⛵️We are selling our MAST!! (winches maintenance after 22 years)#107

This week we’re gonna show how we’re giving maintenance to our winches. It’s like playing a huge dirty puzzle. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! So, what is the plan? Well, we have great news. We bought a new mast! That’s exciting. But now we need to take this winches off. The new mast is not ready yet. We ordered a new mast that’s gonna take like 45 days to be done, but we want to start trying to sell this old mast. So, we want to take off the winches that is the only thing pretty much we are gonna use of this mast. Easy. You need to film that perfectly otherwise we cannot put that back together. We need to learn with our own video. It’s our first time opening a winch. You know what that means, right? We have one left. And of course the last one is gonna be the tricker one. Good news. It’s pretty good. That means the first
one is off without any trouble. Exciting day. We still have 3 more to go and one is
upside down so… We either need to turn this mast around, that’s gonna be too
much for us 2. I think it’s not an option. Let’s see if it’s heavy. No way. Impossible. No. Dangerous. No, we’re gonna do it upside down. So, after 22 years this is the condition of the winch. After opening the whole system and cleaning it… we’re gonna close it now just so we don’t lose the parts. We’re gonna leave it close. But… there is still water inside. That’s it. We did it. I mean… we didn’t do it. We took
off the winches. We still need to clean and give maintenance and grease and the whole thing. But at least we managed to take out them 4 and now we have around 8 winches to give maintenance to. By the way, one of those the small ones… no, this smaller one we’re not gonna use. So if you’re interested on buying a used winch… Because we’re gonna have only 3 not
4 on the new mast. So this one after cleaning and greasing can be yours. Let us know, you can send us an email. *it’s a joke, it will be a gift to a friend. Now we need to clean them all and we need to clean the mast to prepare to sell this. Yes, it’s deserved some love. Let’s start with the big cockpit winches We need a picture of this, just make sure
we know how to put it back together. The spacer broke I don’t know how we’re gonna put
this together but we’re gonna find a way. Next step: clean the whole thing. This mess. Using? Kerosene. It’s a lot of pieces. So, we need to clean all this and then somehow we need to figure out how to put it back together. The good thing is we have this one that we can copy. Kerosene + sand paper + wire brush + stainless steel cleaner It’s about time to… The weather is tough today. It’s about time to assemble the winch. Yeah, the good thing is that we have this old one, I mean they’re both old but we have this one that we didn’t disassemble yet, because we need to know how to put all this together. So now we’re gonna open this one and use as a sample as an example so we can see where each piece goes and then we assemble this one and then we can disassemble this one. It’s always good to have to this make sure we know what to do. I think it’s a good plan. So, we are trying to do the same as this
part. This was when Duca started doing things wrong. We’re not trying, we are gonna do this. Way too much grease And there is an easier way to apply grease Here we should have used oil instead of grease But we can talk about it later That’s pretty cool. And now the final moment. Not final, but that’s a good moment. Getting there. Moment of truth. Are you guys ready? You put the bottom first. Don’t say that. That was a joke. I have one last piece that I don’t even know if we needed to take it off but… Yes, we did need. That is gonna be hard to take it again to do the new pieces. This one is easier than the other. Time for the truth. Now we can do a proper comparison. We truly didn’t turn this yet. This is the old one, it’s turning but hard. Wow! That’s much much better. Nice job. Even with the broken part. The only thing we need to do is to exchange that broken part and we’ll need to open up all over again. We could not leave all apart, so we needed to do it. Time to try it in place It’s heavy. It’s not an easy job, babe. No. Just a joke. It’s not right. Now it’s gonna work. It’s perfect. It’s working. It’s really really good. I think we’ve never had a winch this well. We’re talking today that we had a
sailboat for 5 years, the 26 foot and we’ve never done this on the other boat. And it’s easy actually. It would be really good actually, because it works much better than our old one. That’s pretty cool. We still have some of them to do. This week is gonna be raining so we have a lot of time to do this. As we don’t have much to do with rain. Yeah, we thought we were gonna do all
eight in one weekend. But today is already Sunday late. So we need to start editing
this episode. That means we won’t finish all the winches on time. But we can do
that later. You got the point, that’s basically how it works. Most of them are always something similar to that. I believe we over greased this one. We put a little bit too much grease. I over greased. She said it was too much and I was always unsure if it was enough. As usual. But, as we are gonna open this one again to change this small spacer we can take some of the grease off. And for the next ones we are gonna get a little bit less grease. *and we will show a better way of applying grease So, that’s it for this weekend. And we need to welcome on board our new patrons. So, welcome on board Dave, Terry, CatSailTale, Kathleen, James, William, James, Sven, Scott, Tom, Ducan, like Duca, and Charlie. And we also want to thank the donations trough our PayPal. Thanks a lot, Janet and Paul. So, I guess we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

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  1. Not experienced with winches, but, don't spare the grease as grease is different than oil and if there is not enough, because of the viscosity of grease versus oil, the bearing can go 'dry', and you don't want that.

