$4,200.00 SPENT 1 STORAGE UNIT! I went to storage auction I bought an abandoned storage unit

3839 I got 38 here you go thirty nine
last call boys and girls do you can do it no pirates of all ages we are here at
auction it’s me princess and pirate doing what we do best
traveling the globe looking for storage units today we’re trying to find
something out of this world right we’ll trap you by the globe I mean our small
little circle in the Bay Area but I’m trying to make it sound more
inspirational and adventurous like we keep in like a 32-mile distance from our
vicinity but whatever we’re traveling the globe looking for storage units here
we are at an auction right now let’s do this like they’re selling a truck today
woke up came out of bed for two units in a truck is it open what are you never patient
this would be good for you at the flea market Scott no this comes with the guys
all this great stuff and I’m told is better than the two stored units were
about to okay Scott ain’t buying it that tells me it’s not worth much that’s a no
sale ladies and gentlemen a no sale don’t I was gonna let Scott talk yeah
yeah isn’t that like six eight thousand pounds of metal surprising I know say
what do you want to wave on the camera you’re scared of the camera I want you
guys to comment below right now Prince that’s where the hell are all your video
of that oh look it’s a gun down gun i we should have stayed in bed that
would have been much better off oh look at all that dollar don’t get going once going twice they really like nerf guns what Sansui
yeah the nice laptop actually Jesus reveng’d all right what do you have to
say about the first place that had two units in a banana truck makes me not
want to get out the truck a bit okay this place is supposed to have seven
units extra space a little bit better than security top-notch facility I
always like it because they’re more corporate
well Security’s quarter but enter space is really claimed cleanliness and I
think they’re a little more expensive for rent so you tend to drive a better
clientele those people even though they have the one dollar special here so huh
can we a boost our morale a little bit no that’s that’s not boosting basically I’m saying let’s let’s go into
this one with the fact that there might be like a million dollar Locker here
everybody’s been getting lucky this week last week somebody found a hundred
thousand coins last week somebody bought five units for 25 grand it’s believed
they’re gonna make a million dollars that’s all stuff like Tiffany vases or
lampshades they put on the internet and stuff and then even yesterday somebody
ate the jackpot again so I think it’s our turn yeah let’s do a little more
motivation like yes go flashlight on you mm 21 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 3 31 32 yeah
33 34 35 yes between you 36 37 38 39 I got 38 here goes 39 last call what’s the
opening bid on this okay princess what do you think we just
bought a unit ten by ten thirty eight hundred ten percent buyers cream would
cost me about forty one hundred out the door what did I like about it did you
know you don’t know what I saw so during the auction somebody told me
they saw rifle cases in between the two garbage cans was too large rifle cases
locked up we don’t find GU and s is very often if ever and I just gambled on it
and that’s what I saw was two rifle cases she’s allergic to my bidding she’s silent right now every time I do
stuff like that she just in awe like that we don’t have money to throw around
what are you doing videos coming soon cash only there’s a tempers hit barn
happens if it’s thirty eight hundred add-on 380 dollars throw it out there I
don’t know deposit per lock you get that back everything’s out 48 hours they will
give you gate code please take everything with you the only thing we
have to leave is personal papers pictures driver’s license that kind of
stuff please don’t smoke now or during the
auction or when you’re loading stuff my name is Michael can you see is easy
nothing June quarter city is to have I’m tuna corner over here 250 250 250 275
yeah 300 we have order it what’s up we recorded anybody else a new one in 325
350 375 buddy yes you just want to make sure 400
wanna go 400 board a quarter I got four way in the back for the Florida corner
for the water record a half 475 500 yeah 25 25 25 the panorama 3 what piano some adidas
Alex let’s go we’re 20 Scott yes to mean 440 440 460 300 500 likely 540 going to 545 65 80
606 26:46 60 I’m 640 in the hallway anybody else 666 8720 no yes yeah you know does the motor crackles oh no a motorcycle let me have your single
25 25 30 25 bid 30 30 videos you don’t want to beat again know there’s at least 40 bucks and
recycling in there let’s see if storage docker has the balls to buy a unit today today’s option I got a unit baby I my
second to last I got one one unit it’s nice to see you jump back on a horse
again never fell off well you know why cause everything he’s begging me for you
to put out videos they come to me and they’re like pirate pirate please get
Alex to make videos

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