20 Reasons Why You Will Buy the EOS R in 2020 📷💥💥

whoo it is way colder than I thought but
I want to go over 20 reasons why you’re gonna be buying the EOS or are at least
sometime in the next 5 years if you are running a YouTube channel
this is a fantastic platform and I think everybody does it end up either buying a
secondhand one of these once they start getting significantly cheaper I like
example for when the R5 comes out people that are about my level are going to be
picking up these for cheap and then five years into the future people are gonna
still be picking these up for even cheaper because it is such a fantastic
platform we’re going into 20 reasons in 2020 why you’re gonna buy this camera
let’s go okay so one of the biggest reasons that
this thing is awesome right now is a it’s going on on sale currently because
everybody is you know gonna be upgrading and then – it has all the EF + RF lenses
so you have all of these ones mixed with when you buy the adapter you can pick up
I picked up this Zara wide-angle lens for 300 350 here in Helsinki and all you
need is this little adapter right here if it’s about 200 and then you have
access to a massive lineup of second-hand glass and brand new glass
second reason there’s so much technology going into the new RF glass there’s new
coating there’s awesome really awesome stabilization on here and it is just
absolutely killer let’s go all right nothing but white behind me cool alright
so the next reasons are going to be actually for video so you are able to
shoot really really high quality 4k video and also you are able to
substitute to 1080p at 480 bits and urged bites bites are bits a little itty
bitty ones that they doing and you’re able to upscale your 1080p into really
really awesome 4k for YouTube and applications like that so you don’t even
need to shoot 4k and end up with that crop so I shoot all my b-roll in 4k and
then I go and upgrade and shoot regular stuff like this in 1080p and then
upscale it so everything looks nice and crispy as well you’re getting really
really awesome absolutely awesome eye tracking and face tracking wow that
thing really took off take a look other things go in really fast
anyways that’s probably not gonna make it in the video all right next up is the
actual flip out screen how easy it is to absolutely use anyone that’s going to be
vlogging is going to want one of these flip out screen so you can vlog with it
and it really helps for when you’re doing low angle shots you just come in
right there do it low to high see it and right there it’s awesome absolutely
fantastic feature that is needed on so many more cameras the video as well
you’re able to go with 10-bit if you have your 1/4 piece on there so you can
shoot for bit instead of 8 bits elog which is another bonus right there so
that is I think we’re at 6 and the C log and then ten bits C log when you have a
recorder for it as well so you’re able to shoot absolutely fantastic cinematic
looking stuff because you’re able to have so much more dynamic range we’re
and low light is the next one you’re able to get so great low-light
performance you can push this up to past 64 and it will do perfectly fine and the
sensor on there is huge and also with the sensor speaking of that there is a
fake shutter on here so that you can be able to because that’s like when you
turn it off the you can see it right there I’ll have to boost that right
there but you can see it in there because the sensor isn’t exposed and I
can bring it out in the elements and flip it around you not have to worry
about dust and things getting inside the actual sensor and also you can shoot in
a silent shutter mode so if you’re shooting a ceremony or something where
you need to be quiet and non interruptive you can are able to do that
or as well on top of that you’re getting the color science from Canon that’s
really really absolutely fan-freaking-tastic everything looks
very natural when you shoot it and you don’t have to really mess with it a lot
in post it’s just absolutely fantastic that way
definitely recommend yeah there used to be a house that was right here that’s
the foundation will actually shoot your next Wow that came down hard so next up
is the battery life on these things is it super good I’m able to shoot video
and shoot photos all day almost like half a day and still have battery left
enough to do the rest of the day if I needed to I have these two batteries and
it’s more than plenty for all the shooting needs that I have in the day
and you can just charge them overnight and and the battery grip that comes with
this also charges your batteries as well and that really helps bring the weight
back into the RF it’s RF glass is heavy and it makes your
your camera tilt forward so having the battery grip brings it back in which is
another great thing there are so many viewfinder settings that you can use in
here when you actually come in they are up like absolutely save your life they
allow you to see the exposure composition perfectly the able you’re
able to tell exactly what the picture is gonna look like before you take it so
you know if you’re over underexposed and it gives you a histogram and even a
level so you can take way easier pictures and then post is just so fast
because everything’s already perfect and you’re able to do unlimited streaming
with the ESO our eoh our more trucks everything is canon user-friendly like
this is just like the specs might not be awesome on it but it just works and it
goes and it works so fantastic with everything else that it has going for it
inside this little magic box that everybody should just be using everybody
should switch to the R as soon as they can I’ve had no problems with audio
Audio is crystal clear as usually dslr’s struggle with having a lot of crackly
sounds in it there is zero sound added when boosting from the actual Canon and
if you want to figure out more like you just picked up one of these is a OS RS
go ahead and subscribe everything on this channel will help you out on our is
absolutely user friendly and if you have any experience with this camera or would
recommend it or have recently picked it up go ahead and throw down in the
comment sections why you love this camera because I know for a fact you
probably do unless you’re trying to eke out the very last 5% of performance that
you need from something for whatever reason whether it is the absolute best
low-light best video or best of something this is not that camera but it
does everything so well that it’s hard to not pick up as an all-around creator
such as YouTube where I’m doing photography videos on-the-go need
something light and I need something that does it all well this is that
camera let me know down in the comment sections what you like or dislike about
this my name is Daniel thank you for watching

4 comments on “20 Reasons Why You Will Buy the EOS R in 2020 📷💥💥

  1. Let me know if you picked up an EOS R recently and what your thoughts are! Can you tell that I shot in 50 FPS??

  2. Not gonna buy a camera that is in my opinion not an upgrade to my fullframe.
    Got the 6d mkii.
    Useless video.

  3. Love your content! 🙂
    Acutally just waiting for my bell the ring as my EOS R should be delivered within the next hours..

  4. I got an EOS R for Christmas 2019, my first interchangeable lens digital camera. I am much older than you but enjoy your videos about the EOS R. Photography will always be a hobby for me but love learning to take better photos. Eventually, I might try my hand at video as well.

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