  2. You guys are so much fun (i.e. 9:28) .. I laughed when I saw that the background in the video was the boat, with orange paint and green tape everywhere.. This must be part of Duca's master plan to get his green stripe.. Quick question. Did you keep the (I think) radar from the old mast or are you upgrading when the new mast is installed?

  3. Y por fin llegó el lunes!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Se ve precioso el barco de fondo. Como siempre daros la enhorabuena por el buen trabajo que estáis haciendo. Por cierto, que canción es la que suena por el min. 8:00?? Saludos!! 😉😉😀😍

  4. Nice job! That thing is more complicated than I would have thought. I was thinking that it wasn't enough grease on the roller bearings. At least on a car you would "pack" them or squish grease in until it comes out of the other side of the bearing. But I'm a car guy not a boat guy so really don't take my word for anything lol.

  5. Do you plan to run your rigging back to the cockpit with the new mast? If so you could sell a couple of winches, to pay for turning blocks and clutches. If you can get Tef-Gel: https://www.ultratef-gel.com/ it's a great product to use when mounting hardware to the new mast. Keep up the good work.

  6. Well done to the both of you 👍💖⛵️ you take on any job and do it really well wonderful team work ⛵️🍷🍷🦋🌈💖⛵️

  7. OK, why is Roberta only wearing ONE glove when doing the cleaning????? The music by Andres Cantu is a GREAT choice!!! Now I have some new music to play!!!! Thanks!!!

  8. Somehow these vlogs are some of my favourites each week – difficult to say why as watching paint dry and cleaning winches are not rivetting TV( no pun intended!) Can't wait to see the yacht in the water. Cleaning oven next week…?

  9. Looks good and they will work a lot better. You may want to save the jammers from the old mast to have as spares or use if they do not come on the new mast. Some of the mounting hardware may need to transfer to the new mast, but after you get the new mast you will see what you have and you can then keep what you need and let the rest be sold with the old mast.

  10. Ok you two gorgeous people, that was fascinating watching you fathom out "how to take apart" and "how to put back together again". There's a massive amount of work that you both are tackling and with your lovely attitudes and your work ethic I'm confident you'll do an amazing job of restoration and personally I can't wait to see the end product. Fabulous job guys.

  11. You guys are so cute together….God has surely blessed you and your boat is amazing!,,,,you may not want to finish your house and just live on the boat!….lol

  12. You may have to repair a winch while at sea. It is a good idea to have a box, with a hole cut in the bottom to match the diameter of the winch. Put the box over the winch and work on the winch inside the box. This keeps parts and tools from falling in the water, lost forever.

  13. When you take that winch apart you got put more grease you didn't put enough and needs to be loaded with grease when you look at your old gears that's all dried up old grease you need to put more than what they did

  14. De mis 46 años navegue a vela 40 estuve en todo tipo de velero e incluso en la construcción de 3 de ellos y en ninguno había desarmado A tal punto un molinete, solo sacar la carcasa para instalarlo!! Muy bueno!!

  15. Now I'm ready to take my grand mothers watch apart!

    Lewmar has assembly instructions for their winches online. Maybe you find yours as well : https://www.lewmar.com/sites/default/files/Evo%20winch%20service-B2304iss9_2.pdf

  16. I wonderd when you would get around to this , I am assuming your getting all new standing rigging with the new mast , winches look fine to me from what I can see , you just have to look close to make sure there are no flat spots in the bearings , and use the best damn lubrication you can beg borrow or steal ! its not like they are going to be coming apart often! your lucky you got that apart without a good punch .Mobil polyrex em grease is sold in Brazil and is very high quality . Keep up the good work you doing well , till next week ….

  17. I would get some turning blocks for the base of the mast. All lines need to be run aft to the cockpit. Its will make sailing it much safer and easier. I don't like to leave cockpit to raise sails. The winches on the mast are for halyards. Rerig it and run all lines aft. Should be able to put some winches on top of the coach. You will need the rope clutches near the winches.

