16 Reasons Why Your Beats Aren’t Selling

What’s good producers? Curtiss King of Airbit.com, here to explain to you 16 reasons why your beats
are not selling. Producers now when you first get started in this leasing
business I understand things can be very very overwhelming they can be
frustrating I am no exception to that when I first got started I’m thankful
that I had a mentor my buddy OSYM of OSYMbeats.com he explained to me every
single aspect of this business but then explained to me that there’s things that
he just couldn’t teach me I’d have to learn on my own. Thankfully I learned my
way through I’ve been making a living at this for some time now and I would like
to share with you 16 reasons that I have found that a lot of producers struggle
with getting their first sale or maybe they’re just not selling beats at all
maybe they had a hot streak and then it just well it just stopped. So let’s talk
about 16 reasons why your beats aren’t selling. First and foremost let’s talk about
your website design – have you had a chance to actually sit down look at your
website from the perspective of a potential buyer and say to yourself is
there anything that is stopping the process from me as a buyer buying this
beat? This brings us to our very first reason why your beats aren’t selling –
does your page take too dang long to load? Do you got a bunch of different things
going on in your page you got raindrops falling all the way down the page and
maybe you got the matrix code like the old myspace pages – that is so
unnecessary because your goal is not to show how great of a design you can have
your goal is to have something sleek something clean something that’s
representative of your character but at the same time something that serves as a
store for customers to buy from. Number 2 – can we read your page clearly?
Everything from your navigation bars down to the layout of your page from the
font that basically describes the biography of who you are and what do you
provide all these things must be very clear. Everything that you have on there
is not only clear to read but make sure that it’s all congruent with each other.
Now it’s one thing to make dark trap beats but then it’s another thing
have a font that represents these dark trap beats like some, I don’t know, some
crazy children’s handwriting I don’t know how that correlates but I’ve seen
people do it, make sure everything is congruent make sure that it’s giving off
the character the attitude that you want your business to give off. The third
reason – does your website have a mobile option? You have to understand not every
customer is sitting down behind a desktop looking to purchase beats Rappers
are more than likely looking from their actual phone or even singers are looking
from their actual phone and just kind of going through I don’t know what kind of
swiping motion that was but they’re looking from their phone and they’re trying to listen to your beats. Does your website really just look good on my desktop or
do you offer a mobile option? If you go to my website curtisskingbeats.com you’ll see
that the first thing that pops up is do you want to go to my mobile option? Why –
because I think that is 80% of my customers they’re actually mobile that
may be a reason maybe they don’t even know how to get to your beats or even
don’t even know how to basically purchase the beats and maybe they’re in
a studio with headphones looking for that perfect beat. Do you have a mobile
option? Number 4 – is your Airbit player too low on your page? Now you may
ask what does it matter where the player’s at? Won’t people just come and find my
music? Not necessarily – you have to understand that when people come to your
website they are expecting if they’ve been sent from somewhere else more than
likely they’re expecting to hear beats more than likely they’re expecting to see
that as one of the first things they do when it’s one of the first things that
they see it puts it into their mind that huh I am here to purchase here’s where I
started looking if you got a catalog of 50 beats or more do you really want them
wasting time on how pretty your header is? You really need them to be spending
as much time as they can within your Airbit player or whatever player that you
have you need them spending time with your actual beats making decisions
before they actually leave. Reason number 5 – does your Airbit player play
automatically? Even on top of that does your Airbit player play
automatically and then another player say a soundclick player or whatever
other players have on your website – are they playing at the same time – is it
causing confusion? I’ve done many consultations where producers have these
very strategic ideas in their mind of how they gonna get these customers to come in not realizing that most people are like way
too many sounds claim on this page I’m just going to leave and in addition to
that you’re player playing automatically lets people know hey this is where the
beats are playing this is where you make your buying decisions here’s a shopping
cart, here’s everything that you need, you need to make sure that that player’s
playing automatically so that as soon as they come to that page boom one they
have to stop it and press the pause button if they have to press the pause
button guess what happens they’re already knowing how the functions
of the player work thanks to you putting it automatically you’re already
getting them in tune now it’s time for them to make a purchase. Number 6 – do
