$260 gamble to see inside ridgid box i bought abandoned storage auction unbox 46

storage auction we buy lives and sell
memories where every mystery box is a complete surprise and puts us one step
closer to retirement palek she brought another rigid bob flea
markets done go pick up some storage units here at the facilities we
purchased that this week one of which is public storage we’re going to right now
and this is a unit we bought for – 72 65 maybe – 70 somewhere in there basically
it wasn’t a lot to it but there was a rigid toolbox it looks loft it’s very
similar to one we got recently that we paid a lot for because that you know
it’s full tool this one doesn’t have that full of tools look but we’re about
to go pick this unit up right now and take a gander at it and open this box up
see what’s up see what’s going on in there be full of tools be craftsmen BR
be snap-on be Hilty be the expensive stuff please in this box that’s all I’m
asking for uncle Michael the best loader in the
world I love oh yeah sure you do it’s open this unit put the rigid
toolbox like I was just saying just like when we bought a couple weeks ago obviously the $10 $15 letter $7 and
ratchet straps got this little bit of stuff here this timber the bucket where
you selling and then look garbage bags a nice heavy key go really
have a thing for not liking big 50-gallon drums cuz the last time I
really found one or two of them there was 35 dead baby appendices inside of it
and I will repeat it was 35 dead babies that did not make a video that what I
doubt that’s what’s gonna be in here this is a construction unit well you should’ve said that before I
took all my time to talk about this well you’re gonna here goes nothing let’s see if this baby
is open we bought this unit $265 the seal was in this damn rigid toolbox
we’re having a procession with these now nice boxes bone ash dry Uncle Michael nice wretched one husky doctor I won’t
teach people about sarcasm right here in my last video original box I said new
husky is high-dollar now the toolbox sucked and I was disappointed so I was
trying to make jokes of course this ski is not high diver but
in light of things I made a joke less sarcasm
what nothing in this box you got you nephews walking our money back 200 bucks
so basically speaking you’re looking at a break even if that on this unit we we
gamble 265 to see in another box this time we’ll break even and yeah but we
will do it again and again and again and again and again we’ll probably say we
might actually make $1.00 to proper because this might be worth more than a
5 20 bucks and would because it’s a crate a would credit for moving company
sides are shipping actually the small one see here’s a side these are the hands the top and bottom
are in there already stab can’t stick it right here did you just tell that man you love him
why was he not looking very happy and and you can you imagine how much
happiness and basically almost all in Northern California the toll bridge
people could sprint if they just said I love you how about
it he smiled it was like there’s one guy on them in there that works like the
happiest sound bitching or haven’t seen we should put snap I love letter
stickers on every booth you gotta be a little know when
we’ll have Anthony what’s up Anthony do it he’ll do it they already said if I
gave my $10 and Snickers he’ll put them all over I stay

100 comments on “$260 gamble to see inside ridgid box i bought abandoned storage auction unbox 46

  1. Ah the old storage bidders or to be more accurate the greedy prick parade here we have pink top and lard butt out for a daily scrounge.

  2. that is a very nice box though!!!! i am sure you could sell that box for way more then what you paid… i mean i don't know how much a box like that would be…. but just looking at it i would assume $300 to $500 but maybe i just think its worth more then what it really is lol

  3. When there's a lot of bidders in my area I have noticed there is GHOST BIDDERS in the crowd there names are THERE ,YUPP and so on ,has this happen to you ? It even go's 0n at the livestock sale .

  4. Glad I did not wast time on this , I just fast Clicked forward to see the big nothing burger, liberal Morons are a waste of oxygen on earth.

  5. Wow you want to give your money away give it to me I can really use it to buy something good thanks for nothing

  6. That ridged tool box is a 800 hundred dollars new at Home Depot that is in pretty well condition it look like The Who had the storage locker bought it and just put it in there new never used it

  7. If that big ass tatto'd wife beater wearing bearded SOB said "I love you man!" To me, I'd probably just say "uhhh, yeah. Me too bro. Thanks."

  8. why would somebody rent a storage and nothing in the room worth saving . Tool box, plywood, bucket and whatever shit left around.

  9. The box has value, for sure. The later, the crate, even the buckets will sell for a buck or two. Worth it for thode occasions when the box is full. Plus, that box was in great condition. 😀

  10. How stupid looking do you want to make yourself with that purple shitty looking hair? Right off you"re telling people….Here comes a jackass looser in life.

  11. can't trust a grown man with colored hair. I hope California does become it's own country, bunch of low class liberals

  12. You found dead baby fetuses in a 35 gallon drum? Why didn't you sell the stem cells on the black market? We're you guys joking when you casually said that

  13. You're talking about 55 gallon drum and how you don't like it and tell him about the last time you had one and every time you go to say what it was your Jackass person that's helping you uncle whatever the hell yeah is smacks top of the things nobody can hear what the hell you said send

  14. I watch lots of these storage videos I work construction for years I've cooked in commercial kitchens for years I know a little bit about these tools you just sound like a whiny b**

  15. there was another tool in the box,shoved under the empty shopping bag-I've seen other jewelry missed by the gentleman that goes thru the boxes He would be fired if it was my money paying for those units

  16. I miss seeing you two together 😭😭😭 Loved your banter iron always put a smile on my face ☺☺☺😙😙

  17. What’s happening my brother pirate, as always you rock brother
    ,We Christ Jesus be with you and touch your heart mind body and soul

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