3 Weeks Left!

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets with a quick update on the giveaway. If you haven’t seen, we’ve just released this brand new shirt with Rough Country, so we’ve got the RC logo on
there and the Vertex Coilover. If you grab one of these,
you’re gonna get automatically entered to win our newest giveaways. All right guys, real
quick, jumping in here because I actually just got
an email from Rough Country. They are going to match
donations made tonight, so for the next 24 hours,
if you grab a shirt, they’re also going to
match whatever you donate. So if you want to get one,
now’s going to be the best time for you to make the
biggest impact possible. So, get one. It’s any size lift kit from
Rough Country up to $2,500, which includes pretty much
anything on their website. So if you want to grab
a shirt, come out to customoffsets.com/giveaway,
that’s going to be the easiest way to get entered. This is the front, this is the back, nothing super exciting there, but you probably want to see it. So that’s the shirt. Also, at the end of this contest, just like every other contest,
we’re making a donation, and this time it is to the American Foundation
For Suicide Prevention. If you guys haven’t seen
the video that I just did last week, this one kind
of hits near and dear to our hearts, so we’re
really excited that we got a lot of people on board. We already have raised about
$4,500, and the first $2,500 of that is going to go to Conner’s family, and then whatever else
we raise is all going to the American Foundation
For Suicide Prevention. We’ve also teamed up
with Fitment Industries, so they’re doing a giveaway
at this exact same time for some car stuff, and we’re going to pool our money together to make the largest donation possible. Thank you guys for all your support. If you’ve already got the shirt,
if you’ve already donated, if you haven’t yet, and you
want to help out a great cause, and get a sick shirt, like I said, it’s at customoffsets.com/giveaway. I’m sure we’ll just put
the link in the description so you can click on it. This ends December 16th;
that’s gonna be the last day to get a shirt. So if you want to pick one
up, you gotta do so now because we’re starting to run low on a couple of these sizes. We do have more money
that we want to raise, so we’d really love to sell
out of all of these shirts. If you want to grab one, do it now. We’re going to go live on
December 17th at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time
to announce the winner. You’ll get the lift kit
given away that night, and then we’re also going
to give away a whole bunch of other gear, t-shirts, all
those other kinds of prizes too to everybody watching live. If you want to get entered, customoffsets.com/giveaway. I’ve probably said it seven times now, so I think you’ve got it. Check it out. Peace. (rock music fading)

9 comments on “3 Weeks Left!

  1. Great company and group of people. Can’t say enough of how they help people who are in need. Thank you Custom Offset. God bless you all.

  2. It's about time that you got some Dodge Ram pickups in there I was going to have to start boycotting Channel if I didn't see any Dodge pickups because I've been looking for my new one I have your website rims tires in a 3-inch leveling kit can't wait what state are you guys in I will let you fall from New York to bring it that you have you guys do the job

  3. That is a great thing that you are doing I don't have to go over my story again sorry I had to pause trust me I know how you feeling I'm crying right now is thinking about it there's always keep them in your heart that's all

  4. I ordered the shirt last weekend and got it last week and I made a donation as well when I made the order.
    Also my prayers are going to the family and friends.

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