you list the buying instructions? I mean thankfully Airbit has sort of the
step-by-step ways of how to purchase a beat but not every player has that so if
you’re using another player let me ask you this – have you made it clear what the
instructions are? On my website I have a video that describes how to do it I even
have gif images that describe or show you the process of buying the beat I try
to make it as easy as possible so there’s no excuses why they did not
leave with the beat that they fell in love with. Number 7 – do you clearly
list your leasing terms? Now when I say leasing terms what I’m
getting at is do you clearly tell them how many purchases – them being the rapper
the singer – do you tell them how many purchases they can make from that
particular beat? Do you list you can have five thousand sales untaxed okay you can
have ten thousand are you can only do music videos with the wav format it’s
important that you list that these are things that maybe you’re not important
to you but they’re important to the buyer. There are some buyers will go to your
page and say well if I can’t do a music video with the mp3 I’m not paying for
anything. So with that said is good to list these options so that the customer
knows what they’re buying Can you imagine purchasing something for
like three thousand four thousand dollars only to not know what the terms
of use are? Something breaks down and then you’re like what do I do next?
Of course not, you wouldn’t do this so then give your customers their leasing
terms make sure they’re easy to navigate to and make sure you list them things
with your customers. Number 8 – do you have enough beats on your page? Now a lot
of producers get started and they say you know what I only got 10
to 12 beats but I got to get this beat business started I understand your
eagerness I understand your hunger but but – that’s a big but – you what you have
to realize is that a lot of customers come to your website and they’re looking
at you as an established business they’re looking at you when comparing
you to the juggernauts in the business of leasing. They’re looking at you and
not giving you any excuses – if they see 12 beats in your page the general
perception is oh he’s just getting started and his customer service his or
her customer service may not be the best Is that something that properly
represents you? Is that what you want your brand to look like? Then I suggest
you start stacking up beats do you not have enough beats on your page? I say
about 30 to 50 is a good good mark to have your beat set because if you have
30 to 50 even if it’s not in comparison to some of the juggernauts who have like
100 of 200 beats at least it looks like you know what this person is putting
enough work and maybe they sold a lot of exclusives the customer starts making
excuses basically why they feel comfortable supporting you. Number 9 – is your
pricing consistent and does it make sense? Do you have your mp3 listed at 80
bucks your wav he’s listed at 10 you trackouts listed at 4,000? Obviously that
is a crazy example but you’ll be surprised a lot of these producer
websites have prices that don’t make any sense
now generally a wav is more than an mp3 because the sale is that the quality is
better than the mp3 – which it is – and then the upsell from a wave is a trackout or
stems because you’re getting the mp3 the wav and you’re getting the individual
channels that have been stemmed out for that purchase. So it justifies having
sort of your price and go up that ladder but if you just throw in prices for
different beats you got beats that are $400 for mp3 and one of them is $20
because you don’t really care about that well nobody gets that what they see is
inconsistency. Inconsistency causes a little bit of uneasiness with your
customers. Number 10 – Do you have it very clearly where your
email is listed? Do they know how to contact you? Does your website have
anything that says this is how you contact me? I know it may sound very
simplistic but I’m telling you there many folks who overlook this step and
they wonder why might not get any sales because people don’t know how to reach
out to you. Number 11 – do you have the buyers confidence? This kind of ties into
number 10 but it’s separated in that there are certain logos and certain
things that have been branded as giving the customer a bout of confidence. You give
them confidence when they see a paypal 100% approved logo those are
they’re not just because they look prettiest because it’s a guarantee. You
have to make sure that you have some sort of visual security so that it’s
embedded in their brain oh this is somebody I can trust doing business with.
Number 12 – Do you have an email list? Now I told you
to list your email which is great because then they can contact you directly but
do you have an email list? Are you using a MailChimp or a GetResponse? Are you using any of these websites in order to compile your emails
and get information on the people who are purchasing from you? I don’t care you
have four sales five sales or even two sales, you have information that is
important to getting more sales within those two customers those customers need
to be on their head like a hound dog you need to be inside their emails you need
to be offering them things – see what kind of things they like from your website
what things they would like to see more of. You got to make sure that you have an
email list so that you can have open communication and this is not open
