$1500 STORAGE UNIT SOLD AT AUCTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages is pirate time we are back here at the auctions u-haul
today going to be an exciting auction its locker nuts we have a stalker a
treasure hunter in the house there is more units here private the next ones
may the best man win you know how I always say rule number
one of the auctions are there are no friends at the auction PL upon these
units what a frock should be interesting to see how you can move the unit with
only a foot of room units here you buy one of these units you got through
Sunday to clear out the items hours I’ll have access 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and
Sunday they close that five o’clock cash on the auction once we say so we take
him that time sales tax here 9.25% deposits we left my office when scare up
you get that back there’s no boy need special even waiting around I was hoping
during auction pretty nice biting you get out of here unlock and get out the
signage unless you buy if you buy you hub up to us before having ID sign sign
you win any questions as we look at each unit I’ll put the
little numbers side of what unit is and so forth don’t forget to a comment 550
525 550 525 it wasn’t a 5 I forgot to say guess how much day you know what’s
gonna sell for so comment below that’s on the next to the next units we can
ought to exercise here the options the way they take the program back to the elevator the elevator
downstairs in low doesn’t look like something is just gonna be screaming
yeah there’s profitable but sometimes you got to apply the amount of work they
were giving us until Sunday even emphasized how much time that’s a wrap
ladies and gentlemen for unit crazy cuz that was the second part of the big unit
that only went for actually after we walked away somebody gave a dollar
course so it actually did sell 10 by 15 for that was the second unit same owner
there was a nice TV that was like a 80 inch LED television but there was a
scratch right across the front like a rub mark there was two dents in the top
like somebody dropped it that’s what I didn’t like about the first unit the
first unit looked cool but it looked like somebody abused their stuff that
isn’t very important when you look at something if they abused it or they took
care of always say this there’s three things that are very important when
somebody takes care of their units or their life you want to look for somebody
takes care of their master if their mattresses are dirty or they lay their
head kind of out of pocket if somebody’s kitchen stuff is dirty the things they
eat with kind of odd apart thirdly the things they wear like their
shoes clothes if that stuff is not taken care of it makes you wonder do they take
care of anything else they’re like and we have arrived at the second auction
here in u-haul Dublin if you forgot to guess on the first set of auctions don’t
forget let’s guess on every unit that we have here I try to put a little number
sign of the number so you could guess the number of the unit and the thing so
we know what you’re talking about I like to know makes it easier if we just say
numbers I won’t know which one you’re pertaining to anyway let’s keep going
let us not forget this is the last auction of the week it’s Friday I’m out
of stuff to sell and I need to buy some so hopefully we can get
Jack you became a real football fan look at that you know why he did that ladies
gentlemen cuz the Niners are three-and-oh right now
Jack where’d you go is that your gift from Alex yeah I wanted he finally
brought it to you that’s where his what live nice I like that he did that
purposely for you he chose that for very nice he knew where your heart has been
this whole time loyal to the Bay Area I just got a message from somebody on
Facebook one of my subscribers wolf shoutout to you I want to give a special
shout out to Alex Goodwin very strong young man very positive dealing with a
lot of trials and tribulations on life check them out at Alexander’s journey on
Facebook if y’all out there think life is tough for you sometimes you got to
open your eyes look around you and see what other people are going through
shout out to Alex Goodwin don’t forget to check his page and Alexander’s
journey wolf sent me to you a much-loved young man sometimes in life you got to
just kind of stop for a second and look around you there’s many people out there
that think their life is hard they think that it sucks that their struggles that
they’ve going through the worst pain in their life and trust and believe there
is always somebody dealing with far greater adversity than you things out of
their control not even something that they could just make a simple choice and
change but things that this universe have bestowed upon them that they’re
uncapable of controlling and that my friends there’s no words to describe
please check out this young man’s Facebook page and give him a shout out
in the comments say man I love you I’ll pray for you whatever you can’t I would
appreciate that do that for a little bit outside is
gonna this one’s open like this shouldn’t be like that Casey Neuwirth there’s a letter in between fifty-fifty 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 I told you I get it 15-under bit
aggressive but you know it’s not number b12 b13 to start on tip our bait about
20 100 120 130 150 175 200 got 135 right number $275 therefore to 135 over 2 you
want to guess how much this tools coming guess 25 big bowl cutters no I’m gonna
bid I’m not gonna bid I’m gonna bid 75 25 we grabbed on 40 no $25 grand over 40
30 we got thirty over here 40 50 got 40
where they were 50 $40 50 40 dog you know we’re 50 and was enough 15 about 50
over here 67 got 60 right over 70 65 big brother were 76 double over 70 will have
70 ruff 70 over here aim got seventy right over eighty eighty
over here 998 dog your brother 1991 90 well it looks like storage Dockers
better at guessing than I am no Jack but let’s play a little game so I asked you
know Alex we think this I guess stupid is the world let this uh
we’ll see everybody else you comment below see if you’re better than Jack and
I guess 175 got 175 200 225 250 275 300 right-handed with three tortoise act
we’re over here 325 325 325 to 50 you said 200 we’re both wrong that’s all
that matters maybe somebody else they’ll be right everybody’s in and everybody
who goes in pays $5 about a $5 be $1 beard
any interest for $1 $1 over there at the door nobody alright to the price of this or $2.50 D to 35 us of 5pi tends to be our last
unit here today will start my $10 bid yeah got 10 are about 20 30 40 50 60
seven monday got 100 125 175 200 got 175 over number-25 it over to 175 over to
anyone that – that’s the wrapper you guys guessed right you’re doing good
you’re paying attention to all our videos if you get the wrong keep
watching you’ll learn some more but with that being said let’s go see what I
spent $1,500 first thing that I seen that I liked is this 1 2 3 that’s a good
number see why I like this you know me tell you right now what turns me on
I wanted to see this bag right here it was extremely intrigued by what that was
it’s a shark a shark vacuum bag but if you look in here there was a nice Kathy
Ireland duffel bag and I thought that was cool it goes to think that there is
something corner you see a collectibles shelf cabinet there you see nice looking
things not the greatest things you see quality things lots of boxes it’s 15
feet long a jack pointed out to me the precious moments those are collectible
this was a neat photo thing is what you hang a piece of art on it’s like an
easel with that being said that’s all you guys get to see for now you’ll have
to wait till I put out a video on this so there we go all right now auctions
are over and like I said at the beginning of this there are no friends
at the auction but the key is you have friends now here we are
done it’s friend time or going to lunch friends are one of the most important
things in this world I hope you all understand that but there’s an essential
thing in life and that is mixing business with pleasure so you must be
careful and learn how to be mature and handle things in appropriate fashions
when the time comes would that be incentive or one of our
favorite places Fuddruckers one of the other bidders wanted something badly and
I gave it to him he forced me to take this 20 dollar bill well I didn’t want
it but nonetheless you buy a molester day thank you sir y’all know Buster’s
one of my favorite sons if y’all never been to Fuddruckers and had their
mustard there’s bar none no better mustard just say Brandon hey power
battle rap yet let’s go okay yeah you don’t want to get cooked like a
well-timed rocket burger oh yes I do actually is they’re very tasty

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