3 Sales Skills to Master

We’ve all heard that sales is the life-blood
of any business, and great businesses who have their top-line revenue constantly growing
do these three things better than their competitors do. Here’s what it is. Step number 1: they have the best finders. Number 2: they have closers. Number 3: they have developers. Let me tell you what each one of their roles
is. A finder is somebody who knows how to get
an interested buyer, a prospect, a lead, a customer that wants to buy from you. They’re very good at generating interest. The closer is somebody who has the top 20
F.A.Q.s of any product being sold. So they know it, they know how to overcome
that objection, they know how to address that concern, they know how to make sure the customer
feels comfortable buying the product. And then you have the developer. A developer is somebody who goes back to already
existing customers and says, “are you happy with us? How else can we be of service? what else can we do for you? is there any
other thing you need with us?” All 3 matter because this brings more sales,
this consistently closes, and this keeps an opening for a new flow of customers wanting
to buy. Now here’s the thing: out of all the three,
do you know which one matters the most? Out of all the three? Because a lot of closers say, “I’m the best
closer you know,” but they only make $70,000/year. You know why? Because they’re not the best finders. Without finders, there are no closers, there
are no developers. So always look for many finders who know how
to generate new customers for your business. By the way, if you know a great finder out
there, tag them in the video or share this with them.

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  1. Do you think finders are specific to a market? Or is it a personality type where the market can be learned but the skills of being a finder can not?

  2. Awesome Pat. Your video came right at the point when I needed these 3 strategies in my mind. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
    I liked the new way you made the video. The text of your sentences. It helped me to take a screenshot of every interesting quote of yours during the video.
    Super awesome Man. Thanks.

  3. In tree care, word of mouth is your best finder. That means providing superior service at a reasonable price.
    I beat out many larger companies by providing better service, even though it took me a bit longer. My prices were competitive, although not the cheapest. And the end result was always above expectations, so I built a client base, rather than a set of one time customers.
    I'd still be at it if it weren't for circumstances beyond my control. But no matter. I face different challenges now, equally exciting.:)

  4. This is what I exactly need… thank you.. I'm in the process of learning sales.. btw, does this video also teach you how to leverage? Because at the beginning you will do this all alone but as you develop you hire those 3 skill sets.. am I right?

  5. So what is a Finder exactly? Is that someone who builds a sales funnel or drip campaign, or is that an actual human being researching stores that are a good fit and making an initial cold call?

  6. Wow Patrick nice letter animations makes it easy to read and point the important out at the same time. I like your vids i watch alot of them

  7. This video is great! It delivers great information and knowledge as clearly a and concisely as possible.

    Great job man!

  8. This month I have posted my eight video. Thank you for motivating me. My last video is a crazy leg workout, to grow you glutes, calfs and quads.

  9. Pat,
    This new kind of video type is spectacular. And the most productive
    I don't know who got this idea but whoever he is. Give him a bonus.


  10. How do we train finders to understand our business and the technical work we do? How do we know when we find a finder?

  11. Love the quick hitter! Most of your videos are 15 minutes or more. I like hearing your insights a lot so it would be great if your short segments are 4-6 minutes. 90 seconds just isn't enough from you, my friend πŸ™‚

  12. Damn, Pat… You are constantly stepping your game up! Great vid – This is an underrated channel! Cheers from Norway.

  13. Hi Patrick, do you think, that it is possible to learn these skills, especially finding new lead? I would love video in which you go deeper and show how to improve them.

  14. I'm a finder, though my official title is business development executive, and trust me when I say, it's the toughest gig out the 3, closings easy, having a warmed up customer already with an interest in your product, and with a ton of information about them. Creating something from nothing takes skill, tough skin and long days, but without them, the business has no clientele. That doesn't mean to say they aren't all important and necessary though

  15. Hi im jacob im 17 going to be 18 in october and my uncle suggest i get involved in insurance industry like him and he td me to subscribe to you if u have advice on that and im personally interested in clothing in shirts

  16. I have a question for finders is it ok to use your current customer to get more customers?

    Ex:i give my loyal customer $50 for each customer he brings in

  17. I'm the best freaking finder you'll find out there. Talk to me for 30 secs on the phone and you'll know why! πŸ˜‰ I'm being so serious

  18. I was thinking when he was talking. I find finding just so easly it is the closing I find the hard part. I can find people to hear me out but it just the closing that I find the hard bit.

  19. Patrick we need people like you a lot of youngsters like me need your help like a role model very educated thanks for all these great videos mate championship right there 🀝

  20. I've been constantly learning how to sell during the last 5 years and I have improved incredibly and my business has outgrown the competion despite the fact I'm an introverted person who doesn't like much contact with people.
    I hope to keep improving with your videos Pat. After being following you for last half a year I've focused significantly on the sale part as it is the most important thing of everything.

  21. Sir, i want to know about FAQ's in sales management…
    Thanks in advance sir…
    This information is really so knowledgable and helpful…
    Really helps me a lot…

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