communication so that you can just spam them and tell them anytime you have new
beats no no this is your friend now this is somebody that you need to keep
up with. You need to just send emails every once in awhile that says hey did
you hear about soundcloud almost shutting down? You need to send emails like
that because you are now becoming more than just a source selling beats you are
now becoming a voice within your community and you’re becoming an
informative one that helps these artists who are purchasing from you – they have more
incentive to buy from you. In addition to that if you want people to sign up to
your email list you’re gonna need some kind of incentive – maybe it’s you get 2
free beats if you sign up for my email list – oh I’ll sign up right now. Number 13 –
does your website offer too many services? Now I understand this day and age
is not uncommon to find a producer who is a DJ
have mixing and mastering services does kids parties and makes balloons, if that’s your hustle, that’s your hustle I’m not saying stop that I’m just saying
on your beat website it needs to be so clearly stated what it is that you offer.
I don’t think you should offer all of these services on the front page maybe
you have it in your navigation menu and you show hey in addition to these beats
I have these additional services that you can go contact me for it. Number 14 –
we’re going to get more so into the beats and the sounds of the
beats. Do you have an identifiable in and a very
unique sound? Now if you just got started I understand how difficult of a question
this can be but there are things that you’re doing even in your beginning
stages that identify who you are. It may be your need to use certain trap 808s, it
may be your need to play with only Rhodes pianos over grand pianos. These
things are decisions that you’re making that identify yourself
so in the very beginning stages or even if you’re years into this you need to
make sure that you’re identifiable sound is the thing that boom – smack them right
in the face and they come to your page Now me I got big trap drums I got big
trap and hip-hop beats that every time you hear one of my beats the drums is
like splat – I don’t even know what that word is. It’s that and people know
that with every single beat that comes out that’s what they’re getting when
they have that kind of confidence in it they know yo I need something that’s
smacking where the drums are crazy I’m going to Curtisskingbeats.com. Is that
what you have – you have something identifiable? If you don’t keep finding it,
keep searching I will in a bit even if you’ve got one or two sales there’s
something about those beats you need to sit there and dissect every single
instrument and try to figure out what is it about the groove on this what is it
about the sound choice on this that makes somebody wants to invest money
into it. Number 15 – for the producers like myself we use the type beats format or
we basically use an artist and say hey this type of rapper beat J Cole type
beat Jay Z type beat – make sure that it’s actually the people that represent those
beats and not who you would like to see on them there’s nothing more frustrating
for a rapper that comes to your page and says oh man he got nothing but Lil Uzi Vert type beats they listen to them and it’s like
this sounds like something Cher would sing over oh this ain’t no trap. Number
16 – do you have a call of action? Is there something on your website that
immediately when they get to your website they say you have to do this?
Call of actions can be follow me on Twitter it can be the thumbs up on the
like button on Facebook it can be any of these things but you need to have
something that makes them make the commitment to stay on your page so
you’ve got to have a call it action Everything that you’re doing even when
you’re getting somebody to sign up to your email list boom – I got you to sign
up to my email list, cool download this Once again is Curtiss King of Airbit.com
here with 16 reasons why you’re beats are not selling I hope I helped you
today my friend have a good one

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  1. U asked Does your Airbit player play automatically? Does the Airbit player work that way on the mobile option? How do we set the player so the next beat plays automatically before the customer can leave?

  2. great conntent! maybe anyone wanna check my profile and tell me a feedback of how it looks to him/her?


  3. Having the player play automatically as soon as they enter the site is really bad advice. First off, people might still have something else running, like soundcloud or spotify etc. Second, they might be in the office and just wanting to check your site out but not playing anything during worktime. Third, they might be confused where the music is exactly coming from. All reasons to immediately close the tab and you don't want that. Let the customer decide when to turn on a player, and give them time to understand how the site works first.

  4. Curtis King you are the man.  Keep the tutorials going, as they keep us learning and growing!!!  Please check me out Like and subscribe… Thank You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHzjHGmxnyI

  5. thanks a lot,
    The video helped me so much.
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    What am i doing wrong?
    Thats the link: https://air.bi/jkz1q
    i hope someone could help me

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