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  1. Is there a way to find out how much a debt was purchased for and then offer to repay the new owner of the debt that amount to settle?

  2. They don't show up in court. Mostly they will file because they assume the debtor won't respond and even so does not know how to defend themselves.

  3. so your saying that at times the judge will use their personal feelings and place a judgment against just because they feel you should have to pay somebody.

  4. mr skiba, i suggest that you Uphold Your Oath, and Not help Perpetuate the commission of the federal felonies; such as fraud, conspiracy and racketeering. note that your time is limited, if you want to mitigate the damage. the truth about junk debt is that it DOES NOT EXIST. that is, until your brethren in law, Fraudulently, use the court system to CREATE debt FROM NOTHING. and attorneys like you have PLAYED ALONG or PLAYED DUMB, for DECADES. be warned.

  5. Progressive sent a $158.00 bill to their weak collections agency. They began calling my phone hanging up when I answered. This was before I knew who they were and why they were calling. I Googled the number and there was several complaints by multiple consumers complaining about the same thing and these bastards would get passed the blocks people were putting on their phones. Then, I called the number back, realized it was a collections agency and told my name. I asked who they collected for they refused to answer. They asked if I had an account with them. I said, none that you'll be successful in collecting for. Then, I stated, I don't have a contract with you, don't intend on ever agreeing to one then or in the future, all correspondences will be refused and sent right back as offer to contract with me will be denied. If, they take me to court I'll countersue for violation of FDCPA in the amount of $1k as I have phone calls recorded with them hanging up when I answered. Then, I called Progressive and found out they had sent it off and I scolded them. When I called the agency back, I told them that I was already suing Progressive due to fraud. In close, I scared the agency so badly that they swore they'd never call again, will not send any letters and was sending my complete file back to Progressive. Now, Progressive will pay the $1k minus the $158.00 they say I owe, this totals to $827.00 and I have been dunning their asses as a real collector. I have 12 yrs experience. Lololol!!! Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the great book recommendation, John. Went right over to Scottsdale Library audiobook app (called Libby) and listening now. Very eye opening.

  7. In 2008 I bought a Lap Top and TV at best buy. I accepted to use a 18 months as cash payments (no interest), through a Credit Card they offered. Of course that also means that after 18 months if you owe them any money you are to pay interest in the whatever payments you may owe.
    Well I payed within the 18 months, I made the payments over the phone with a customer rep. cause in the first 3 paymentsI sent checks and they were not applying the payments on time in order to charge me late fees. So anyways.
    I got my statement in which it stated I made my last payment on time and I owed them 0. Next month I received a statement saying I owed them $2000.00 plus interest.
    This was so wrong oh the CC was by HSCB bank.
    So later Middland started harrasing me.
    Until We were in a court date, which of course when I got there they told me I lost by default.Seriously, I was there and on time. So I filled a demotion if default.
    I had all my statements which proved I made the payments, I wrote a letter stating everything I said above. I get a court date again. When I got there there was no one in the Court only a Lady, so this was their lawyer. She told me that because of my letter, saying that I naide the payments over the phone and the CSR told me the total amount of my final payment she had sided by me, she even told me that her client wanted to swit me for the whole $2,000.00, and she fought them telling them they couldn't do so, I paid exactly the amount there CSR requested to cover my final payment in time to close the account.
    And this CSR had charge me ¢.12 LESS.NO FAULT OF MY OWN.

  8. I am listening to the book “BAD PAPER” im about 1hour in so far… all I have to say is WOW! EYE OPENING!

  9. in Colorado the instructions to most people when they're looking to see whether they should even show up that the Colorado is suggest that if if you owe the debt don't even bother showing up which is pathetic you're turning on them to do all the research and make sure everything is on you know crossing the t's and dotting the i's and then 10-15 years later they allow these people to come and garnish every single cent you have it's b*******take a look at your state's website and it weirds information about what to do when you get us some in store for debt collector it'll probably just nonchalantly suggested if you owe the debt you might as well not bother getting an attorney to come defend yourself that's b*******but I noticed how it's doesn't have big black bold letters that after the fact that they want to know how much money you have in interrogatories it states that if you don't show up and you don't give all those financial information than you're going to go to jail

  10. I had a debt 10 years ago that went to collections and I paid them off and got a letter saying i owed zero balance. Now 10 years later another collection agency is asking for the same money again. Extortion comes to mind. They will never get a dime.

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