3 Myths of Selling Residential Real Estate in Miami

– With so much information available about selling residential real estate, I keep hearing the same
misinformation over and over again. Hi, I’m Heather Waldron
with Global Luxury Realty, and today I wanna to share with you the top three myths about
selling residential real estate. Myth number one. I need to price my house with room to negotiate. This belief costs sellers money! A new home on the market sees the most activity
in the first two weeks. If the home is overpriced, it
will sit with little activity. The longer it sits, the
less money the sellers make. Did you know that when homes sell, the majority of the time, they sell within 95% of the listing price? So if you’re serious, don’t overprice it. It will just sit and sit
until the price is right. Myth number two. If I sell my home myself, I can save some money. Well, according to the research, what you actually get is
a lot of time hustling trying to make the sale
and a final sales price that is less than what
the market can bear. Did you know that according
to Zillow research, of sellers who attempt to
sell their homes themselves, challenges along the way lead 70% of them to hire a real estate agent? Why waste the time and money? Do you have extra time and
know-how to market your home? Do you know what
disclosures need to be done and what other documentation is involved? Do you understand the value of your home and what buyers are looking for? And watch out for investors! They often hope to purchase a property before it goes onto the market so they can get it for
less than market value. This is where I can come in. Let me take the worry and the stress out of the home selling process for you. And now, myth number three. All real estate agents are the same. This could not be further from the truth! As in every profession, there are those who are
committed to excellence and devote time and energy to being highly-skilled
and true professionals and there are others who
simply do the minimum and many are part-timers. Working with a full-time agent with an extensive marketing plan and strong negotiation skills will ultimately put more money
in your pocket in less time. So, if you’re looking to sell your home, feel free to reach out to
me for a free consultation. I’m Heather Waldron with
Global Luxury Realty. Make it a great day!

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