5 Reasons NOT To Buy a Tiny Manufactured Home

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  1. What an insane idea…renting out a tiny home…….are you kidding? In six months the place would be trashed. Some people will have 20 people living in it and pooping animals.

  2. You're addressing the subject of tiny homes as though it were a mainstream, done deal commodity. No one expects loans, insurance, resale value, rental potential & etc to be attached to the tiny house experience, especially not as a rule. You're stating the obvious as though it were a big bogus surprise letdown. This is just silly clickbait.

  3. My wife and I built a 640 square foot house ourselves in rural Texas. The only permit was septic but the lot had sewer to it. The county office simply said. Let us know when it's done. For taxes of course.

  4. Great video Kristina, very engaging and great tips, I'd love to purchase one of these but would have to deal with zoning craziness

  5. Why don't they just give them a fully equipped tiny home they fought for our country why not just start givin away these homes 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. There are several charities that are helping homeless vets with the tiny home movement. One is We Got Your Six and you can look into the charity @ wgy6.org

  7. If it weren't for the crooked politicians and left wingers telling me how to live I just wouldnt know what to do! I mean I could be happy whistling Dixie everyday, I would be lost!

  8. This is just me thinking out loud…

    Has anybody looked at the toxicity of these? There's carpet with formaldehyde, all sorts of other toxic finishes, etc.

    Because of the small size wouldn't there be less airflow? Thus keeping the toxins in the environment longer….

    I recently downsized to a tiny log cabin. It's just me and my doggy.

  9. Building codes:

    Tiny homes on a foundation? Indeed.
    Tiny homes on wheels?, Not so much.

    You didn’t make the distinction and it’s a very important distinction to make.

  10. Cities should be required blocks of small cbs homes, 2 bed 1 bath, on small lots. Tiny homes are bullshiz, for that you get a mobile home. Tiny homes are scams.

  11. Oh-oh-ho, idea, ok so hear me out. A chunk of land. Used tiny homes people don't want to be in. Affordable living problems for the homeless and/or low-income individuals. Catch my drift yet? You buy the land, outfit it for electricity/plumbing/parking, then people who don't want their tiny homes can either A.) rent it on that land in a lot for a bit of income minus fees for parking in said lot area you provide B.) sell it to you, you park it on said land and rent it out or or or orrrr C.) they rent (again with the income/minus-lot-fee) but with the intent of it being sold to the public. You meanwhile either buy the used tinyhomes to rent and/or list to resell, rent land for others to rent, and/or list homes you have purchased. If rent for living in homes is low enough people with low income can actually stay there, they can climb out of debt and possibly afford to purchase said home they were living in. Badabing badaboom fewer people w/o a roof over their heads, a dramatic drop in tax dollar costs that go towards the homeless's medical bills, everyone is happy. Heck, if the local governmental body was open-eyed enough and willing and SAW that is was actually cheaper to house people then leave them without shelter… they might even financially back you and pay for qualifying people, back you with larger amounts of land/permits and junk. If you somehow attached job opportunities to it, like an on site shop(s) or local stores posted job listings at like your basically self sufficient community…people could get off the streets all the faster? * heavy sigh * If I wasn't a mathematical idiot I'd be soooo doing this in my area.

  12. The major problem with tiny houses is the price its way over priced plus you have to find the land to put it on and the cost to transport it there its better to just build a tiny house on location from scratch. It will cost you just a fraction to do that no loan needed.

  13. I never thought about it before, a tiny home would be great for little people! Those that have a condition where they only grow to 3 or 4 feet tall.

  14. A few years ago I went to a presentation put on by Habitat for Humanity were they were building tiny homes for veterans made from shipping containers. (This was in the state of Kentucky) The house that was finished and you could tour was amazing. They had lots of donations of supplies and workers but their cost was about $20,000 I think. I have pictures

  15. Tiny homes are a sheeple fad, and, for the most, totally impractical. For the same amount of money, find a tiny apartment and renovate it, with hideaway features, and lots more available room, closets, storage, and comforts. Minimal living is certainly not for everyone.

  16. I live in Sacramento area they do have land for sale for about $100,000 my plan is to buy a piece of land and put a manufactured mobile home on the land and get a brand new manufactured home built for $50,000 that's $150,000 for land and a home, I know that may sound like a lot to most people in other states but in Sacramento that would be considered cheap….

