
the business service is really really important when somebody else is selling
your product because understand their reputations on the line and they really
can’t control how fast you ship it or how well you take care of it or how well
you pack it so if you do a great job at that and they never have problems
they’ll continue to sell your product number nine
is a big one and I seen companies do it all time don’t undercut your sellers and
here’s what I mean by that our products are sold on a whole bunch of sites out
there but if you come to my site buy it it’s more expensive now why would I do
that well I would do that because if somebody goes to one of these other
sites and they come to my site and it’s cheaper all of these retailers are gonna
lose business now I can’t reach all these retailers I don’t have their email
list and I don’t have all their customer lists so if I’m stealing their customer
after a while they’re gonna say well what’s the point in selling your product
you’re undercutting us you’re selling it for less money I don’t want to sell your
product anymore and I would lose all of those retailers so ever since we’ve
opened up you know almost 10 years ago now we’ve always sold our product at a
higher price than all of the retailers out there all the websites out there can
sell it cheaper than I can and we stick to that you know we don’t we don’t
change that we don’t have sales where we undercut them and go below them we just
don’t do that number 10 in the beginning you’re not gonna like this you’re not
gonna want to hear this be prepared to work seven days a week you just you got
to you’ve got to be there and I don’t mean you’ve got to work 12 hours a day
seven days a week but what I mean is you’ve got to be available if you have a
product that’s on somebody else’s website and they run into an issue on a
Sunday night they need somebody to talk to now if you don’t want it to be you
you can have somebody in place that’s knowledgeable that could help them out
and that’s fine to do that but the point is you’ve got to be available you know I
checked my emails every single day I check them throughout the day and if
there’s an issue I generally will know about it within you know 30 minutes or
so unless I’m at the gym and it may be an hour and a half but the bottom line
is I also have other people who see those emails and they can jump on that
and take care of it so be prepared you know when you’re working for yourself
and you’re building a brand don’t think that you could do that five days a week
forty hours a week it’s not going to happen you’re just not going to be
successful because there’s too many entrepreneurs out there that are willing
to work every single day to beat you so if you’re only working five days a week
in 40 hours a week there they’re gonna eat your lunch bottom line
is so you can’t do that you have to be able to put in the hours and be willing
to put in the hours to be successful okay so there’s my top ten tips and I
want to know in the comments below have you tried to sell your products on
other sites have you even thought of doing this this is pretty cool right the
reason I have originally thought of it is because I built a website and nobody
bought anything from me so I felt well maybe some of these other sites could
sell my products for me and it worked out and that’s what’s really kept us
alive all these years is all these other sites buying from me and selling to
their customers so if you haven’t tried this put in the comment selection why
you haven’t tried it if you got something out of here you think’s pretty
cool put that in the comment selection and if you’re already doing this I want
to know how you did that put that in the comment selection below too now as I
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