3 Closing Questions You MUST Ask to Close More Sales

When it comes to sales there are effective questions to ask and there are ineffective questions to ask and Unfortunately most salespeople are asking an effective question in fact there are only really a few questions that you Really must be asking Everything else is fluff. It’s not useful in this video. I’m going to show you Three of those closing questions, you must be asking to close more sales Check it out number one what’s this challenge cost you now when you ask this [question] in the Context of a selling situation, [I] want you to imagine that you’ve already Been discussing with the prospect some of the challenges [that] they’re facing Challenges that you specifically deal with and by then asking a question like this that sounds something like George What would you say this challenge costs you when you get that answer which by the way if you ask it right in The tone copying the tone that I just used you’re almost always going to get a response When you get that number? you have now created value for your solution and once you have value you have context by which a prospect can then compare the cost of your product or service, so if they say well You know what these challenges. I would say are costing me three million dollars [if] your solution is let’s say [300] thousand dollars That makes a lot of sense because three hundred thousand dollars to solve a three million dollar problem is a no-brainer, [right]? I mean if they really believe that your solution can solve that three million dollar problem [a] three hundred thousand Dollar solution makes sense [so] by asking what this challenge costs you your prospects are going to start to see value by having Context around a buying decision number two What could you see investing to solve that challenge? Now you’ll notice that this builds on the last question you have first allowed them to provide some real context around that and now that there’s Context you ask a question like George. What could you see investing to solve this challenge? remember they said that the challenge was let’s say three million dollars you’re Allowing them to come up with some kind of a budget letting them set the bar is Going to be really powerful in Ultimately closing sales because by [doing] this by asking this really powerful and quite frankly very simple question you can then Create a solution accordingly And if they say you know what I could see investing a hundred thousand dollars and let’s say your solution is Twice that it’s two hundred thousand dollars You can then deal [with] that in [that] moment? So that way you don’t have to go back and put together a whole proposal you deal [with] that issue [upfront] and if by the way if your solution is less than the [budget] that they’ve put together Great even better by asking that budget that simple But powerful budget question you’re going to be closing a lot more sales number three What’s your typical decision-making process for? Something of this nature by asking a question that pertains to your prospects decision-making process You’re going to gain insight that few salespeople actually have and that is around Whether they intend to make a decision in the near future whether there are other decision-Makers Involved let me ask you a question Have you ever been in a selling situation? And it seemed like everything was going well until the very end after you’ve presented and they say oh well You know what actually I really need to run this by someone so and you didn’t even know that this person existed This was caused because we did not Understand their decision-making process you want to know your prospects decision-making process before you ever Get into presenting your solutions in fact one [of] [my] biggest rules with all of my clients and customers is Never present before you know their decision-making process ever Never present before you know their decision-making And a simple question like you know George What would you say is your typical? decision-making process for this type of project by asking a question like that you are going to gain so much insight into Where you really are in this sales process, so there are three closing questions You must ask in order to close more sales. [I] want to hear from you Have you ever used one [of] these questions before if so? What was the result [be] sure to Share below in the comment section? And I will be sure to respond to every comment that I can get to now if you got value from this video be sure [to] download my [free] special report on three closing questions, you must be asking You literally can copy and paste these questions into your sales script just click right here To get it instantly seriously. It’s an amazing report, and it’s free just click right here Also if you’ve got some value from this video Please like this video below on YouTube because that really helps me out and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking right here To get access to a new video. Just like this one each week and Lastly if you got just one useful idea from this video Please share it with a friend or [two] a great idea is the best gift you can give someone until next week you you

31 comments on “3 Closing Questions You MUST Ask to Close More Sales

  1. Mark, I thoroughly enjoy your videos, but it seems they are targeted to business to business sales. How can these questions change to those who sell a want versus a need?

  2. Mark, I love the videos that you make, I'm a sales rep for DIRECTV. I was wondering if there's a way to implement what you say into my sales pitch?

  3. Question #2 can be powerful and simply calculated for a "product" that is designed to remedy a challenge. But when you have a "service" where you are selling against an incumbent and the gains become slimmer, then how are you still differentiating– against competitors who are all doing the same thing–to justify the energy to change?

  4. First off thank you very much for all of the insight. I am by no means trying to start a fight or trying to be insulting. I think I don't understand the part about the decision tree. Shouldn't that be the out of the gate questions and not a close situation? Please forgive me if I offend I am simply really trying to get my head around sales. Again thank you for all and every piece of advice and your time. Have a blessed day.

  5. Mark, Thanks for uploading such used full video. Looking forward to see more of your amazing content.
    I personally like the 3rd tip. i.e Never present before knowing there decision making process.


  7. Thanks Marc for your video. I understand the advice to not present without knowing the answer to the question, "what's your typical decision making process…?" but what if they say, "I'd need to talk to my wife" or something that indicates they won't be committing to buying? How would you proceed differently? How would you then "ask for the sale"?

  8. I do warm call and i need to sent poeple ther to sell.
    theye need to have a 40% chanse to close the deal on the spot ther so its hard.
    The tip you gave at the end,"WHAT IS YOUR DECISION MAKING PROCESS FOR SOMETHING OF THIS NATURE?" is verry nice and i will try it out.
    Btw. i'm from belguim so sorry for bad eng.

  9. I did big mistakes, because I didn't know that, but know I'm doing the process, and I hope to close more deals with your great suggestions.

  10. I just signed on to be an IC for a Digital Marketing Company and I'm looking at the phone sales scripts in my back office and I am utterly appalled.

    They are one step above having no scripts. They should pay you whatever it takes to come in and reengineer their situation!

    I'm going to have to create my own script as best I can from I have learned from you.

  11. I wonder if it would be of benefit to add between question 1 and 2 you added: what have you tried already to solve this challenge and what did that cost you. (Or a better version of that question)

    This might help to make them realize their pain a bit better and help you understand the value they have already put to solving the challenge

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