  17. As a city planner, I find a lot of local and state ordinances (especially zoning) against tiny homes absolutely ridiculous and even immoral.

  18. Ridiculous. Who wants to be in debt with the banks and at the end them having all of your money if you couldnt afford your mortgage.

  19. As a medical retired veteran and single full time father on a very tight and fixed income I would love for a tiny house and a little piece of land for me and my daughter. But that would never happen in my life time. But I love the videos. An hope something give in a great way for you and all your doing.

  20. Yes this is so sad these are cute little homes so trendy… But cost a fortune! The whole point is to not have a mortgage and horrible expenses Too bad … the terrible jokes about trailer parks exist… in my area here I live in Missouri there were beautiful trailer parks that were so well kept everyone that live there cared … there were flowers and Gardens dot. Each individual mobile home look different from the others they had character and people took care of them … what a shame– that tiny homes great idea but again has just become a trendy expensive thing …

  21. **what me an my daughter were talking about last night while looking at tiny homes an prom dresses(lol no connection) Was alot of these trailers being listed as tiny homes have almost nothing in common with the original tiny home movement . its seems the trailer industry hijacked the phrase tiny homes an now if its not a traditional camping rv everything the trailer industry sells are tiny homes lol so if you call someone trailer trash!! they can say!! ahh! excuse me i live in a tiny home. now!! lol***

  22. For the price u pay for a tiny home ….you might as well stay in something larger. It cost less than 10,000 to build…..why would I pay 67,000🧐🧐🧐🧐

  23. If you have the cash in the bank (full amount to purchase the tiny home outright), rather than pulling the money out of the bank, investigate a "savings secured" loan. My credit union offers this option for it members. What that does is allow you to use your money to secure the loan. It stays "frozen"in an account, the credit union gives (loans) you the amount you need to make your purchase, and then as the loan payments are made, an amount equal to the principal portion of each payment is released. You can leave it in that holding account (savings or checking), or you can use what has been released. At the end of the repayment period, you still have your money and in this case, you have the house you bought. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the interest rate on the savings secured loan is lower than the rate for a personal loan. At least it is at my credit union.

  24. Wow I never heard of them tearing them dwn I think shes right renting them out after is probably the best idea so you become a homeowner and then a landlord

  25. Kristina I have another video that is really interesting. Not sure how this would work with low income but it is interesting. 'Oldest US mall blends old/modern with 225sq ft micro lofts' On YouTube

  26. Great information I have been researching Tiny Homes several of the items detailed I had not even thought about. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  27. It’s been a dream of mine to help people obtain affordable housing to own by creating tiny houses communities in places that need them 😍We can do it together!


  29. 1st have seen hundreds & hundreds of Youtube of Tiny Homes, RV's, Van's, Step Up Box Trucks & You Are The Most Entertaining & Refreshing Person I Have Ever Seen & Heard Before. Thank You For You Up Front Honest Reality & Look Forward To More of YOU! You Have The Natural Gift! 🙂

  30. Pure garbage for the price. No where to park it. This little fad will come an go, or the cities an counties will not allow it.

  31. That was good you made this video for people. We were thinking of having a tiny home on the land we bought and thankfully the business we were going to buy it from mentioned the county we lived in would make it nearly impossible to get one put on the land with everything needed to have it like a home. Needless to say I’m glad we didn’t get it. This country always makes things hard for people who don’t want to be tied down to a 30 year mortgage. And Not to mention how you need a credit card to better your credit score. So dumb!

  32. Great Video, thank you. This is for all those that truly have no clue about Renting and Housing across the USA. Some people need to look at what the Costs are in my State of Calif. Here is a fact: as of Dec. 2019. RENT for 792 sq ft Apartment in Los Angeles is $2,546.00 A MONTH. Ok so move out of Los Angeles to like San Diego….well National News picked this up a few months back….A man bought and built in his small backyard about a 12" x 20 ft …SHED. Yes a SHED…like the ones that get advertised for about $1500.00 at Home Depot…. then fixed it with a tiny bathroom and tiny kitchen, threw up a wall for a bedroom and RENTED IT FOR $1500.00. AND THERE WAS A WAITING LIST. Before people comment so ignorantly, check out Rents and Housing across the USA. I am in a small town, and a Studio Apt is close to $1.000, to 1200. a month. A one bedroom, $1444.00 and up. for 860 sq ft average size. Our Home would Rent out for $3,200.00 (Pool n Spa, 4 bedroom 2 1/2 baths, Golf Course across the street) House next door is Renting for $3195.00, 5 bed 3 bath, 3,000 sq feet. So before making a lot of silly comments, think about the other areas where people live. If something happens to my Hubby, I need options, we are both Seniors. Been considering a tiny home for awhile.