  18. Hey guys, I don't know if someone told you that you've used too much grease but from the video, I can tell you that they're absolutely wrong. If anything you haven't used enough grease. Did they give a reason to explain why they said this? Grease is not only used as a lubricant but ALSO AS AN DEVICE FOR COMBAT AGAINST WATER INGRESS. Especially Saltwater. The only time you would need to control the amount of grease is if the internal gears were turning at HIGH speed, which in a small boat winch they are NOT. So be liberal with the grease!

  19. Just love the way you both go about the work that has to be done on you Boat ,keep up the great Vlogs and content on the Boat and i look forward to the day you put it on Water. Awesome work as always guys .

  20. You see…it's so easy right ? 😳😳😳wrong 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂
    Good work, I see as a child you did jigsaw puzzles 😀

  21. Duca, if you can find some 'Sea Foam, Deep Creep' https://seafoamsales.com/product/deep-creep-penetrating-oil/, much superior to WD40. At least for what you use it for.

  22. Gee guys use pair definitely like to mock in together and always with a smile another great watch ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  23. hey guys🥰 was always interested in how those wineches work on the inside thanks for sharing…not sure how much you should put but i guess it might get a little stiff if you put too much and maybe it a good thing to idk🤷‍♂️great vid see you next week

  24. How does one go about ordering a new mast? Did you have to do any measuring or was the make & model of the boat sufficient?

  25. Grease is great for moving parts, but white lithium is the best thing for bolts and screws in a wet environment. White lithium completely repels water and will not melt out in hot weather like regular grease. It also sets up and helps to prevent them from coming loose, similar to lock-tight.

  26. If you don't know what you are doing take loads of pictures and make diagrams . Yo should have marked each part so you knew how to put it all back. Sometimes effort is not enough you need to plan and use your brain .

  27. Always use marine grade grease. You must displace that water. Also, don't spare the grease. Use as much as needed. You don't want those bearings to go dry. Pack the bearings

  28. It’s great watching the renovation work you are doing every week but why do you never use battery operated tools to get out screws etc.Much easier on the hands and faster.
    Good work though.Keep iT up

  29. Recent motor instance of prop turning to now effortless winch power at off shore reach.
    And…the music was fair to the task…and listener. Looking for the carrot to splash. M.

  30. I used to work for Barlow and then Barient winches about forty years ago. Barient engineers found that WD-40 could cause more electrolysis than salt water when used on dissimilar metals. The point is don't use WD-40 as a lubricant on boat hardware.

  31. The very moment that you said, "we need a picture of this…" I was thinking the same thing. And in my case, it was the voice of experience. On my old trimaran, now literally decades ago, there was nothing wrong with my winches, but I got it into my head that I wanted to MOVE them for reasons that are not important now (as it turned out, I was wrong, anyway, and I ended up changing my mind and putting them back into their original positions). There were six of them, the two biggest ones on the cabin top, and two smaller ones on each side of the centre cockpit. So I set about dismantling them, and that's where the pictures come in because I didn't take any, and didn't even so much as write down the sequence and positions of each part). Like you, I did have the idea of pictures, only I thought of it long after it would have been useful! I did get it all back together again because in the end there IS a certain logic to it, but I remember looking at the winches all back in place after two days of toil, and thinking, "I'm an idiot…."

  32. Muito bacana ver o capricho de vcs com as peças do veleiro e a atenção com a trilha sonora desse ep… Vcs já estão no meu top 3 dos canais de vela que assisto… Junto com o Hashtag SAL e o SV Delos 😉⛵
    Assisto sem legendas pra prestar atenção em todos os detalhes…

  33. Put the ring end of a spanner on the Allen key and use it as an extension to undo tight bolts, much easier instead of trying to hit the Allen key with a hammer.

  34. G day
    Take every halyard on the mast back to the cockpit even the reefing lines
    then in bad weather one of you don’t have to be up there,
    That is my tip,
    All the best to you
    Regard’s Jack

  35. Pretty sure someone else said it earlier, but in case someone didn't:
    NEVER !!!! put locktite in the hole for the bolt (unless it's open in both ends) Liquid does not compress so you simply risk cracking the material, without actually have tightened the bolt.
    Only apply locktite to the threads of the bolt.

  36. You could make a replacement spacer out of Delrin (polyoxymethylene) any engine/machine shop would make you one for a few dollars.

  37. I take a lot of stuff apart. When it comes to old stuff ,diesel fuel is an excellent penetrating lube,cleaner and rust inhibitor. Kerosene is a lighter fuel with less detergents ..good cleaner and penetrating

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