5 Killer Sales Presentation Techniques to Close the Sale

You’ve Gone Through the entire Discovery process and You’ve done everything Right You Dug Deeply Into Their Challenges you Understood Exactly What They needed and then You Go through Your presentation Only to Get the Kiss of Death at The end which sounds something like i really Need to think this over Can You call me back in a week or so What did you do wrong or more Importantly What didn’t You do Right in this video I’m going to show You five Killer Sales Presentation techniques to close the sale Check it out Number one Keep Your prison asap Now buy a seppie maybe a Little Confused It means as Short As possible Let me Say That Again Keep Your presentation as Short as Possible Now most Sales People Get Excited about What They’re presenting and they go on way too long but you know what prospects only care about What they care about so keep Your presentation short and concise Only present What you Need to present nothing more Number two case Study Presentation Remember Story time As a Kid and How Great it was Remember reading a High School Textbook and how boring It Was of those Two Experiences One Was a Wonderful Fun and engaging Experience The Other Was boring and dense most presentations are Like reading a Textbook They’re Full of Features and Benefits and no Story That Connects Everything Together so moving Forward be sure that your presentation tells a Story be sure to fill it with Examples of What you did with Other Similar clients and The Results That Those efforts Achieved This is going to paint a picture for Your prospects you’re going to find that By using a case Study presentation Prospects Will Immediately Connect more With What you’re presenting Number three Only present solutions to their Challenges Let me ask you a question have you ever Been presenting to a prospect who was really Actually Excited About Your Solution and Then You Kept on Selling You can Actually See their interest Visibly start to die What Happened is that You over Sold You had them but then you wanted to share that last Feature or that Last Benefit That They Really Weren’t interested in and It took the Conversation for a hard Turn in the wrong Direction Prospects Only care about Solutions to their Challenges nothing Else Moving Forward Only present How your solution Solves the challenges that You’ve Already Discovered nothing Else Ended There Number four Get Feedback Throughout Most presentations are Really Just a One-Way monologue with the Salespeople Telling The prospect What he or she is going to get with Their offering But The Thing is is that Prospects Get Bored and Quite Honestly The Salesperson in that Monologue approach Doesn’t even know if They’re Actually on the right track so moving Forward Throughout Your presentation Constantly end Sentences with little questions like Does that Make sense or can You See how this would Work for you or Finally Does This Work for you by ending the key points in your presentation with those Little engaging questions you’re going to create Moments That Not Only engage the prospect but also ensure that They’re on the same page with you i mean Does that make sense Number five Stop At Any Interruption Let’s face It most of us start to get really Excited to talk During presentation Time But The Thing is is that we don’t Matter the sales person doesn’t matter in a selling Situation All that matters in a Selling Situation Is What The spect is thinking? So anytime the prospect interrupts you Immediately Stop don’t stay on your roll and Keep Going Stop Let them Ask Their question or share Their Concern an Interruption can Be Had a question or it could Just Be and You notice Their face Changing immediately Stop and Say Was there something that you wanted to ask Even if They Simply move Their Head Stop we want to know What They’re thinking? It’S so much more important Than What we’re about to say so there are five Killer Sales Presentation techniques to close the sale i want to hear from you Which of these techniques did you find most useful Be sure to share below in the comment section and i will be sure to respond. To every comment that i can Get To and if You enjoyed This video then i have this awesome free ebook on Twenty five tips to Crush YouR Sales Goals Just Click right Here to get It instantly Seriously it’s an Amazing book and it’s free Just Click Right Here Also If You’ve Got some value Please Like This video Below on YouTube Because that Really Helps me out and Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking right Here to get access to a new video Just like This one each Week Lastly If you Got Just One useful Idea from This video Please share It with a Friend or two a Great idea is the best gift you can give someone Until Next Week

15 comments on “5 Killer Sales Presentation Techniques to Close the Sale

  1. Marc, you make really great videos! Very useful!
    Just one small comment/suggestion: could you summarize all your statements at the end of each video?)

  2. I recently made the mistake of overselling and losing a customer by continuing to talk after they were already convinced. Thanks for the reaffirmation so I don't repeat this mistake.

  3. fantastic one here, I appreciate most Present Solutions, it is very really in milieus where people do not understand the product u re presenting.Many thanks for the video.

  4. Loved the engagement technique it truly is a unique way to get the attention of the audience and see who really is interested in your product.

  5. Mark! Thank you! I love all your videos! With your little tips and tricks ; it’s made my response rate increase from prospects!

  6. This was exactly what I needed. I just had a bank presentation last week and although prepared, I did most of the things you said NOT to do. They called this week to let me down nicely. I feel cruddy, but reinvigorated with your awesome advice. Thanks so much!

  7. Great sales idea that can help me.I am in the business of asset management what sales idea that you can teach .Hoping to see you sharing on this topic.Thank you.

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