  33. I just use a tool shed. Or on the go just a big mattress bag. All this expensive housing is overrated.

  34. Wow how dictorial are you?
    A. People often buy these out right because of the financial independence.
    B. Their are communities in every state where placing a tiny home/RV is actually well-known, even expected. Often their called trailer parks but they have come a long, long way from where they were 30 years ago.
    C. Their are insurance for small homes rated by the area of the home, not overall value. And you can insure individual items to provide even more overal protection.
    D. Re-sale is outrageous. The market up for resale on a tiny home is usually 3x the purchase price. This is worldwide as it has taken of around the world for some time do to land shortage.
    F. As for Taxes. You are relying on mortgage data not other options for home taxes by state, property value (if you buy your own lot of land to place the structure on it opens a different set of tax options), or even the actual cost/purchase price of the home which tends to be, regardless of what you think, tax deductible under miscellaneous deductions not subject to the 2% rule and large purchases. Mortgage deductions were ment to provide a tax brake on those who OWE money to banks, not those who tend to OWN their own home out right.

  35. The PURPOSE of tiny homes was to AVOID A MORTGAGE.
    Make your spoiled daughter build her own house- they are about INDEPENDENCE from conventional lifestyles and not a way for helicopter parents to GIVE their adults ' responsibility'. Veterans are not the only homeless. Have some decaf

  36. 1st you should have consulted a Real Estate. Attorney, no state can stop u from buying your own land and build a tiny home as per the U.S. Supreme Court. Yes certain states have different building codes, but bottom line you can build a tiny home. I suspect in your situation your tiny home may not have met the building code requirements. Both Tiny Home & Containers home is the latest hottest trend in the country. I'm a real estate attorney, no one can tell you what you can build as long as if meets building codes and those codes " Must" be reasonable. Next time consult an attorney.

  37. Why is this not acceptable but a single wide mobile home is considered a home? I don't get it… Could you get a loan on a double wide?

  38. John Astor got mega wealthy by leasing land to people for them to build on. Miss a lease payment he kicks you out and has a free house. Sell the house with a land lease. You Never own it. Astor estate still owns the land the empire state building site on. At these prices and the like, I'd rather live in a trailer park or in a caravan.

  39. All of the pitfalls of tiny homes could be avoided by purchasing a full size manufactured home that meet all criteria w/ all of the amenities for less than $90,000- Financing & insurance is available… I know, I live in one.

  40. I would like to know where in the Constitution of the United States the Government is allowed to stop me from putting a home on my land if i own the property, local and county agencies need to be sued and taken all the way to the supreme court.

  41. The idea of a tiny house is for you to own it outright, without borrowing money from a bank. If you will borrow money anyway, why not just buy a regular sized home with land that appreciates in value. A tiny home is not eligible for a mortgage loan because, like any construction, it depreciates in value over time. It won't make sense for the bank to lend you money today, when the value of the tiny home you purchased will diminish in value.

  42. I have the room to put one on my property in Williamsburg, VA. I need a spot so my mom may start living with me a few months a year. Our code says we can build if it is for family. What state are you working from?

  43. I love the idea of building small home communities for the homeless, vets, etc. but personally I definitely don't think Tiny homes (400 sq ft or less) are the way to go. There are certain clearances you need for things like wheelchairs, walkers, etc. that tiny homes simply can't properly address but a small home (under 1,000 sq ft) could.

    A simply 30 ft x 30 ft square home for example could have a bedroom, bathroom with walk in shower and washer/dryer/utility and combined living room and kitchen or could be reconfigured to have two smaller bedrooms and a smaller bathroom yet still have enough room to accommodate those with disabilities.

  44. Terrific. Thanks so much for so much helpful info. And bless you for not only doing this, but for wanting to help our wonderful Veterans., who deserve the best.

  45. People, please write to the White House to get an Executive Order liberating Americans to not be discriminated against for Tiny Homes… whether it's using Cargo containers, or other alternative materials to construct them, or it's the financing, permits, certifications, or even variances… we NEED these low cost systems!

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