5 Easy Techniques to Improve Your Selling Time Management

One of the biggest barriers
for most sales people is time management. The most scarce resource
for any sales person is their time. Thus, how we manage our
time on a day-to-day basis is that number one predictor
of our sales success. There’s no more important part of a puzzle to being successful in sales. We must be masters of our own time. In this video, I’m going to show you five easy techniques to
improve your time management. Check it out. Number one, start saying no all the time. We so often think about what we should be doing with our time, but what if we flip it and think about what shouldn’t
we be doing with our time. We constantly feel pressure
from different sources to say yes to different tasks. But in reality, those are just time-sucks. Moving forward, get really good at telling people no. You can say no in a nice way, by the way. But be sure that you say no often to requests that aren’t making you money. And that’s the key issue to ask yourself. Is saying yes to this request
going to make me more money? If not, then say no. Number two, disqualify tire-kickers. We’ve all been taught
that we need to persuade prospects to do business with us, to convince people that what we sell will have a positive impact on their lives or their business. But that is old-school crap. What we need to do at the
beginning of the sales process is to disqualify people who
aren’t willing to buy from us. And, you know what? At least 50 percent of
the initial prospects are never going to do business with you. Get comfortable with that. Own that number. By removing those people
off your plate right away, you’re going to be more
efficient with your time and save yourself a lot of headache with those tire-kickers. Number three, go after
bigger opportunities. The number one difference between top sales people and the vast majority of folks in the middle is not the number of sales
that they actually close. In fact, the number of sales
that top performers close is usually pretty similar to the number of sales that middle
performers close, as well. The biggest difference
is the size of the sales. Top performers close bigger deals and, as a result, can make five and even ten
times greater commission. It’s time to stop going after those little sales. Instead, focus on those big opportunities. Number four, outsource all operations. Stop doing operations. I will repeat that. Stop doing operations. Top sales people that I work with make anywhere from 200,000 to
over a million dollars a year. And the best operations
people I’ve ever met are only making about 180,000 to maybe
200,000 dollars a year at very successful companies. And there’s a reason for that. Top sales people are gold. They’re the rainmakers. Operations people are everywhere. You should not be doing
operations in your position. You want to spend 100 percent of your time focused on selling and generating revenue. If you’re not, then rethink your position. Offload all of your
operational responsibility on someone else, so that way, you can focus your time on selling. Number five, have your
top three objectives. One of my mentors used to always say that we all have 50 things
that we need to do today. Every single one of us. The question is are you going to do objectives one through three or four through 50. Now, most sales people don’t prioritize their most critical objectives, so they end up spending
the majority of their days focused on that four through 50 or those less important objectives. A top sales persons all know that objectives one through three are what they need to focus on exclusively because that’s what makes them money. That means, I chose
objectives four through 50 and put it on to someone else. Focus on your top three
objectives and nothing else. And let me remind you, objectives one through three are going to be directly
connected to generating revenue. So, there are five easy techniques to improve your time management. I want to hear from you. Which of these ideas did
you find most useful? Be sure to share below
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  1. I'm gonna start kicking out tire-kickers first thing tomorrow! I've just noticed they're the ones sucking most of my selling time.

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